Thursday, 27 June 2013

M.E. and reviewers guilt!

Hi everyone, I felt I had to write to you all to apologise for being so quiet....unusual for me I know!
I have had lot of emails recently from alot of you asking if Im Ok; so I feel I should just write a quickie post to explain.
Those of you that know me know I suffer with ME and Chronic fatigue and a few other bits which I wont bore you with. I have had a bad year where everything has been at its worst; which has now put me off my feet completely and just getting worse and now I'm waiting to go into hospital.

Its hard enough to write normally when my ME has been its usual pain in the ass over the last few years... but this year my stupid body has decided to throw more crap at me; with more medical problems thats made everything 100 times worse and I have been unable to do normal life stuff like just get out of bed, talk or think!
So the guilt of everything I have to do really has been over whelming for me.

A few bloggers have written some posts this year about Bloggers Guilt and I have to say I'm feeling this in the bucket loads as I have 2 large boxes of products waiting to be reviewed.
This in itself is making me feel quite stressed as I take Midnight Boudoir seriously and have been struggling for months to try and keep up. Of course its thanks to those companies sending me such amazing products which has helped to made MB so successful and I owe these companies a huge thank you for sending me so many products. One particular company who has sent me another huge goodie box of items, they know who they are. Thank you xxx
So of course this has made my guilt even worse as I hate letting anyone down.

I have thought of cutting my reviews right down. I have even considered not putting as many images just to get a short quick review up...but thats NOT me or what Im known for and certainly not fair on the companies who have gone out their way to send a product for review.
Im an awful perfectionist and usually take more than a few days on 1 review as I check my posts many times, often writing and re-writing till Im happy with it; as well as taking alot of time on my photos from taking them to editing. Every product I review has the same time and effort, I just cant cut on quality or rush them...even if I wanted to!

So I have no choice but to take a brief break and TRY NOT to feel guilty and hope I can get myself back on my feet again...literally. So I can come back again with a vengeance with some amazing reviews for you!

Thanks to all of you who have written lovely emails it means alot...I'm missing everyone like mad...and I hope to see you all soon...Mmmwahhh!


  1. I was wondering why you had not updated in a while.
    Sorry to hear you are not feeling well. Take it easy, and hopefully you'll be back to reviewing in no time!

    Take care.

    1. Hi thanks so much for your kind comments, its really appreciated.
      Just peeked at your site, love your reviews and you've taken some really great piks. Look forward to more.

      Thank you and I cant wait to be back soon!


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