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The NEW beta Shark by Bad Dragon

The Beta Test of
The Shark Double Dildo
By Bad Dragon

The Shark is the first double dildo produced from the stables of Bad Dragon.
So I was ecstatic to find out I was going to have the opportunity to test the new beta version for you all. Im so excited as this shape and textures has blown me away, its nothing like I have ever tried before and I can see the work that has gone into this design.

Its not often you see a double dildo and I can guarantee you wont have seen one like this! Most double dildos have a shaft at either end or simply an over grown rabbit style toy; never a toy with 2 almost full size dildos and a brilliantly textured base for extra stimulation.

At the same time I was also lucky enough to have the opportunity to review Elden the Fairy Dragon (review coming soon), another of Bad Dragons amazing designs.

My parcel arrived within five days from the US and the packaging despite customs paperwork stuck to it, it didn't scream weird, crazy dildos. Inside my new toys were squished together, I have no idea how they manage to get these toys in smaller sized boxes but they do; my OH is cringing at the thought. Sharks and dragons must be contortionists. Both dildos were sealed in transparent bags for hygiene porpoise.

No this is not a giant disc, its photographed next to my mini dragons.

With my 2 amazing dildos Bad Dragon had also added another tester silicone disc, these are so useful to feel the firmness and the colours and fades, the number represents the firmness. 

 Here are the discs I have so far, showing a gorgeous range of colour and firmness.

 Plus to my surprise they had also added 2 mini dildos, I have loved these since I first saw them and Im jumping up and down to finally own some, I love companies who put in little extras. These mini's are literally only approx 2 inches high. I actually wish we could buy these, they would make fantastic keyrings.

I also received the beta Shark testing team badge another special touch.

Beta Testing Team badge

Oh my...where to start, how do you explain this!

If your squeamish look away now....
                                                       Too Late Gotcha!!!

Do sharks have 2 penis's? Well, the answer is no, but on first glance it does look like it and Bad Dragon have certainly designed this on the Sharks "Claspers", you can see the resemblance. They actually dont have a penis at all but use modified fins called the Claspers to insert into the female and the sperm travels down these to her.

  So back to the Beta Shark double dildos; I hope this hasn't put you off..its just interesting facts after all.

This 100% body safe silicone double dildo is hypo-allergenic, latex and phthalate free and odourless. It has the most incredible shape and texturing and you can see where Bad Dragon got the inspiration for this amazing new toy. 
The silicone is beautifully soft and smooth but extremely grippy and it has a slight sheen to it as you can see from my photos.

My Beta shark is a gorgeous turquoise colour but the hue changes depending on which camera I have used, the image above is almost perfect colouring to my Shark. I chose to review the firmest silicone as you do have the option with BD toys to have your toy customised to your own choice of firmness, from firm, medium and soft; I felt this shark may need extra firmness.
After seeing other reviews I seem to have chosen right as soft has just been way too bendy; but its understandable if your playing with double penetration for the first time as it cannot hurt you in anyway. I have to say the whole toy is surprisingly heavy and in a good way, you really feel you have something luxurious and special.

Total width Fin to Fin approx 10.5 inches,
Front to back 5.25 inches wide,
Dildos - 5.5 inches long,
Head is 0.9 inches wide,
Widest lowest point of dildo is 1.3 inches wide,
Dildos joined together
Head is 1.9 inches wide at top,
Doubled together to form one large dildo they are 2.6 inches.

To describe the shape my OH is convinced it looks like a devil hat or mask or even a science fiction termite grasshopper head, its whatever turns you on...hey why not a shark penis, but that would be weird!

 Both dildo's are extremely bendy and quite squidgy so you have no worry of hurting yourself.

 Both can be bent in any direction you wish.

The 2 dildos have ridges down the inner side to get some grip when pressed together forming one large penis, the idea is genius...when it works.
Both Dildo's have a fake sperm hole too for effect.

Sadly they dont stay together you need to hold them, which is a shame as the idea is brilliant but of course once you add your waterbased lube..which you need oceans of...they will simply slip and slide against each other. The outer penis's are fairly smooth but with some smooth bumping.

Both have a rounded head angling away a great G-spot shape. 

 The inner base is beautifully designed and extremely sensual as it looks almost human with vulva and clit like shape in between the dildo's. 

The inner folds are extremely intricate and very erotic to look at.
See the images below

The Dildo's have a slight bend to them as you can see from the top to angle against the G-spot.

 You can see from the detailing once the dildo's are inserted you have some wonderful textures from the folds for grinding stimulation.

The front of the shark.

The outer base is surrounded with 4 fins in 2 different sizes, this really adds some shape and width to the toy and I quite like them as they are so damn different to anything I have ever seen let alone used lol. These fins could be used as handles if you are not too slippy from using lube. Being nice and heavy its not going to slide around while in use and if you have a tiled or shiny floor it will suction beautifully, it gives you something to hold and the whole base is extremely cushiony (is that a word) to sit on.

Underneath the Shark is super smooth surface with a fun sticker saying "Grown in the USA".

If they go on sale you will be able to choose from many customisable colours, firmness, size choices or to have a suction cup, mine didn't have one and believe me it still stuck well to every shiny surface.

I am over the moon and the ocean with my shark, I adore the unique, innovative shape and to have the choice of  using 2 dildo's is brilliant. I was concerned as it seems to list slightly to one side, but after looking at the product images it seems normal with the weight and balance etc.
Its definitely easier to sit on it as its too heavy for my weedy hands and arms to hold and thrust like a standard dildo. I did try using it like a normal dildo but it was just too heavy and my arms ached within a few minutes, but its not designed to hold, you have plenty of choice on Bad Dragon if you want a holdable toy, this is made to ride and grind hard.
Being a really sturdy weighty toy its ideal for use on the floor but I prefer some extra height and found a large cushion or chair works perfectly as it gives you more control to insert the dildo's.

So did it work for me...I know your dying to know.
Well overall I have to say it was super sexy and different but the whole toy needs to be firmer particularly in the dildo's.

Single penetration

Single vaginal penetration
This was brilliant it inserted easily using lots of my waterbased lube (Give Lubes première Aqua Gel). It felt good allowing me to grind and ride the base of the toy...yummy. Plus the other dildo was stimulating my anus too. There wasn't any direct G-spot stimulation but I could feel it in some positions. The textures on the dildo's look prominent but I hardly felt them inside. The base texturing however is out of this world for external stimulation as a ride-able, grind-able toy against the clit...its amazing! Depending on which direction you ride this Shark will depend on the sensations. 

Single anal penetration
The Dildo's size is perfect for me for anal as I'm no anal size queen. Plus being so soft it squidges together slightly so you can take it slightly wider. But I have to admit I struggled a bit because of being slightly too bendy as its so fiddly having to feed it into your butt; inch by inch. Once inside however it feels great and again the base and other dildo stimulates the clit even if its not inserted, you have plenty to ride on.

Double Penetration
Vaginal and anal penetration (one in each hole)
Well this was fun...almost like an its a knockout challenge as I tried to insert them both together with plenty of lube, oh my this was really fiddly. Like another reviewer had mentioned, I also found it easier to use it sideways. You need to hold both dildos to keep them straight and lined up ready, then with both tips aimed it took some wiggling to get them in; as one would go in, the other would either bend away or pop out....sheesh!
I personally really needed the dildos to be alot firmer; if they remained upright it would have been easy to lower myself down without having to hold and squeeze them inside. I was knackered.
For me help from my OH was a must as he gets to hold them straight and I can concentrate on lowering and enjoying myself; its easy then and also so much more fun for the both of you. 
Both dildos completely filled me inside and then I was also able to rock and grind down on the bases textures; the wings add some sensation to both clit and butt cheeks....all round was heaven.....despite being completely knackered.

Double Vaginal
Oh...My....It was fun trying to keep the 2 dildos together, I had to use both hands and feed them in; it was something out of a carry on film to hold them both...lower...wiggle a bit...lower. Then if you didnt get both tips inside at the sametime or hold them tightly one would slip down and bend in the middle. Once I had managed to insert them both, it stretched my insides sooo well..oh wow it felt amazing.  
This gave me really powerful orgasms because of being able to get deep penetration as well as external stimulation on the clit and anus at the sametime...its just fantastic.
But the effort involved takes some getting used to and finding which ways work best for you, but that's the whole fun of the Shark, we all know how to use a dildo and this is so unique its relearning our normal ways.

Double Anal, there is no amount of squeezing a shark into a lobster pot..pun intended! I can only just manage one dildo, certainly not both of them...eeep. I may gradually work up to this but with it being so fiddly its too much like hard work, my anus is clenched so tightly its waterproof up to 15 the sheer!

I do feel this could be used together it would be fun trying.

Just stimulation
Plus the fact you can simply sit between the dildos and ride letting the front dildo stimulate the clit and the back dildo, the anus without even any penetration leaving you hands free to fish with other things. 
I also added my Large Lelo Smart wand to the base and gave the shark some vibes and it tipped me over the edge so need to try this when it comes out.

Cleaning and Maintenance
The shark being completely waterproof can be run under hot soapy water, but yes it needs special attention for cleaning, this isn't just a quickie rinse you really do need to pay attention to all the folds on the base and the ridges on the dildos. But believe me its worth it, cared for right it will last a lifetime. Store your Shark keeping it upright and away from other silicone toys incase of degrading. It takes up quite alot of room and does need a large box or bag as he doesnt play well with others. But this is a unique investment toy and deserves a special place.

I love my shark but just by having the dildos with more support inside would make this toy my number one. But as it stands it is the firmest silicone and I still found it a bit to bendy and I was knackered before I'd even started lol. I hope Bad Dragon can add some extra firmness and this toy will be number one on many sextoy collectors toyboxes.
Seriously though once inserted you really feel so completely fulfilled inside with the option to ride the Shark hard, the fact you can get deep penetration leads to faster more powerful orgasms...its just heaven. But its certainly not a grab-able quickie toy, you need to plan to use the Shark, allow some time to get used to it.
I once rode with dolphins but it was nothing like riding the shark!!!
The amount of ways you get to use this toy gives you many toys in one and more unique ways depending on your mood, you will have to break all your normal rules of playing with dildos to accommodate the new ways to play with the Shark.
Despite its bendyness, its definitely worth all the wiggling and fiddling for the absolute feeling of fullness...yes...yes...yes!
Ride the waves and enjoy!

Its so unique,
Customisable, colour, firmness and size,
2 dildos offers so many ways to play,
Gorgeous silky smooth silicone,
Heavy weight stable toy,
Excellent quality.

The dildos need to be firmer for more control for perfect use.

I dont know when Bad Dragon will be releasing the Shark or the final price; but I will let you know as soon as I know.
While we are all waiting take a peek at Bad Dragons other stunning toys and see what takes your fancy.

All my thanks goes to Bad Dragon for sending me this Beta Shark free of charge for this review.

Bad Dragon Review coming soon 

Elden the Fairy Dragon

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On here you will find toys with very slight flaws
e.g new colour fades that haven't quite worked or faults that have occurred during the production process, like air bubbles or cuts that dont effect the use of the toy in anyway.
All these toys are then offered at a slightly reduced rate as flops.
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