Its Only me

"I'm a tom-boy geek with a hint of a sexy."

I'm a bi-sexual submissive who is sensual, sensitive and caring, I tend to wear my heart on my sleeve maybe too much.
I'm a bit of a Geek and love tinkering on the PC, surfing and writing. 

If you love gadgets and gizmo's then take a peek at my sister site with
Gadget Girls Reviews.

 I love studying and I have many qualifications and am not the stereotype blonde bimbo, I do have a brain!
Im an ex-nurse, sexpert and sexual educator and this site combines everything that I am.
                  I was just drawn that way !
                                        Jessica rabbit 

I have been writing since my teens many moons ago, and have been published many times.
I enjoy expressing myself and I hope you enjoy reading my ramblings.I have found a new lease to my sex-life since I got to my 40's and wonder why on earth I didn't do this all earlier..I'm a new woman!!!

My likes

I love my ever increasing collection of sex-toys, I am obsessed with trying to find the most luxurious and most unusual toys around; to show you something different.

I love sexy lingerie, basques and corsets and I adore sexy shoes and boots. I have an obsession with Burlesque and Erotic art. Being a photographer I appreciate how beautiful the human body can be; and I love erotic tasteful art; with a touch of BDSM, Goth and tattoos. I love tattoos with a few of my own (which I may show you one day). 
Im addicted to computers and my new-found world of blogging...damn you blogger lol.  I love online gaming and my main love is my alter ego on World of Warcraft; where I can kick ass and be the warrior queen I was always meant to be.

I'm a huge softie and love life and anything that moves, animals, birds, insects, reptiles, 
I find beetles fascinating and I adore cats, butterflies and bees.

The smell and feel of leather.
To be tied up,
Whips a new discovery yes please..but be gentle in-between.
Love the feeling of metal cold and unforgiving on my skin.
Glass dildos.
Corsets..every woman's best friend,
Heat - I love my vibrators warmed up or hot.
Cold on my nipples.
Love Sexy Lingerie,
Addicted to trying new things. 

Galaxy chocolate,
Salted ,Microwave meals,
Red wine,
Scent of flowers
Unusual jewellery,
Kathy van Zeeland bags,
Love the colours Red,Purple,Black,Cerise,
Watching TV in bed,
Action and sci-fi films,
Baking cakes
The countryside,
Honest people,

My dislikes 
I actually don't have many dislikes in life, 
Cooking meals,

Humiliation (Well I'm a bright woman; definitely a turn off for me), 

Everyday life
Arrogant people,
Ignorant and rude people,
Time wasters, 
Cooking dinners,
Busy shopping centres..(yes I know I'm weird)
Pretty pinks...tooo girly.
Slushy novels and films,

My Fears 
Being Humiliated will never overcome this.
Dentists, getting better,
Spiders, Overcome,
Heights,  Overcome,

My favorite films and TV programes.

Walking Dead
Vampire Diaries,
Sci-fi and action films,

Piks of me 
as I add them to this blog
I add my own images when trying on lingerie and against products so you can clearly see what it looks like on a real person not a model.

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