Monday, 11 March 2013

Jilly's new Neighbours

By Tina Clark

Jilly Maclean wanted for nothing, except sex. Every day was much like every other, she jogged, she washed, she cooked...she was bored and frustrated. If it weren’t for her fantasies, largely concerning assorted delivery men, she wouldn’t even have had anyone to talk to. Then one day, new neighbours moved in. Being such a good looking couple, they were a big improvement on the old ones and Jilly began to spy on them over the garden hedge. That’s how she saw Pippa letting herself in the back door with a hidden key...a key Jilly could use when they went shopping...just to satisfy her curiosity. Everything in the house was new and pretty...and very disappointing, there were no secrets, not until Jilly noticed the door beneath the stairs. It led to a dungeon, not a grimy one, but one with red carpets and shiny mirrors on the wall and...restraints and contraptions...and Jilly just had to long as she didn’t get stuck...Oh dear! Nothing to do but wait ‘till her new neighbours get home.

A fun story about curiosity...does it kill the but you may get more than you bargained for,
Jilly a bored housewife with an awful curiosity of what's around her. Her sexlife is virtually non-existent so her eyes are wandering.

Jilly actually breaks into her neighbours house after seeing decorators and large boxes of equipment arrive next door. The right reaction would be just to chat to either neighbour and tactfully ask what they are Jilly...oh no....!
We get to see Jilly's curiosity take her much further than she ever dreamt that day, to a wonderful purpose built dungeon room.
A fun sexy story for which I found myself cringing willing her not to be so do know something will happen...and yeah predictably it does! Jilly's snooping leads to accidentally locking herself in a rather compromising position till her new neighbours Pippa and Neville arrive home.
A fun sexy read along the BDSM line, with lots of Spanking, anal and oral. But for me it was too predictable and not very believable and if you are after specific BDSM erotica then I can recommend other books, but it is a fun short story for a coffee break. 
Be too nosy and suffer the consequences... but maybe that's what you would like!

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