Tuesday, 16 April 2013

I made it on the back of the book! Thank you Grace AKA KD XxX

I got some really exciting news today that Im bubbling over with excitement about. As you all probably know I review many books every week and I love writing book reviews. I have been an avid book worm all my life and enjoy sharing great books with you all.

Well today I had the most exciting news that I have been quoted on the back of 
Identity Crisis by Grace Marshall AKA KD Grace.

The quote is from my recent book review of Grace's very first book in her NEW trilogy An Executive Decision  which I loved. So Im over the moon to be quoted on the back of the second book in the trilogy Identity Crisis!

 I even squealed with excitement when I found out today and woke the dog up!

 Im proud and honoured to be mentioned on the back of her latest book...which is another fantastic read by the way; which I will be posting my review very soon.
It is just as well written as the first book, with KD's...sorry Grace's...famous fast paced flow, great plot and twists and believable characters. Im a huge fan of all KD Grace's writing and now the new set of books of Grace Marshall. So this means alot to me to be included on the back of one of her newest books.

Im blown away and so completely honoured; its a fantastic moment and Im really proud.

Thank you KD/Grace and Xcite Books

Here is my review of the first in this brilliant trilogy



  1. YAY Congratulations hunni and so well deserved! I think I'm gonna have to read this myself lol

  2. Aw thanks Sassy I am feeling really proud and excited it was a wonderful surprise. Yep its a great read but start with Executive decision and then to this its nice to know the characters even better.


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