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The NEW Jopen Key Vela massager

When I first saw the NEW Key Collection from Jopen I fell in love with the many designs and colours. Jopen products suit me well; Im a huge fan of their products!

I recently reviewed the NEW Jopen Key Ceres Lace from SextoysUK

I was then a very lucky girl to have the opportunity to review another two Key products directly from Jopen, I chose the Glass silicon dipped Jopen key Comet as its so unique and sensuous and The Vela as its a larger girthed vibrator massager, I love a bit of extra girth.

Seen altogether with the gorgeous turquoise blue Jopen Key Ceres lace.

After trying the Key Ceres Lace I was so impressed with the beautiful packaging, Jopen make a huge effort to give us visually stunning storage with our toys too. This time the Key collection comes in a colour coordinated slip box with feminine graphic images of the product inside.

The slip box finishes approx 3/4 the way down, where you simply pull the top and it slips off to reveal a book opening lid, revealing the Vela sitting in its own black foam bed.

The top of the foam bed has a black satin ribbon which you can lift to find a black satin storage bag and a leaflet of instructions.

The Vela massager

This gorgeous waterproof, pure silicone massager is in the shape of a baseball bat or truncheon with gorgeous tapered shell-like ripples running through it for slight texturing. The beautiful pink silicone is soft and smooth to the touch, which travels about 3/4 of the way down. The base and controller is made of the most luxurious looking ergonomic plastic glass effect and is made by a 2 colour injection process to achieve the Key Signature glass effect.
It looks layered as the top layer is transparent pink and the centre solid pink plastic, so along with the gorgeous soft silicone, it gives a high quality, luxury feel to the whole toy.

The key push button

The key collection have all been beautifully designed with just a simplified stainless alloy button in the shape of the key logo, no numerous buttons to juggle with...just the one.

It also comes with a black satin lint-free storage bag.

 The bag has the Key logo to give that designer feel.

Total length is 8.5 inches/21.5cm long,
Insertable length is 4.75 inches/12cm long,
Girth is 1.70 inches wide, it does state 1.75 on the product details.

The Vela's 7 intense oscillating patterns is powered by 4 AAA batteries which snap firmly into the battery tray.

Once you have unscrewed the bayonet fitting base you will see the neat battery compartment with a solid battery compartment, you simply pull to reveal a battery tray.

This was really stiff when I first pulled it out and could only manage to pull it out half way (seen above) as it has a small step inside. The inside has a metal step/press to keep it from rattling around inside and you then give it a tug to reveal 4 battery tray (below). This has now freed off slightly with use.

The battery tray extends quite away into the toy.

In the box the leaflet has a good diagram explaining the battery positioning, I didn't find this till after...doh!!

TIP; Something to be aware of is to make sure the little white silicone ring is in the correct place around the top of the battery compartment before screwing it back together, this is your waterproof seal. I have found it can ride up and just needs pushing back before twisting the bayonet fitting lid back on to make it waterproof.

The patterns are explained by a brilliant diagram on the side of the box and again in the user leaflet, its so self explanatory Ill let you look at this rather than explain each one as I usually do, I wish more companies would do these.

Pattern diagram simplified.

I'm really pleased with these oscillating vibrations, they feel uniquely different to alot of my toys and are rumbly and powerful....thank you Jopen! I have stronger toys, but I also have alot of weaker ones too, this sits high up on my list of most powerful battery toys. I say battery as alot of my most powerful toys are rechargeable but this Vela actually has real kick on some patterns, especially number 1, 5, 6 and 7 which is my favourite.

Super Sound Sleuth

As you know by now I take actual decibel readings on all my vibratory toys, so you can see an actual physical measurement of sound, no guessing what I mean or my personal preference its a hard reading of its actual sound levels.
I take all my decibel readings in my spare room of my 500 year old cottage as the walls are over a foot thick and its got a real silence to the room, perfect as a sound room or dungeon...! ;-)
I then take the decibel reading exactly 6 inches from every toy. I also take the reading of the room itself to have a baseline.

Ambient measurement  - 32.9 dB
Lowest setting 48.4 dB muffled as if inserted, 
Highest setting 53.6 dB muffled as if inserted.
Its not completely whisper quiet as it says ,but its still quite discreet and cannot be heard through a door or wall on some of the patterns.

 Here is a dB chart to help you get the idea of the measurements.

I love this Vela, its the best standard style vibrator/massager I have, the vibrations are sensuously rumbly with some extra kick...yesss! Most normal vibes are fairly slim in girth so I was excited to try the Vela because it has a perfect girth for me. I love toys from 1.70 - 2.0 inches wide and this feels amazing.
The soft silicone has a slight drag so you will need plenty of lube, I use my favourite water-based (Give Lubes Premium Aqua gel). The rounded head is the largest point of the toy so some of you may need some foreplay first, a beginners toy usually has a smaller head so you can gradually work down to the full width of a toy; here you start big. 
I dont normally do well with standard vibrators, Im a girl who enjoys clit stimulation too, which is why the rabbit is my first toy of choice. BUT the Vela gives the most gorgeous fulfilling feeling once inserted and then angled gently upwards I was able to thrust it near my G-spot for extra stimulation, not that I needed much, the power, rumbliness, kick and extra girth worked quickly for me giving a deeper penetration and great orgasms than alot of my standard style toys. I can feel the texturing slightly and the smooth ridges are perfect to stimulate the outer labia and clit for warming up before inserting. 
The vibrations are amazing and the plastic glass effect base is fairly ergonomic to hold securely; although it does slip a bit if you get lube on your hands. The wide stainless alloy button makes it easy to change patterns with your thumb or finger.

The Vela is a wonderful anal toy if you can take the extra size, Im not good with wider anal toys but I was certainly able to stimulate the outside of the anus for extra stimulation and of course those that enjoy wider anal toys will love inserting the Vela. It hasn't got a flared base but you shouldn't be inserting it further than the silicone shaft anyway, the base enables you to hold it comfortably, but do not insert all the way anally as its not anatomically curved for full insertion and you could do yourself a mischief.
Cleaning and Maintenance
This waterproof massager is so easy to clean, simply rinse under warm water in the bath or shower, then spray with a good sextoy cleaner paying attention to the slight ripples along the shaft. The Vela does attract dust but not as much as alot of my silicone toys; you will still need to wipe before and after use to make sure.
Once dry keep your new toy in its own black satin lint-free storage bag and then in its box if you wish, but the box does take up alot of room, the bag itself is excellent quality and fairly thick too.

The Jopen Key Vela is an elegant luxury vibrator and a really beautiful toy to own. The feminine cerise pink is stunning, the back tapering shape is so sexy and it makes you feel fullfilled quickly, the extra girth makes this a wonderful toy for more advanced toy collectors or those that know they want more width. Its a great investment toy for anyone, its excellent quality motor makes the vibes powerful and the mixture of oscilating vibrations makes there something for everyone. It feels quite different to alot toys I own already and a refreshing change.

If the girth is a bit on the large size for you dont worry; choose the slimmer Jopen Key Ceres original, G-spot or Lace (my review), or if you are a beginner choose from the amazing range of bullet style clit stimulator's called the Jopen Key Charms with all different textured sleeves to choose from.
The Key Collection has a toy for everyone and the Vela is a fantastic pressie and investment for anyone wanting an extra special toy.

Luxurious body safe silicone,
larger girth massager,
Beautifully ergonomic,
Powerful oscilating patterns,
Storage bag,
Fairly quiet.

You can buy your own Key Vela at Jopen
Available in 3 gorgeous colours

All my thanks to the girls at Jopen for sending me these gorgeous products for this review free of charge, this however does not effect my personal opinions.


The gorgeous silicone dipped glass dildo.

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