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Elden The Faerie Dragon by Bad Dragon

If you hadn't already guessed, Im a huge fan of Bad Dragon toys as I adore the unusual, if any dildo can make fantasies come true Bad Dragon's can.
Those of you that know me will know my love of the unusual, gory and just damn incredibly weird in life and especially sextoys. I will always try to bring you the most fascinating and unusual toys out there, so you get to expand your imagination and fantasy's to the bedroom. Have you ever had sexual fantasies involving a werewolf , dragon or even an Alien being or something much bigger and darker, then Bad Dragon will make these fantasies come true.

Bad Dragon silicone dildos toys are totally customisable and personalised to you, choose your colour, size and firmness and fantasy creature with the option to have a suction pad and cum-tube, make them yours.

My latest Bad Dragon toy is the most gorgeous and handsome Elden the Faerie Dragon
I have had my eye on him for quite awhile so I couldn't wait to see him in the!

Choosing your Bad Dragon dildo
Once you have chosen which dildo out of their range of approx 30 fantasy creatures you get to play with extensive customisations to make it personal to you.

Every toy comes in 3 or 4 sizes and is available in a huge choice of colours with specialised limited edition metallics, marbling and gorgeous colour fading, you can even choose from the Panetone colours.
Next you get a choice of firmness, choice of soft (3), medium (5), and hard (8) firmnesses to suit you with extra option of split soft and Split wide where the shaft is cast in soft silicone and the base is either firm or medium firmness for even better support.
It doesn't stop there you then have a choice of adding a suction cup for hands free play and a cum-tube in some sizes and designs. (Elden doesn't come have the option of a cumtube however.)

I chose my Elden in Large (...eeep what was I thinking), in a firm 8 and in the gorgeous natural colour shown in the product images, you have easy to use custom tabs, each step is explained well and easy to follow.

My goodie box arrived quickly with both my toys for review ( The Beta Shark review) wrapped in black and orange tissue paper and individually sealed in a clear polybag and folded into the box, how Bad Dragon get such large toys in the box is a mystery lol, as its seems like a tardis when you remove the toys. 

 I also got another silicone sample disc (the pinky lilac one) to show colour and firmness to add to my collection.  This is such a lovely thing to receive as you get to see and feel different firmness's and colours.

I squealed with delight as I also received 2 small miniature dragons about an inch high, I love gifts like these, I wish Bad Dragon could offer keyrings as I think they are adorable.
I got a mini Cole and a mini Elden, plus a lovely button Beta tester team badge for reviewing the beta Shark.

The Birth of Elden the Faerie Dragon
This is the fun bit as there is so much to know about this sexy dragon, Elden was the first toy from Bad Dragon to be designed by the fans of the Bad Dragon forums in 2008, so he is somewhat special. I did some detective work and discovered some history about Elden and the beginning drawings that eventually became what he is today.  If you want to follow the design process and all the comments made on the forum see here. It really is interesting to follow all the ideas and changes as it went along.
The gorgeous Ashendra's design was chosen, she comments,
"He's meant to be a brutal design, brutal yet beautiful, dragon and butterfly, all in one."

I absolutely loved this drawing by Ashendra, she was really keen on getting the tendrils included too, but they wer'nt to be, as due to the moulding process its impossible to make.
So Bad Dragon's Varka incorporated them as slightly raised veins under the knot.

 Draft 2 shape slightly altered to get the knot at 1.75- 2 inch diameter. Tendrils moved and spiny bits added to the shaft.

 Draft 3 Head is rounder and the shaft has been extended about 1/2 - 3/4 inch to resolve space issues and to get the knot under 2 inches. Tips added to the tendrils and accentuated them. Bumps added to the knot.

More curved head with more smoothed back spines.

The Final 3D render design what a great combination of ideas to finally come up with this amazing design so he offers stimulation which ever way you choose to ride him.

Elden is made of 100% body safe silicone and is one of the most unusual designs they have. It also means he is latex and Pthalate free and hypo-allergenic.
The silicone feels very different to most of my silicone toys as it warms quickly to your skin and is extremely squidgy, the surface feels almost velvety on Elden and is beautiful to touch. There is no other way to describe his shape other than its "Elden shape" he's completely unique and you wont see anything like it anywhere else.

I may have been slightly over zealous choosing the large as my God he's big.
"My eyes were definitely bigger than my vagina as I can only just hold him in one hand". 
You cant see in the photo but my hand is shaking holding him like this lol, yes Im a wimp.

Elden in large has a wonderful heavy weight to him, the quality and weighty feel gives him a distinct lean and almost sits at a right angle and it doesn't take much for him to topple over, something to be aware if you pop him on the floor. 

 The head is such a unique shape and is almost triangular and softly tapered, with some super sexy moulding bumps.

 The head reminds me of cobra head because of the way it bends over flares out down the shaft its so cobra-like.
Or is it the head of a praying mantis?
The softly scallopped edges on the shaft widens gradually to the knot which is a massive 3.75 inches in diameter. So Its fair to say its not gonna happen with me, it was wishful thinking and

 Elden in this shot is balanced perfectly over my hand and you can see how wide he actually is here.

I love the attention to detail on the back as the tendrils have been beautifully blended and really give Elden something extra special as it doesnt matter which way you ride him you will get the stimulation you want.

Being a super soft silicone Elden is still extremely bendy even though he is the firmest density. You can bend the shaft almost right over. My OH is squirming at this image.
The small and the medium would bend much further possibly in half if you have chosen soft or medium densities. Be aware though any softer I feel the large would not stand up at all, that's why I chose firm.

Down to the wide evenly balanced base that keeps Elden upright..only just though. The base is a huge chunk of pure squidgy silicone and is covered in lumps and bumps for serious riding and grinding on, it really will support your weight and give you the opportunity to ride this super sexy Dragon hard without injuring yourself with friction burns lol.

Back and front have 2 bump like fingers which will hug your clit one side and stimulate your anus the other. (That's if you can get down this far that is...hohum).

 They are quite pronounced allowing you to really grind down onto the base, these bumps will hug and stimulate either side of your clit beautifully. Pure genius.

The underside of Elden has this fun sticker 
"Grown in the USA"
Here is where you can also have a suction pad, which I have on a few other of my toys and they are brilliant pads, suctioning to almost any shiny surface, like tiles and wood, I'd highly recommend them. Even without a suction pad this time, this base still has a certain amount of sucker to my surprise.

Elden is available in 3 sizes and Bad Dragon have a well explained diagram showing the exact sizing so you know he will fit you, make sure you are able to take him if you go for large......eeep!

When I chose "Large" in my madness...I knew what size he was going to be, but it wasn't until I took him out of the box where he seemed to double in size that I realised actually how big he is; I was apologising to my vagina from the minute I saw him!
But I dont regret getting large in anyway as his so damn impressive and I cant take my eyes off of such a turn on. This is what fantasies are all about he's just gorgeous!

I can only just get my fingers around his head and upper shaft. He is the same length as my forearm to finger tip and if you stretch your arm out right now and actually see how long that is...its big believe me, especially when you consider the size of your vagina lol...go on just try it now, stretch out your arm...could you take that length ;-)?

From the minute Elden was out the box I could not stop staring and touching him, just running your fingers over his monster size its so sensuous, Bad Dragon really have nailed the colours, design and his sheer size and weight he's a real fantasy!

Because of the slight dragginess of the silicone I needed alot of my water-based lube (Givelubes Premiere Aqua gel) and him being so big I needed to get really warmed up first to prepare myself for him. He is the widest and largest toy I own and its a bit like training for the Olympics as I so wanted to be able to take that 3.75 inch knot, I'd dreamt of this moment......
For me the best way for me to use Elden is to stand him on the bed or floor and kneel over him and slowly lower myself over him so I have full control and could take my time. I had tried to hold the base and insert while lying on my back but he was way too heavy to hold comfortably like this in a large. It goes without saying the smaller versions would be perfect as the base is a great comfortable shape to hold.

The tapered triangular head makes it so easy to insert and the bumps give some great stimulation on insertion. I was able to insert the whole top of the shaft to the knot really easily, where my thumb is on the image was where I had managed to reach. The upward curve manages to press slightly against my G-spot too.
The tip of the head despite looking quite cervix-pokey doesn't hurt or feel uncomfortable at all, its really soft; even on the firmest density of 8 and even if you get a bit carried away with thrusting its still very squidge-able.
The larger scalloped bumps are defined enough to feel inside from whichever way I used him; but the spinal ridges surprisingly I could hardly fee;, but Im not a gal who can feel internal bumps very well. Those who are very sensitive will get an amazing effect with him.

I found the top part of the shaft isn't as vaginally fulfilling as my Clayton The Earth Dragon and my Cole The Dane as his shaft is much slimmer, but it makes up for that when you get to the gradually widening knot which gently stretches you to your absolute limit PHEWEY...!
I really tried my best to take this big guy all the way, but I only managed to take him just over  halfway. But not for the want of trying for me and this review. I do think I deserve a medal...have you seen how big he! Seriously...I'm so proud that I made it to the knot but there simply wasn't anymore room inside me to tuck, squeeze, manoeuvre, push or shove anymore of him in.
So yes officially my eyes were bigger than my vagina....!

 He was sadly too big for me to reach the amazing bumpy base to stimulate my clit and anus...gutted...! Sigh....there is always a bit of me hoping to take something much larger, but Im not giving up yet, I will keep trying as its so much fun practising.

He is so visually stimulating at this size and just holding this guy will make you want him, he is still fulfilling and all I had to do was add my Smart wand vibes to the shaft and I was there in seconds wow a stunning toy,

 The Giants go Head to head!
 Xar The Karabos in Medium has been my Nemesis up until now with only just being able to take his head, but you can see from my size comparison photo just how big these 2 giants are.

 My Bad Dragon toys excluding the  Beta Shark
In order
Elden (L), Cole (M), Clayton (M) and Xar (L).
  My  Clayton The Earth Dragon and Cole the Dane and Cum-tube  make you feel completely full and Xar is another work in progress. Each toy will give you completely different sensations which is why I love these toys so much.

I was able to take the head of Elden anally but he is far too large for my butt, as much as I love the larger girthier toys vaginally, I'm not there yet anally, I prefer smooth, smaller toys for my butt. But for those that enjoy taking monster toys may actually find the size and design of Elden will work well.
Im sure he would be perfect in a smaller size due to the nature of the knot it should offer that sexy pop and suck in sensation.There is a nice space between knot and base for your anus to hold it naturally and comfortably in.

The base will hold it inside firmly and its so comfortable to sit on if you enjoy wearing toys for awhile.The flared base is soft, strong and supportive plus the amazing nodules perfect for stimulation.
This is a great shape for anal play.

Harness and strap on play
The large size would not be suitable for strap-on play as he's far too heavy and the small maybe too small to be of effect; but the medium Elden is a great size for harnesses due to the bases flared shape and the angle of the dangle will be super sexy.

Cleaning and Maintenance
Despite being 100% waterproof, Elden is a dust magnet and needs to be rinsed and cleaned well before and after use. Simply  use one of these ways;
  • Run him under warm soapy antibacterial water paying particular attention to the bumps and crevices in the base or
  • Boil for 5-10 minutes,
  • Pop in the dishwasher,
  • Wipe with 10% bleach solution,
  • Then spray with sextoy cleaner and allow to dry and place him in a dust free bag or box, I use the poly bag he came in.
Elden certainly needs his own box or storage space being this size so he's not exactly discreet, but I didn't want another discreet toy, I wanted unique, fantasy and...big.
Make sure you use a waterbased lube and if you are sharing him and use condoms, be aware some condoms have silicone lubrication added to them which will degrade and damage your toy.

Oh My what a big boy he is, but I love him, the head and shaft give the most incredible sensations by themselves with the hope of one day of taking more of his gradually widening knot.
Those of you that already enjoy some of Bad Dragons toys with knots like Cole and Chico will enjoy the unique shape to add to your collection as this knot gently tapers. I adore his colouration and the base is supportive and bumpy, ideal to really ride your dragon hard. Im pleased I chose the firmest density 8 as he still has a lot of squidge to be completely comfortable; I feel the soft would have been too soft and bendy for me as I love a firmer toy in preference.
If you choose large be aware you will need to warm-up its a bit like an Olympic event to take this guy all the way, dont ever rush these things, especially if planning to take him anally, relax and enjoy! I still need alot of training...but by god its worth it and one day I may just be able to manage him, it will be a proud day! ;-)
Thank you Ashandra for your idea and thanks to Varka for the making him into a reality. I absolutely recommend Elden, he was designed by a girl for us girls but with many reviews and recommendations from the guys as well. His amazing shape is unique to any dildo you will ever own and has to be added to your toybox if you are a Bad Dragon toy collector.

With Bad Dragon you can fantasise with a Dragon or Gryphon one night and a Werewolf or Stallion the next, take it as far as your imagination will allow. With even toys specially for the guys too with Natasha the Husky and Janine the Anthro Dragoness.

No dragons were hurt in the making of this dildo but a pussy got well and truly stretched!

Customisable features,
Incredibly unique designs,
Body-safe silicone,

A Bad Dragon addiction as you cant have just one..or two..or three....

Buy your very own

All my thanks to the gorgeous guys at Bad Dragon for making me my very own Elden for this review free of charge, this has not effected my views or opinions in anyway.

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If you want the chance to grab an incredible fantasy toy at a cheaper price then keep an eye out for Bad Dragons Adoption pages.
On here you will find toys with very slight flaws
e.g new colour fades that haven't quite worked or faults that have occurred during the production process, like air bubbles or cuts that dont effect the use of the toy in anyway.
All these toys are then offered at a slightly reduced rate as flops.
Check out the Adoptions

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  1. Oh my word......well done you! He's ENORMOUS!! lol I absolutely love the Bad Dragon brand although i'm yet to try my first, they're just so unique and the fact they're made to personal specifications makes me want one all the more!
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    Thanks for another fantastically detailed review complete with amazing pictures :) xxx


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