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Watching Me, Watching You edited by Gwennan Thomas

Edited by Gwennan Thomas

Love to watch? All eyes are on the action in this collection of twenty steamy stories about voyeurs, exhibitionists, risky business and wife and husband watchers.
Neighbours peep in through windows and over the garden fence hoping for a candid glimpse and maybe more, a waitress with a fetish for flashing is given a very public punishment, and a male stripper puts on a show that his number-one fan will never forget. Horny honeymooners outrage a resort with their blatant antics, while a private detective enjoys the perks of his job when he’s hired by a vampish client. Elsewhere, an alien visitor learns that Earthling orgies can be out of this world, an ethereal being seeks sexual energy to feed off, and a busy career woman gets the thrill-ride of her life on the Tube – with five gorgeous men!
Sneak a peek between the covers and see for yourself how hot a little sexy spying can be …

Ive never been a lover of short stories, but I have to say this one kept me hooked from story to story till I have just read the last page.

A fantastic collection of 20 erotic peeping toms and tomasina's, I never realised you could get such an amazing variety of voyeuristic tales. But I should have guessed with the cleverly compiled selection of popular Authors with Lucy Felthouse, Sommer Marsden, Scarlet Blue, Phillipa Blaise and Elizabeth Coldwell.
Well done Gwennan great choices!
I have so many stories I really loved within this book so Ill give you a taster of some of my favourite ones. From very public punishments for breaking an expensive bottle of wine in a restaurant. To a brilliant tale out of this world with super sexy, interstella, futuristic voyeurism. Are you dreaming or is it real.
Sommer Marsden's Laundry day makes a mundane task exciting as Clark and Jade regularly watch their neighbours on laundry day; copying every action mimicking the actions making their voyeurism very real.
Private performance by Lucy Felthouse is one of my favourites as Robyn who is a huge fan of this male dance troupe gets an opportunity to meet her favourite dancer after regularly watching and dreaming about him on stage.
Escape at erotica by Phillipa Blaise; another favourite of mine as its a super, sexy romp through visiting an erotica show with a stranger or is it...with a brilliant twist at end.
Come underground by Demelza Hart; Oh wow this is my favourite story and talk about save the best till last! A Five person romp as a busy career woman really does get the ride of her life on the train. Despite not being entirely believable in real life it was written so naturally I believed the story itself, so sexy and extremely hot, lots of sex and a great ending.

Watching me, watching you is a brilliant mix of tales that is a fab sexy hot read. From vanilla sex to bondage, lots of oral, anal and some group sex, mm, ff and many more super sexy scenarios to get lost in. I highly recommend this book for a quiet night time read or while on the beach on holiday. Or simply grabbing a few great stories during a coffee break, but just make sure you are on your own to really enjoy this book.
They are mostly believable stories of approximately 4-7 pages each so its a fun quick read when you get the time, but I can guarantee you wont want to stop reading as it will burn a hole in your bag or top drawer till the last page.

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Author Bio
Gwennan Thomas
Gwennan Thomas has twenty years’ experience as a writer and editor in the book and magazine publishing business. Mentored by Xcite author and editor-in-chief Elizabeth Coldwell, she started out as a regular contributor to Erotic Stories magazine, and co-founded the Guild of Erotic Writers. She previously worked on the original Black Lace and Nexus imprints and joined Xcite as an editor in summer 2012.

All my thanks goes to Xcite Books for sending me a copy of this book for this review free of charge.

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