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Leather Vampire Gloves with spikes


I had my eye on these gorgeous soft leather gloves for awhile so I was tingling with trepidation when Sexshop365 offered to send me a pair to review!

So what's so special about these sexy black leather gloves...well they hold a touch of danger, the fingers of each glove hold a series of metal points to tease and tantalise your victim.
If you love pleasure and pain these gloves will give you a new dimension to that sensuous, erotic play.

Want to have the ultimate vampire experience, then add to your vamp fantasy by looking the part. No its not quite Eric Northman of Trueblood or Edward Cullen of Twilight but its as close as dammit!

"Sensuously Erotic with a Touch of danger!"

The gloves arrived in a simple clear poly bag with no fancy box or bag, they are what they are. The only con is that the spikes were piercing through the bag itself so anyone could have cut themselves on them, or indeed damaged the gloves themselves. But they hadnt been damaged and no-one was injured...well I'll find out when darkness envelopes us all...!

These stunning leather gloves have been crafted from real lambskin and are quite soft to touch. But they come with a bite and that is 120 1/8-inch tacks embedded within the fingers of each of the gloves. So you have 240 spikes in this pair of sexy leather gloves.

The 5 point metal tacks

The points are slightly rounded and not instantly sharp but with pressure will definitely puncture the skin if used with excessive force, like slapping hard or gripping and should be worn and used responsively, they really are weapons of pain.

Here you can clearly see these sadistic tacks have inwardly angled triangle points so no matter what direction you are touching the skin it can deliver some real scratches. This is extreme sensory play as these tacks are inflexible and will not bend unless you are pressing on metal or steel. They are extremely well made and the slight angles keep them secure within the glove and firmly into the leather. 
From the wearers point of view the tacks are well lined inside with more soft leather giving you slight padding too and you cannot even feel the metal backs within the glove.

 Each glove features a nice snap button closure for effect with your blindfolded sub, they will hear those chrome snaps click and will know what is coming...or not...!

Each glove has been finished well with no loose or frayed ends, inside the glove is a luxuriously soft suede for the comfort of the wearer; afterall the Dominant has to be comfortable dont they?

Each glove measures from 8.5 inches long from middle finger to cuff and approx 4 inches wide from base of the fingers to the edge; widening to 4.5 inches wide at the cuff. They come in 2 sizes medium and large to choose at the time of ordering, these are a medium.
My actual hand measurements are;
7.25 inches from forefinger to inner wrist and 3 inches wide at the base of my fingers. They do not fit my other half so if you are a guy get the large; women get the medium.

 I have enjoyed BDSM play for as long as I can remember and a huge fantasy for me is sharp metal play, not just smooth but really sharp and these gloves do it for me. The tacks have been well placed to still allow freedom of movement for the wearer and you can still bend your fingers without crushing or bending the spikes. The little snap closure makes sure the gloves will not slip off and makes a wonderful scary noise for those that know what is to follow.

The angle of each of the tacks causes them to press into the skin and cause discomfort with very little movement, simply just pressing the fingers onto your victims...subs... skin; will cause sharp prickling sensations, let alone when you move your hand to massage...yowzer..!!

These tacks really do deliver some serious scratches that lasted all day for me, as a receiver of the studs you cannot feel just one area it feels like hundreds of pins being rubbed over your body. If you keep massaging over one area of skin it really leaves the skin so sensitive to any kind of touch with alot of red marks.

This really is extreme sensory play but it all depends whose hands are in the gloves, enjoy gently tracing over the skin to awaken those nerve endings; which will have you jumping and wriggling around to rougher more dominant sex games, involving gripping or even spanking if you enjoy a sadistic bloody edge to your play.

I enjoyed pain but these really are painful with hardly any pressure at all...eeep. I was flinching just with the slightest touch of these gloves and they left my skin with lots of tiny indentations that lasted hours. Just a simple squeeze of the bum cheeks had me squirming and squealing in the best way of course.
Spanking will almost guarantee in breaking the skin and I cannot take that much pain. What is most sexy is being grabbed from behind with these...(carefully of course); this sends the pulse racing.

When I tried on these gloves they were slightly big on me as you can see; but I do have very small hands and I could still easily use them on someone without any difficulty. The fingers are tight and firm but the palm and wrist is slightly too big.
They are really comfortable for the wearer as its lined with more soft leather neatly glued over the tacks so you cannot feel them at all.
Gently run the backs of your hands over the skin so your can feel the soft warm leather first, then turn over so they can feel the spikes. For the best results stroke over the back, thighs, boobs and bum cheeks and they will be putty in your hands. Just alternating the sensations feels incredible especially if blindfolded as you wont know what's coming next!
For that extra sadistic twist gently grab your victim by the arms and slowly increase the pressure of your fingers, it will guarantee to stop them in their tracks. It doesn't take much to break the skin so extreme caution is a must here. Those of you that are like me; that like to wear your rough play like a medal for the next day will enjoy the red skin or small pinpricks.
This will bring out the evil in all you sadists out there, the power these gloves hold are unbelievable.

Warning; I really cannot emphasis enough that those new to BDSM play should try out your whips and spankers first. You have to be able to take and tolerate a medium to high level of pain even on simple stroking; as well as to completely trust your partner before playing with these sexy gloves as they really will deliver serious pain if not used responsibly. Excessive force will cause blood and surface cuts, it will bring the vampire out in you but it may need alot explaining down in A&E.

Cleaning and Maintenance
 Leather is porous so its virtually impossible to sterilise these gloves 100% but if you are into blood play you have to be meticulous with the spikes. Take some time to clean these with sextoy cleaner or alcohol and they will be safe to use.(I know there are 240 the best bet is to wipe with damp cloth straight after use, spray and the wipe dry).
I would not however share these gloves between lovers as you will get blood cross contamination, even the slightest pinprick could cause infections. So its best to keep a pair dedicated to one person just to be sure. 
Use a good leather cleaner or saddle soap for those with horses to keep the leather beautifully soft and supple.
I know it can be a real pain being responsible and can take time and effort but its all worth it in the end to know you are all safe.

These gloves give you the beautiful contradiction of soft smooth supple nappa leather to the hard sharp spikes of the press studs.
If you are seriously into BDSM and enjoy giving or/and receiving pain these gloves are a must for your toybox. These are NOT for the feint hearted or beginners to bondage play though as these gloves have some serious bite. Its ideal for extreme sensory play or those that want to add that extra spice to your spanking. Used sensibly they will tease and tantalise your victim to submission, used out of context and excessively will draw blood and severe pain, so its vital you trust your partner before playing with these gloves.
Aesthetically these gloves look amazing on and add that extra beat to your heart as your partner comes towards you wearing these...gulp.
Those of you that are smiling at the thought will love to add these gorgeous luxury gloves to your evil bondage toybox.

Buy your own pair of Leather Vampire Gloves with spikes from 

Luxury Leather,
Over 80+ spikes,
Button snap closure,

Really sharp,
Must be used sensibly,

All my thanks goes to the guys a Sexshop 365 for sending me these sexy vampire gloves for this review free of charge.

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  1. Another fantastic review there hun!

    You're very much a girl after my own heart ....I love a bit of pain but the idea of these is, if i'm honest, a wee bit scary, although I have to say that they look absolutely fantastic!!

    I'm not too sure i'd like my backside resembling a pin cushion but I guess you never know till you try.

    Thanks for the detailed review and pics hun .....they're always extremely helpful. :D

  2. I have to admit i was slightly scared when i saw those spikes!! lol dont think i could handle the pain!!

    Havent spoken to you in ages and spotted your comment on my blog! Yeah all is good, manic at home as i have son with a fractured leg and OH with a injured back...guess who's playing nurse!! Hows things with you.....?


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