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Why would I make a good reviewer for you?
I have been a writer and photographer for over 30 years, and bought my 1st sextoy over 25 years ago; yes I'm afraid I am that old eeek!  I have watched the changes in the sex industry and keep myself updated on the latest products available. So I have combined all my passions of writing, photography and my love of sextoys and lingerie on here.
Back then I didn't know about latex and pthalates or what was good or bad for me. I wish I had someone to ask what was good for G-spots or the best nipple toy etc so I am trying to offer information I never had.

This is a photographic review site as I like to add more photographic details to my reviews so you can see more of the item. What size is it in your hands, comparison images etc.

Writing about your product
I pride myself with writing natural, thorough and descriptive reviews; which are honest and informative.  If its good Ill explain why, if there is a problem I will explain why it didn't work for me; as it could work absolutely fine for someone else.

The Photographs
As a photographer by trade I also add my own photographs so I can make the product look their best and as natural as I can; so you view them as I do.  I enjoy taking the photographs as much as reviewing the items, so I will often add many images to my reviews which takes me several days to edit them, as I will add clear good quality product images, some arty or fun images depending on what type of product it is. Plus videos if I feel it will benefit the product being actually able to see or hear the vibrations etc.
I will try to add some fun and quirkiness to some of the shots as its me; after-all sex is fun and I want to make people smile.
for example; one of my fun reviews is The Retro Pocket Rocket and Ramsey Rabbit  and one of my favourite detailed reviews are of the  The OhMiBod Freestyle rabbit and  The Lelo Smart wand

I also like compare products; so where possible I add comparisons photos between similar products I own to help show size and width differences to help my readers visually see similar products to help them choose their next item.

 For example this was from my Rocks Off 140mm Ammo review comparing the bullet sizes.

and the Lelo Smart wand review comparing my other wands.

What will you review?
I'm happy to consider any sextoy product that you would like reviewed. We are both adventurous and  "We will try anything once" often multiple times!!!
As you can see from what we have reviewed already and what is cumin soon it is extremely varied and we are happy to try anything from vibrators, dildo's and BDSM products to lingerie, and erotica and DVD's.
I also do enjoy dabbling with the more extreme fetishes, so if you have something out the ordinary just ask you cant offend me; I do love a challenge?

What next?
Generally a company will send me a few ideas of what they would like reviewed and I choose an item. Or simply send me a courtesy email to say you would like an item tested and I will reply with my details. Once the product is received I will contact you letting you know its arrived and in good condition and working order (as I wont give the product a bad review if it is simply faulty). 

How long till we get our review?
I will always try and get the review completed within 2-3 weeks, but sometimes real life can get in the way of toy testing and it may take longer but I will always let you know.

This allows me ample time to take product photos and test the product thoroughly and also compare it to similar products and make fair comparisons. Once completed I will add the review to my site with photos; plus any links, buttons or banners you can supply me with to help promote the product and you.
I will email you to say when its completed with a link to it from my site. Then I add the review to my other networking sites to encourage visitors to read my review and visit your site.

I pride myself in promoting gifted items as you have been kind enough to send me a product for free, so I will always return the compliment by taking the time and effort to photograph, test and write a detailed thorough review of more than 800 words (usually much more).

I will then spend time promoting the product frequently with other the networking sites; this not only promotes you but me, so we can help each other. 

If you wish to contact me for toy reviews, press releases, advertisement, or just a question, my email is; 
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