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KD Grace Elemental Fire, Blog Tour and Give-away!

 Im so excited to welcome KD Grace back onto Midnight Boudoir, its always a pleasure to have you here, especially when its concerning one of my favourite all time trilogies The Lakeland Heatwave series; with my love of the paranormal, wicca and erotica it ticks all my boxes.

Today KD will be sharing with you, her magical inspiration for the writing of the Lakeland Heatwave trilogy. An exert from the book Elemental Fire and you can also get to read all 3 of my book reviews. 

Plus 2 lucky winners will have the chance to win a PDF copy of the first book in the series, 
 Body temperature Rising! 
So huge thank you to KD for joining me today, over to you....

Thank you for having me back on your fabulous site, Cazi! It’s always such a pleasure to be here. And it’s especially a pleasure to be able to be here on the final day of my blog tour for the third and novel of my Lakeland Heatwave Trilogy, Elemental Fire

The witches of Elemental Coven practice sex magic. I spent several years practising with a Wiccan coven and though the sex magic my witches in the Lakeland Heatwave Trilogy practice is entirely a creation of my imagination, I’ve said in other posts that I truly believe if there is real magic in the world it’s sex.
Long before we understood why things grew and how the seasons came and went, we understood that without the fertility of the earth and everything that lives on it we couldn’t survive and we couldn’t, ourselves, be fertile and reproduce. We understood then as we can’t possibly understand now when we shop in grocery stores and malls and buy all of our food shrink-wrapped and power-washed, that we all feed on each other. The survival of every species depends on the fertility of every other. That means sex is more than just magic, sex is absolutely essential.
I chose to make sex the central thread and the creative force in the Elemental Coven not just because it made for very interesting erotica, but more because it brought into play the creative act on the most primal level. 
There’s a quote from the first chapter of Riding the Ether, the second book in the Lakeland Heatwave Trilogy, that probably sums up sex as magic in a nutshell. My character, Anderson, who is the high priest of the Elemental Coven, is about to participate in dream magic, which is always enhanced by sex, and these are his thought about sex in magic:
It was the foundation set in motion, the drive to rut, the ancient need that brought humanity to the very edge of ecstasy while at the same time driving it to the brink of its own destruction. And in between ecstasy and destruction, the next generation is birthed into existence. And there, on that knife edge in between, the magic happened as it could happen nowhere else. Again and again Anderson had experienced it, always new, always wild, always almost beyond his control.
Sex is that one little sliver of our life in which real magic happens. It’s the place where our boundaries are most permeable; it’s the place where two people become one flesh. It’s the place where we’re the most deeply into our own body, and at the same time we’re most likely to be transported beyond our bodies with the ecstasy of the experience. And it’s the place where new life begins.
I started writing erotica mostly to see whether I could, and because I had always enjoyed writing sex scenes. But it was the sex magic that kept me writing. It was what the act of sex revealed about my characters, it was how it exposed them in more than just their state of undress, it was how it made them more human and more animal and more real all at the same time. It was how it brought them closer to their humanity while at the same time increasing the chance they would experience their own divinity, and that of their beloved. It was the excitement of knowing that the very act of sex between two people could completely change the course of the novel. All of these elements are a part of why I chose to make the magic practiced in the Elemental Coven sex magic.
In magic there are words spoken in only certain circumstances, words spoken only for certain purposes. Words have power and weight and import. Used in the right combinations, repeated in the right numbers in the right circumstances in the right order, they bring about change. The word made flesh is the way the Bible describes the incarnation of Jesus. Interesting that in one of the Wests most sacred texts the marriage of word and flesh births the divine. I don’t find it surprising that sex and words are so closely linked, and certainly they are in the world I’ve created for my witches in The Lakeland Heatwave Trilogy. So I’m brought back to the idea that it may very well be sex magic I practice every time I put words on a page, every time I create a new character, every time I allow that character to have sex. And it was certainly sex magic that drew me into the lives and loves and lusts of the Elemental Coven and their battle against the demon, Deacon. That is just as true in Elemental Fire as it was in Body Temperature and Rising and in Riding the Ether.
That being said, sex magic was the perfect jumping-off place for my foray into paranormal erotica, and it’s not surprising at all that I chose witches and magic over vampires and werewolves. Sex is the true creative force in the world, so it makes sense that the place where two people become one, the only place where we can actually get inside another person’s skin, the place where life begins with la petite mort would be the place where the magic is most powerful. That’s the premise for all three Lakeland Heatwave novels; that’s the reason I chose to write about sex magic.

 Sacred stones of the Lake district its full of magical charm everywhere you go.



‘Will you dream with him?’ Cassandra asked, as she handed Tara the last pot.
‘I don’t see that I have much choice, do I?’
‘Is it really that much of a hardship?’
They both turned to find Kennet standing in the door of the greenhouse.
Tara laid aside her dibber and gently touched Cassandra’s hand feeling the welcome buzz of her power. ‘Go and tell the others to prepare the Dream Cave.’
Once she was gone, she turned her attention back to her seedlings.
Kennet moved inside and pulled the door to. ‘I understand you not trusting me,’ he said. ‘I’d feel the same way, I’m sure. But Tara, I’m not the enemy. I need you to believe that.’ He rested a hand on her shoulder, and she stiffened.
Carefully he removed it and turned his attention to stroking the leaves of the thyme plants. ‘You’re afraid,’ he said, his voice barely more than a whisper.
‘Aren’t you?’ She continued to fuss over the seedlings, mostly just to stave off the panic of his nearness.
‘Terrified.’ His answer surprised her.
She turned to face him and as she looked up into his eyes, it suddenly felt like she had looked into the sun.
‘But not for the same reasons you are,’ he said. He crooked a finger under her chin so she couldn’t look away. ‘Why do you make love only with ghosts?’
Everything in her wanted to turn and flee before it was too late, but she stood her ground and held his gaze. ‘It hasn’t ended well for the living when I’ve had sex with them.’
‘Are you afraid it won’t end well for me?’
She didn’t answer. She was afraid of what might happen if she tried to speak. There were too many memories too close to the surface, memories she had taken lifetimes to bury deep, and this man had dug them all up in only a few hours.
He took both of her hands, ignoring the compost on her fingers, then brushed a kiss gently across her lips, making her want like she hadn’t allowed herself to want in a very long time. Then he pulled away and brushed the pad of his thumb along her lower lip. ‘I’m already dead, Tara. Physically I may not be a ghost, but I’m already dead. Everything that I lived for was taken from me seven years ago.’
She pushed him away. ‘Seven years? Only seven years? You’re not dead yet, Kennet. You haven’t even begun to die. You haven’t had nearly enough years to really beg for death, long for death, pray that it’ll come in the night and set you free.’ She reached for the staging table for support. Her knees were weak, her insides felt like snow on the wind. ‘But then you realize that you’ll be no freer of him dead than you are alive. So no, you’re not dead, Kennet. Don’t even wish for it, and if you think your pet demon will protect you, then you don’t know demons.’
This time he grabbed her by the front of her shirt and pulled her to him with such force that she gasped out loud. He took her mouth with stunning anger, like nothing she’d ever felt before, and she returned his assault with her own rage, meeting his tongue thrust for angry thrust, bruising his lips with the force of mouth and teeth, biting and aching, as he bit back. Then he pulled away breathless. ‘She’s not my pet demon, Tara and, trust me, I fucking know demons.’
Then they were kissing again as though they would tear each other apart, as though they would rip the very breath from each other in angry, scorched shreds. His hands moved to her hips, and he hoisted her onto the staging table, shoving aside the gypsy skirt until she could feel the rough wood against the silk of her panties. He fingered aside the crotch and she tried to squirm away from him. ‘I don’t fuck the living,’ she gasped against his mouth, then she bore down as his thick middle finger found its way between her labia and thrust upward. She pulled him to her even as she tried to push him away with her words.
‘Yes you do, as of this morning you do. You need it, I need it, and it’s time you stopped letting Deacon call the shots.’
She felt his last words like a slap and like an aphrodisiac at the same time, and everything in her felt wet with need. ‘Do it, goddamnit,’ she growled. ‘If you’re gonna do it, do it and don’t make me wait!’ She grabbed for his fly with an awkward grip from a bad angle that caused him to flinch and push her hand aside. ‘Damn it, get them off,’ she gasped, ‘I can’t wait!’
With trembling hands he practically ripped the zipper out of his fly, then shoved his jeans and boxers down around his hip and his erection bounced free from its exquisite nest of copper brown curls. The view was brief, and she told herself in a sliver of a thought that was left to her, that sometime she’d like to linger and explore, though in her heart she didn’t really believe she’d ever be afforded that luxury, so she’d take what he’d give her.
Once again he tore at her panties until they were stretched over one buttock and she could feel the cool air of the greenhouse against her gape, then while she held herself open, he cupped his hands under her arse and lifted her from the table, down onto his heft. With a grunt and a slight thrust, he pressed up into her, and she yielded like soft butter, then gripped like a fist. Then she grabbed him by the hair and pulled his face back to hers, and their tongue dance matched the rhythm of the thrust and glide. Grunts became feral cries, throats became raw, and vision blurred in searing heat that had nothing to do with Lucia.
‘Great Goddess,’ he gasped. ‘If I’m not dead, I’m dying now, and it’s your fault.’
She bit his neck hard and he flinched and surged inside her tight grip. ‘You asked for it, and I don’t believe in making people beg.’
‘I can’t think of a better way to go,’ he grunted.
In truth, she wasn’t entirely sure she wasn’t dying right along with him, but it didn’t really matter, dead or alive, it was pretty much the same to her.
‘Fuck,’ he breathed between barely parted lips. ‘I can’t hold back any longer, woman. I have to come now.’ And as his cock convulsed inside her, and his groin raked upward against her clit, she came in great sobs that made her throat ache, that made her body feel like some animal, curled deep at her centre, had awakened ravenous and needy with an emptiness to fill that was bigger than the void. And strangely enough, Kennet Lucian felt like he might begin to touch the emptiness.
For a long time, he held her there, both of them gasping for breath, her arms and legs wrapped around him, his large hands cupping her bottom. ‘Tara,’ he whispered against her ear. ‘Please trust me.’
She ran a hand through his hair and nipped his ear with her teeth. ‘Then prove to me that I can.’


Obsessed with revenge, KENNET LUCIAN makes a deal with a demon, a deal he comes to regret when he meets TARA STONE, head of the Elemental Coven, and a powerful witch with a desire for revenge at least as great as his. Even though the attraction between the two is magnetic and the lust combustive, Kennet must betray her to accomplish his goal, which is ultimately her goal as well; to put a final end to the demon, Deacon’s, reign of terror. But can Tara trust the man who has wormed his way into her heart and the heart of the Elemental Coven? Can she trust LUCIA, the demon with whom Kennet is allied, a demon with her own agenda. The path to Deacon’s destruction is far from clear, and the price that must be paid to be free of him forever may be too high, even for Tara Stone.

 Author Bio

K D GraceK D Grace believes Freud was right. In the end, it really IS all about sex, well sex and love. And nobody’s happier about that than she, cuz otherwise, what would she write about?
When she’s not writing, K D is veg gardening or walking. She walks her stories, and she’s serious about it. She and her husband recently walked the Coast to Coast rout across England. For her, inspiration is directly proportionate to how quickly she wears out a pair of walking boots.
K D has erotica published with Xcite Books, Harper Collins Mischief Books, Mammoth, Cleis Press, Black Lace, Erotic Review, Ravenous Romance, Sweetmeats Press and others.
K D’s critically acclaimed erotic romance novels include, The Initiation of Ms Holly, The Pet Shop. Her paranormal erotic novel, Body Temperature and Rising, the first book of her Lakeland Heatwave trilogy, was listed as honorable mention on Violet Blue’s Top 12 Sex Books for 2011. Books two and three, Riding the Ether, and Elemental Fire, are now also available.
K D Grace also writes hot romance as Grace Marshall. An Executive Decision, Identity Crisis, books one and two of her Executive Decisions Trilogy are now available.
Find K D Here:


 2 lucky people have the chance to win a PDF copy of the first book in the series.

Read more about the
Lakeland Heatwave trilogy
in my own reviews below 

Body Temperature and Rising By KD Grace
Riding The Ether  By KD Grace
 Elemental Fire by KD Grace

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Elemental Fire by KD Grace (Final in the Lakeland Heatwave trilogy)

The Final in the Lakeland Heatwave trilogy

Using powerful sex magic, revenge-obsessed Kennet Lucian makes a deal with the lusty fire demon, Lucia, to help him end Deacon’s reign of terror. Having her own reasons for hating the demon Deacon, Lucia agrees to help…for a price. Their bargain leads Kennet to a sexy encounter on the Lakeland fells with Tara Stone, head of the Elemental Coven. Tara’s a powerful witch, with her own staggering hatred for Deacon. The attraction between Tara and Kennet is magnetic and the sex combustible, just as Lucia suspected it would be. Lucia plans to use their lust for each other to bring about Deacon’s downfall. But as lust gives way to feelings Lucia hadn’t bargained for, the path to Deacon’s destruction is far from clear, and the price that must be paid to be free of him for ever may be too high, even for Tara Stone.

I had been waiting since last year in suspense for the third and last in the trilogy and jeeze was it worth the wait! Wow wow wow what an ending; it was nearly 4am and I couldn't put this down. Yet another sleepless night with KD lol!

Each book has been a quite different read but each having strong main characters binding all the three books together!
The 3 books are set in the stunning setting of the lake district, an area I know well; so I can relate even more to the books. From reading the first book of the trilogy Body temperature Rising we get to know and love the main characters from the elemental covern, they are all bonded with a huge sense of loyalty to each other which we see grow within the three books.
Deacon the demon manages to intertwine his evil throughout the 3 books in different ways with different members of the covern; with an end to walk the earth in flesh by using the covern in anyway he can and not allowing anyone to get in his way. They gain their power from sexmagic which is hot, hot, hot and in every shape and form, essential of course to enter the ether a parallel world to try and stop Deacon.

I loved how KD has made him even more creepy in Elemental Fire as he manages to get into their heads, into their dreams, twisting their views and perceptions of what's real and what isn't; a modern day sand man, this would make the most amazing film.
I found myself really enjoying the growing relationship between Tara and Kennet despite their reservations with each other, they are powerfully strong characters that were amazing to follow. Its a parallel love, lust and distrust story running alongside hunting Deacon. Lucia the fire demon throws a spanner in the works a brilliant addition in this last novel.

This final saga, is an action packed race against time as the members of Elemental Covern plan his demise....again! You will be glued to your pixel pages.

If you haven't read the other two books dont worry as its a separate plot in itself but by reading the trilogy in order; you may enjoy the finale so much more as you would know how far these great characters have come to get to this point.
A brilliant finale to the Heatwave trilogy, KD has a fantastic knack of pulling you into the pages themselves offering an exciting mixture of the paranormal, witches, demons and the power they create using sex magic which is completely believable....just another day at the office!
A dramatic, heart pounding, fast paced ending with a twist...of course..its KD afterall! It also made me laugh...what a breakfast.... nope Im not telling you, you need to read it! Im now gutted its finished and Ive loved each character and would love more about elemental cant be the end....can it..?

Amazon UK
Amazon US
Xcite Books
Amazon UK
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The Book Depository
Xcite Book

 All my thanks to the lovely KD Grace and Xcite books for sending me
Elemental Fire to read for this review free of charge. This does not however effect my views or opinions.

 Author Bio

K D GraceK D Grace believes Freud was right. In the end, it really IS all about sex, well sex and love. And nobody’s happier about that than she, cuz otherwise, what would she write about?
When she’s not writing, K D is veg gardening or walking. She walks her stories, and she’s serious about it. She and her husband recently walked the Coast to Coast rout across England. For her, inspiration is directly proportionate to how quickly she wears out a pair of walking boots.
K D has erotica published with Xcite Books, Harper Collins Mischief Books, Mammoth, Cleis Press, Black Lace, Erotic Review, Ravenous Romance, Sweetmeats Press and others.
K D’s critically acclaimed erotic romance novels include, The Initiation of Ms Holly, The Pet Shop. Her paranormal erotic novel, Body Temperature and Rising, the first book of her Lakeland Heatwave trilogy, was listed as honorable mention on Violet Blue’s Top 12 Sex Books for 2011. Books two and three, Riding the Ether, and Elemental Fire, are now also available.
K D Grace also writes hot romance as Grace Marshall. An Executive Decision, Identity Crisis, books one and two of her Executive Decisions Trilogy are now available.
Find K D Here:

Quick summary and catchup of the 3 books
Click the titles to see my full reviews

Book 1 Body Temperature Rising 

First title in the Lakeland Heatwave, K.D. Grace's paranormal erotic trilogy set in the Lake District.
Can the power of lust overcome deadly intentions?
Marie Warren, an American living in England, has a magical encounter on the Lakeland fells which ends in sex with a charming ghost – and she discovers she has the ability to unleash demons and ghosts.
Her powers bring her to a coven of witches who practise rare sex magic which allows ghosts access to pleasures of the flesh.
As ancient grudges unfold, a demon named Deacon is unleashed by her new powers. And he will stop at nothing to destroy everything the coven’s high priestess holds dear including Marie and her young landlord, farmer Tim Meriwether.
Only powers unleashed by Marie and Tim’s lust can stop Deacon’s bloody rampage before the coven is torn apart and innocent people die. But is lust enough?

Book 2 Riding the Ether

Second title in the paranormal erotic romance trilogy by KD Grace, set in the Lake District. 
Cassandra Larkin keeps her ravenous and dangerous sexual appetite secret until she seduces Anderson in the mysterious void of the Ether.  Anderson is the sexy, insatiable ghost who can give her exactly what she needs. But sex is dangerous in a place like the Ether...
When the treacherous demon, Deacon, discovers the truth about the origin of Cassandra’s powerful lust, he plots to use her sex magic for revenge on Tara Stone and the Elemental Coven, who practice their own brand of sex magic.  Cassandra must embrace the lust and sexuality she fears and learn to use its power.
Will she stand with Anderson, Tara, and the Elemental Coven against Deacon’s wrath or suffer the loss of friendship, magic and love?

Nick Hawk Gigolo Genuine cast dildo with movable balls.

Nick Hawk Gigolo
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I have never been a lover of life-like dildos, but recently in the last few years technology has really flown and we are able to produce some amazingly life-like pieces. This is no exception.

I already own several life-like dildos; Phil Varone's Dr Philgood prince Albert pierced dildo and Adam Champs porn star. Click to see their reviews above.

This month sexpert review is another famous name Nick Hawk, famous for being in the TV series Showtime and a highly paid expert in advising what women want. He has worked closely with CalExotics in making his own range of adult toys. I know many of you enjoy collecting known porn star cocks for the ultimate in fantasy; play the porn with the exact replica of the dildo.

CalExotics tend to keep their packaging similar and this is no exception, a cardboard box with graphic images of Nick himself to allow those fantasies to flow. The box itself is not exactly discreet with genuine cast dildo printed on the front. But hey your not buying him to be discreet are you?

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The dildo is then beautifully finished with hand painted veins exacting to detail of the man himself. You have to agree the detailing is brilliant.

Am I the only one who can see a cactus design here?

There is a nice but strange touch that even though the dildo is exacted on Nicks own cock, it has an embossed image of a "cactus" on the side...or alien claw...dont ask I dont know there must be a reason. Maybe some of you know about this, nickname, secret fantasy, who am I to say, but its definitely a cactus shape! If you know let me know I'm really curious lol.

Nicks balls.
The base has Nicks exact scrotum in detail right down to the last skin wrinkle, plus the words Swedish Erotica embossed onto the side, no its not a tattoo. But Nick has a surprise in that you can enjoy his move-able balls, I'm actually unsure about whether it adds anything for me as I'm finding them a bit cringy, but it makes it so life-like for those of that adore balls, feeling, squeezing, sucking, you can go to town on Nicks balls, be as rough as you like with no eh!

The base has a brilliant suction cup so it can be used hands-free, where it can be suckered to shiny surfaces like tiles or laminate wood floors.

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Here is Nicks angle of the dangle its sturdy and secure and this is just suckered to my wooden cupboard, he is like glue when suckered on my tiled floor or wall. The angle is just perfect for me to enjoy hands-free.

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Weight 18.8oz/ 0.53kg,

Life-like dildos used to make me cringe a bit but I actually enjoy seeing the biological differences between them that make them so unique. I enjoy Adams longer length and Varone's amazing girth. Nick has a great combination of them both and feels completely different to the other two I have.

Nick has a great length, girth and the most cringy squeezable balls, it has an addictive thing going for it; as you just cant help but squeeze his balls...or is that just me then lol? My OH is finding the whole thought unbearable, he's not a lover of having them squeezed at anytime.

The big question however did I enjoy him...hell...yes, I really enjoy larger girthed toys with a bit more length and he ticks all my boxes. I found with my waterbased lube and his more rounded shinier head it inserts easily and I found the girth really fulfilling and just perfect for thrusting. He is sturdy but not too squidgy and is particularly good for suckering onto the wall and using him hands free, he wont flex or bend when you push back or lower yourself onto him, leaving you completely hands-free to play with other things at the same time.

1.75 girth is my most comfortable width, I dont need an olympic warm-up like I do on some of my other favourite Bad Dragon dildos..! So I can just grab it and play. The larger more solid base of his balls allow you to really grind down on, making him a great ride-able toy.

Nick is also great for anal if you can take his extra girth, the base gives a great base to hold onto and the head is slightly more rounded and tapered for ease of insertion.
TIP: Please be aware that being PVC you must sterilise thoroughly between using anal to vaginal, or to be completely safe, use a condom when planning to use him anally.

The 3 Ten-ers
Comparison images
I can't review Nick without comparing him against my other two guys. Its visually easier to choose a genuine cast dildo for yourself, when you see them together and against each other; you know if you prefer length to width etc! So I hope these comparison photos will help you choose which one will be right for you. Click the links to read my photo reviews with more detail.

(My version of Phil Varone was the vibrating version but I'm comparing them just by size and shape only.)

I know its a guys worst nightmare to have their man-hoods compared to other men so I apologise now guys so sorry but its my job. Ill try and be gentle with you...warm cough...!
So today I'm comparing the genuine casts Nick Hawk, Adam Champs and of course Phil Varone. and his king Albert pierced cock.

 Nick and Adam head to head!

Adam has a bit more enjoyable length but Nick wins me over on a more fulfilling girth and your only losing half an inch to Adam's slightly longer length. I also like Nick's healthy tan too, you can see how brilliant CalExotics hand painters are, isn't the detailing gorgeous.

Nick and Phil Varone

If you want a wider girth Phil will win over Nick...sorry Phil's head is the same girth as Nick's shaft and then widens out even more to 2.18 inches in diameter. But of course you lose a bit of length. 

Phil's balls are obviously much larger too if that's a turn on factor and the Prince Albert piercing for those like me who didn't want to drag their OH kicking and screaming down to the local tattooist and piercer lol.

Phil, Nick and Adam.
Clearly shows sizing differences...sorry guys.

Phil, Nick and Adam head and shaft detailing.
Guess who sunbathes in the nude?

So who do I prefer, well actually I prefer Nick's and Adam's as they are easier to insert especially Nick who has a more rounded head and he has my perfect girth that I enjoy.

Cleaning and Maintenance
This dildo is completely waterproof, so simply rinse him under hot soapy running water and then spray with sextoy cleaner, once dry store away in toy bag or his own box, but the box is massive and I personally love my toy bags. Don't store directly against silicone toys as they will degrade each other.
"Im bigger than you" shouts Phil........

What I love about CalExotics life-like toys you don't need special powders to maintain the beautifully soft skin. If sharing this you need to use a condom as PVC is more porous. This version of PVC is Phthalate free but you still cannot boil this dildo so meticulous cleaning properly is essential particularly around the balls and skin detailing.

Nick Hawk is the perfect length and girth compared to my other genuine casts, but all three have the most gorgeous skin texturing, wrinkles and colouration and I had to laugh as Nick clearly tans in the nude.
So its up to you, choose Nick who knows his women well, choose Adam the porn star or Choose Phil the rock start its your choice!
Nick is ideal for those of you that don't want enormous dildos or unusable widths, its a great dildo to start with if you haven't ever used a life-like before. It is also a substantial girth to give you that amazing fulfilling feeling for those of us that enjoy our larger guys, well I have one at home already and he even makes me tea and breakfast, these dildos cant!

 If you don't have your own stud on tap then Nick is super cool, super sexy to bring your fantasies to life. The moveable balls add that bit extra for those of you that love ball play, it genuinely feels so real it makes me cringe, let alone my OH lol.
He has a wonderful, excellent quality feel and substantial weight so will be a great addition to any toy box and cock collector. If you want to know more about the man behind the cast see his own website Here, Nick also has another 20 sextoy items endorsed by him too.

Better than real Phthalate free PVC,
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I would have preferred his cast to be made of silicone rather than PVC but its still Phthalate free.

 Buy your very own Nick Hawk Genuine cast dildo
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Next month's Sexpert review
Nick Hawks Gigolo Swivel whip

All my thanks goes to the lovely girls from CalExotics for sending me Nick for this review, it does not effect any of my ideas or opinions.

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