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Janine The Dragoness NEW from Bad Dragon!

From the stables of Bad Dragon 
and the sexy other half to Duke the Bad Dragon

In the last few weeks Janine has been away on vacation for a full body make-over to look her best for Duke and has returned looking as spectacular as ever and so very different!

If you dont know already (where have you been in a closet far, far away....) Bad Dragon are a company that has been designing fantasy toys since 2008, bringing your darkest fantasys to life. Have you ever dreamt of having sex with the horniest of dragons, or an alien or even a Warewolf at the next full moon; well now you can.
 Bad Dragon cater for those of us that adore the unique and have the deepest, darkest and weirdest imaginations!

So I was really excited to be offered the new improved Janine the Dragoness for this review.

 Before and after and you cant even see the scars!

This brand new Janine is a much improved male masturbater, now one of the only three from Bad Dragon, see below.

 Natasha The Anthro Husky
 Mary The Anthro Mare

I have had the amazing opportunity to review quite a few of the amazing unique toys from the stables of Bad Dragon but this is my first male toy...from them; so I couldn't wait to see what my OH thought of his very own Bad Dragon toy...I now have...serious penis envy!

As always my parcel arrived within 5 days all the way from the US which is just brilliant; the box is discreet with no customs stickers saying "giant male masturbater in here". 

Inside, my goodies are wrapped in lovely purple tissue paper and packed with polyballs for extra protection.

Janine herself is sealed in a clear polybag for hygiene purposes.

 She has a "Made in the USA" Sticker as do all Bad Dragon toys.

 As is often the case with reviewing for Bad Dragon they also included some little gifts for me which I absolutely love.

Im so in love with the little Dragon minis, they are approx 2 inches high and this time I got a mini Duke the Bad Dragon in a gorgeous purple and Crackers the Cockatrice in a stunning 2 tone turquoise and blue.

 How do they do that with such tiny objects, its a perfect replica; its really gorgeous. You also get to see the amazing colourations they can get on these toys.

I also received another silicone disc to add to my collection, this is a fabulous touch as you get to see more gorgeous colours and mixes as well as the firmness. This marbling is stunning I adore the pink mixed in.

Here are the rest of my silicone discs that I have collected.

These little extras really make me feel spoilt thank you Bad Dragon xxx!


Janine's make-over were the suggestions from Bad Dragon's own customers and that's one of the many things I love about this company is that they listen to their fans. Janine has been made longer with 8 inches of more usable length, so she will fit most men in length or girth; with an improved core design and a new smooth outer surface texture.
All Bad Dragon toys are made of body safe silicone and are Pthalate and latex free. You also get to customise every toy you buy from Bad Dragon with an easy to use window with alot of choice and options.
Janine is produced in medium firmness which is a 2 which is very squishy and soft. The dildos however which come in firmness of soft 3, medium 5 and firm 8 as well as 3-4 different sizes, so all you need to do is pick your fantasy colours guys!

 Its so easy to navigate through Bad Dragons site.
They have since added some NEW fab colours for Janine, but of course you can design your own, bring your fantasy pussy to life!

With most toys each "Creature" has a "natural" colour and normally I choose this; but it wasnt available when I was asked. I chose the gorgeous Sunset gold as I fell in love with their metallic marbling colourations.
I have to say I'm in love with her NEW Natural colour above, the gorgeous delicate blue with the metallic pink labia is so subtle but super sexy.

Size comparison to a can of cola below!

What you cant see this can of cola is quivering with excitement right now.

Total length is 8",
Total width is 2.5" at widest point,
Base shaft 2.1"
Pussy entrance hole length is 1" x 0.3",
Exit hole is 0.6"
Janine's whole pussy width 4.5" x 4" /11.4cm x 10.2cm
Weight 26 oz, guys if your caught you can always use the excuse its part of your workout!

Here are some images of the New Janine next to the old Janine (The longer version is the new one).
These are Bad Dragon images as there's no way in hell I was cutting my Janine in half not even for a review lol!

You can see she's been made longer.
The internal ridges are definitely more defined and the inner shaft is a little wider to accommodate any size.

Some ridges will make a sexy tight fit!

Older version to my NEW Janine.
The main pussy of the NEW Janine is definitely more defined and the clit is more rounded. She also has more detailing on the labia.

The shaft of Janine is much longer and wider than the first version and the head is more rounded and full, I feel its is for more grip and squeezability.

She has the most wonderful weighty feel and is a substantial hunk of silicone to get hold of. You know she is in your hands. (Why do I hear the star wars theme in the back of my mind...)
(handle light-sabre...get it..)?

The whole masterbater is soft and flexible and can be bent in half, but she's not at all flimsy.

 The top is a uniquely designed pussy with dragon scales and natural looking labia and a pronounced bobble clit; just like a real!

 The pussy has some nice natural detailing and is slightly open enabling ease of use.

If you squeeze the sides the labia will open wider and you can see all the way through.

 The labia and outer scaly surface gives nice texturing to this amazing new toy.

At the end is a small hole of approx 1.5cm in diameter to allow for cleaning. Sorry guys you'd have to be pretty large to reach the end lol.

Blown away!
I have to say Im completely blown away...AGAIN on another stunning toy from Bad Dragon; first of all I have to mention this colouration OH WOW this Sunset gold is gorgeous, the metallic marbling running through the whole toy is beautiful.

Im so excited about this gorgeous Sunset Gold, just look at the gold metallic swirls she's stunning!

You can see the fine golds and orange glitter within the silicone its really gorgeous!

So how did it feel, well from my point of view she has a wonderful weight and is wonderfully squishy in your hands but shes certainly not at all flimsy, she is so much more squishy than any of my other bad dragon dildos as I always prefer my toys firm.

 Come Hither....arhh I found the G in Janine!
I couldn't resist having a grope of her myself, she feels fantastic and you can really feel those firm ridges inside. I can almost get my hand up inside with alot of lube as she's quite accommodating.
I have a bad bout of penis envy right now... ;-(

It makes a change for me to hand the reins over to my other half for this review, he finally got to enjoy a toy of his very own for once and I get to be a voyeur watching my OH with another woman....yes!

My Other half's opinion
Obviously guys your going to need lots of waterbased lube or order a bottle of Bad Dragons own Cumlube or Cumlube clear at the sametime as ordering. My OH started by adding lube to the inside of Janine dribbling some inside and on himself. If your not sure how much or haven't used enough simply squeeze and squidge around the penis. You can even trickle some in through the hole in the top if you haven't used enough. But make sure your "main" hand is lube free or your not going to get a good grip round the shaft. The shaft is a really good width to get a great grip round Janine and on yourself.

On first look my OH didn't think he would be able to insert through such a small entrance as he's quite a larger guy, but with plenty of lube and some pushing the super soft silicone stretches easily enough but still giving an enjoyable pressure of a nice tight pussy. He said you can feel a defined pop as you insert past each ridge until your all the way in; which he said felt amazing.
Janine's firm internal ridges fit tightly all the way round your penis while sliding in and out giving incredible friction; without rubbing. (this medium firmness is perfect).
 It certainly didn't take long for Janine to work her magic on my OH...its great being a voyeur once in a while lol!

Other masturbaters tend to be too firm and needs continual reapplication of lube; but the super soft silicone made the longer or shorter sessions with Janine just right with no re-application of lube needed at all.
We did find the play session gave quite loud "Love squelchy noises" (Tv's Black Adder) due to the complete suction involved in using Janine. You can cover and uncover the hole at the end to gain more suction for more sensation if needed. If using with others in the house, you would need the TV or music on to cover the noises. She is also quite weighty for longer sessions relevent to us girls who can get wrist ache fairly quickly lol.
All in all my OH enjoyed shafting Janine and will definitely be making a date with her again and we will be enjoying a threesome together.

Leave her in a jug of warm water or run her under the hot tap for a few minutes to give a completely natural feel and perfect for warm sensory play.

Vaginally for the Gals
If you girls enjoy a larger guy Janine has the possibility of being used as a female toy or even an over shaft couples toy.
It wont be happening with me as my OH is already large without doubling his girth all the way round, way it aint happening with me....eeep! lol. Im actually gutted I cant take her too as it would give my OH super tight sensations from being inside me and then me tightening the ridges round him. That would be amazing feeling for the both of us...sigh...!
Its possible that Janine could be used as a female toy by herself but the end is so blunted it wouldn't work for me as you have no tapered end to help insertion, the original Janine was slightly more rounded and some people were able to use her as a dildo.
But I feel some of you may be able to use Janine with lots of lube assistance or slipped over a thin glass dildo so she isn't quite as floppy. But she's not made for us afterall; its just an option that could be there.

Cleaning and Maintenance
Janine is a bit more awkward to clean than most toys, but if you wear a condom its easy. To be honest it defeats the object as you guys really NEED to feel these ridges, they are amazing inside, just fingering Janine inside you can feel how she is going to grip you firmly.
Tip: remember some condoms have silicone lubricant inside,dont use these!

So after you've cum; simply sloosh through with hot soapy water and then using your fingers rub inside from both ends. then run hot water through and hold both ends and squish and twist the whole toy around to get into all the ridges inside. Better still boil for approx 3-5 mins to be certain or pop in to the dishwasher; then spray with a sextoy cleaner and leave to dry.
Once fully dry store Janine away from any other silicone toys or they will degrade each other; preferably pop her in a large toy bag away from dust and fluff and she's a real fluff magnet...the hussy!

There were definitely fireworks!
My OH really enjoyed Janine and we will be enjoying some regular threesomes together from now on. He enjoyed the defined internal texture ridges which were really pleasurable compared to all the other masterbaters he has used in the past. Janine has definitely gained from her make-over, its the best male toy we have in our collection. Her extra length I can see is going to appeal to many of you out there and certainly the extra firmer textures inside.
The outer shaft being so smooth could get slippy if you get lube on your hands, maybe some extra textures on the outside would make this easier. But you can grip really well and the whole sleeve is so soft and thick you can squeeze firmly to get the sensation you need guys. The silicone too warms quickly to the skin and retains its warmth when heated for sensory play enveloping the penis in hot Janine...mmm!
From my point of view its another excellent quality toy to add to our favourite collection of amazing unique fantasy toys.
If you haven't ever tried a female toy from the Bad Dragon stables and enjoy using masterbaters you need to give this a go, they have really designed the inner textures well and know what a guy really wants. Plus you get to customise her bringing all your fantasies to life, make your ideal woman or creature come to life.

New longer length,
Excellent quality body safe silicone,
Wider shaft,
More textured inside ridges,
Incredible colour combinations,

None at all.

You can buy your very own customised Janine from Bad Dragon
From $130

Or there are some flops also available right NOW if your quick. Plus you may still get the chance to buy the original Janine if you wish, they are called extinction sales.

All my thanks goes to Bad Dragon for sending Janine and all the little extras for this review.
This does not however effect any of my views or opinions.

Please see all my other Bad Dragon reviews below!


If you want the chance to grab an incredible fantasy toy at a cheaper price then keep an eye out for Bad Dragons Adoption pages.
On here you will find toys with very slight flaws
e.g new colour fades that haven't quite worked or faults that have occurred during the production process, like air bubbles or cuts that dont effect the use of the toy in anyway.
All these toys are then offered at a slightly reduced rate as flops.
Check out the Adoptions

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