Sextoy Reviews

 This is a list of our ever changing Toy box.

These are toys we have collected over the years or been given as gifts or as review items.
All products linked I have already reviewed and all products sent as testers will always have priority to my own toys.

This is a photographic review site as I wanted to do something a little different; so I can show more of the products to compare sizing and I will be adding videos shortly so you can see the product fully for whats it is.

My reviews are my own opinion of that product, I give honest unbiased point of views and explanations on how am item differs from another. Ill review the build quality, safety and hygiene and then my opinion if it worked for me and why.

If the toy doesn't work for me I will explain why and if there is a possibility it may work for someone else. 
Every product will have its strengths and weaknesses; its finding a match for us all individually.

Here are some of my own toy preferences to help you compare to yourself you will understand my opinions more if you know my preferences and it will hopefully help if you are looking to find a toy for yourself. So if you see I'm not keen on a toy because its weaker, this may not be relevant to you if you are sensitive to vibrations.
This is one opinion and may not be everyone's.
  • I love strong, rumbly vibes, weaker buzzy vibes do not always work for me, except to get me in the mood or madly frustrated.
  • I prefer wider girthed toys but I'm not a size queen so up to 1.5 -2 inch diameter is perfect for me, but I'm happy to try wider for testing purposes or if its unusual in anyway, I am trying to challenge myself regularly.
  • I prefer rabbit style vibes to get both internal and external stimulation.
  • I love anal toys but I prefer them slightly smaller...yes I know I'm a wimp, but again I'm happy to try larger for review purposes. 
  • Im a born submissive and love any BDSM products, the more hardcore the better as I like a little pain.
  • I adore nipple toys again more hardcore the better, I love to be challenged.
  • I love sensory play but cold on my nipples and warm to hot everywhere else.

If you see a product you would like more details on, please email me.
If you are a company who would like an item reviewed,
please see more about my professionally written reviews Here.

Men's Toys

Janine The Dragoness- Bad Dragon

VixSkin Colossos

The Ego e3 Jopen
 Rocks off 4US
The Lelo TOR II

Nipple Toys
The Fleur D'Amour

DIY Sextoys

Chain whip
Coming soon.

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