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Nick Hawk Gigolo Swivel whip

This months Sexpert review is another from the new range endorsed by Nick Hawk from CalExotics.

Star from the hit Gigolos and highly paid expert on what women want. Nick has worked closely with CalExotics to create a complete line of pleasure products.

As I enjoy BDSM I immediately loved the look of the gorgeous little flogger and couldn't wait to try it and add it to my collection.

The swivel whip arrives in CalExotics standard cardboard box with good graphic images of Nick and the whip, its not exactly discreet as it has Nick Hawk Gigolo in big silver lettering with a smaller image of the whip.

Inside, the whip is neatly wrapped in a clear polybag for hygiene purposes.

This sturdy 22.5 inch flogger has an amazing 40 Black PU tassels of 9.75 inches in length. The metal chain is made of Nickel-free alloy with silver plated studs and connectors.

 The matching PU handle is wrapped tightly in a nice diagonal design finished off with a 3 inch PU wrist strap, so you can hang your flogger up.

Accented with 2 large silver studs for effect.

What makes this little flogger slightly different is that it has a unique swivel design compared to most floggers that are available. Those of you that use floggers on a regular basis know when you like to get a good spin on; the tassels can get twisted up and you have to stop and unwrap them, ruining your power moment....not with this.

 The swivel linkage isn't just a few chain link connectors its a strong chain mail effect tube all interwoven making it extremely strong. 

Chain mail designed!

You can see from the image it has a small pin securing the chain inside.

Both chain ends connect securely to the spinners and will spin together when you use the flogger.

You can see the unique double tubing (spinners) which allows you to get a good constant spin on the flogger with no tangling of the tassels.

Over the years of BDSM play we have collected a variety of different whips and floggers, each one is completely different from the other. 
This adorable swivel-whip is not technically a whip, its a flogger due to the amount of tassels it has. First impressions were that initially this flogger felt a bit cheap as the plastic nickel plated spinners were quite stiff due to the nickel plating, but with a bit of repeated twisting it quickly freed off and is now spinning well.  

The tassels didn't get tangled at all.

The tassles themselves are soft and light and give a nice snappy sting, but nothing at all painful. I have a few suede floggers and the tassles are much heavier and despite them being a smaller flogger they can really give a sting. But these tassels are so light it simply gives a slight snap with little redness which fades quickly.
The chain mail and spinners gives the whole flogger a lovely substantial weight for its size; compared to any other flogger I have, meaning you can get a fast spin for very little effort and the 40 tassels give a nice loud snap when they hit the skin for those that love the noise effects.
But where this flogger comes into its own is that it gives the most sensual tickling, stroking and teasing of any flogger I own and I love the longer length too. Being on the receiving end the sting is perfect when your not in the mood for too much pain; the teasing and tickling soothes any slight sting immediately and is absolutely heaven. This unique design has made this one of my favourite gentle floggers as I found you can get a fast smooth spin compared to my other floggers, but still get the effects of sound and slight sting.

Easy to hang up in your dungeon or from a belt!

My only real gripe is the handle, I love to slip my hand through the strap for extra support and let it dangle for more effect (for my victim of course). But being only 3 inches in diameter its simply too small and I've tiny hands and cannot even squeeze my hand through. It really wouldn't have taken much to add an extra inch to this handle. 

This is a perfect beginners flogger for people who do not want much pain; but still want a slightly more hardcore look.  The chain-mail linking really looks fab wherever you hang it or leave it lying around. It will get your victims heart racing immediately!

Cleaning and Maintenance,
If you get any lube or fluids on it simply run under warm soapy water and allow to dry. I feel though hard or prolonged use will fray the ends being PU; saying that, I've given the tassels a really good tug to see if any come loose for your benefit and none have loosened or torn away they are well secured inside the metal tube connector. I do have a few frayed ends already but it hasn't affected the use as of yet.

This is a perfect beginners flogger for those that are still very new to BDSM but want a more hardcore look, its 22.5" is also longer than the majority of floggers. The whole flogger has a wonderful weight to it compared to other floggers but the PU tassels by themselves are super light and wont inflict much pain, but with the speed you can get with the spin rather than individual whips it will give you alot of smarty sting and temporary redness. The handle is very comfortable enabling you to get a really nice spin going for little effort with no tassels tangling at all and great snappy sound effects. 
Afterall you cant lose the moment and what kind of dominatrix would you be if you had to untangle your own tassels ...   :-)
Those of you that are more advanced into BDSM will probably find this too light, but if you want something extra for your collection that looks good hung with your others and need a more teasey-strokey style flogger this would be perfect.
This is also an affordable flogger for those unsure wether they want to pursue BDSM and would also be perfect as a gift to someone who enjoys collecting whips and floggers as its unique swivel action makes it fun and easy to use.

Excellent beginners flogger,
Longer than average,
Unique swivel linkage,
Secure tassles,

The spinners a bit stiff at first due to the Nickel plating process.
The strap is too small to loop over your wrist.


For the whole of the Nick Hawk Gigolo range 
Click HERE

All my thanks goes to CalExotics for sending me this gorgeous swivel whip for this review. 
This does not however effect any of my views or opinions.

Please see my review of the life-like dildo of Nick himself.

Nick Hawk Gigolo
Genuine cast dildo with moveable balls by CalExotics

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