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The Divine Harmony


Anyone who knows me knows I love my wands and massager style toys and have recently been lucky enough to review some of the most popular wands around at this time.

My wand Collection so far.

I had seen this little Divine harmony many months ago and fell in love with how adorable the small size and elegant shape is; as well as the pretty filligrie designs printed on the side made this little toy really stand out.

So when it arrived for this months Sexpert review I couldn't wait to get the batteries in.

The Divine Harmony is one of  2 designs available from the Divine range, the other is
 The Divine Balance with its rabbit like probes.

The Divine Harmony arrived in 5 days from the US which is amazing with no custom charges to me as usual. It is extremely well packaged but did have some paperwork stuck to he outside of the box stating plastic products but nothing screaming sextoys.
Inside my Harmony arrived in CalExotics standard glossy cardboard box with feminine purple petals and a large photo of the product inside. I would definitely say its discreet if someone saw this toy being a mini massager it can used for aches and pains as well as intimate use.

A gorgeous touch is that you can open the front panel to reveal your harmony with its own clear window, the panel has a magnetic catch to hold it shut.

The Divine Harmony is an elegant feminine mini wand/massager, with a curved ergonomic handle for ease of use.
 At first glance the white handle looks like ceramic but it is infact a high gloss ABS plastic with beautiful filigree designs printed onto it.

The soft plushy black silicone rounded sleeve sits over a hard rounded ABS head which hypo-allergenic and is latex/Phthalate free and has many nodules for texture and sensation.
This head is removable for full cleaning but is quite fiddly to get back on.

The matching black silicone neck is rippled and allows it to bend almost to a 90 degrees, allowing you to angle the vibrations controlling it with the pressure of your hand.

On the outer end of the handle is a nice sized control button also in matching black silicone, embossed onto it is 3S meaning it has 3 speeds.
My only niggle is that the ABS white surround of the button is unfinished and closeup looks chipped, it just needed to be smoothed before boxing.

 The gorgeous ergonomic curved handle is almost a 90 degree bend for ease of use, the main handle then tapers down slightly to the tip which is the battery compartment. The end cap is ridged slightly to help you simply pull it off.

Total length is  6.75 inches,
Width of the head is 1.5 inches wide,

The harmony is run on 2 AAA batteries, simply pull off the end of the handle; which is easier said than done its extremely stiff and with no instructions directly for this product I wasnt sure if I had to twist it off or pull off.
I was quite nervous thinking I was about to break my little Harmony. But eventually my OH pulled off the endcap so I could add my batteries. Inside you have a slip of paper which you can either remove or leave in to show you which way to replace the batteries inside.
Then simple push the end cap back on, this was nice and easy it simply snapped back on..phew!

TIP: Make sure the batteries you use have a protruding shoulder like mine, or it will not make contact with the connector.

To be honest with a product under $35 I wasn't expecting much, so when I turned it on it actually surprised me; never judge a wand by its design lol. I was so pleased to find its got some kick to its 3 speeds. The vibrations feel more rumbly on number 1 the lowest speed and becomes slightly more buzzy vibration on 2 and high frequency pitch on 3.
Its not the strongest small toy I have and of course its not as powerful as my rechargeable toys but its one of the strongest battery powered toys I have.

Sound Sleuth 

As you know by now I take actual decibel readings on all my vibratory toys, so you can see an actual physical measurement of sound, no guessing what I mean or my personal preference its a hard reading of its actual sound levels.
I take all my decibel readings in my spare room of my 500 year old cottage as the walls are over a foot thick and its got a real silence to the room, perfect as a sound room or dungeon...! ;-)
I then take the decibel reading exactly 6 inches from every toy. I also take the reading of the room itself to have a baseline.

Ambient Noise level- silent room 32.9 dB,
Lowest vibration - 42.3 dB,
Highest vibration - 51.7 dB,
The vibrations on low may not be heard under a duvet and through a closed door, but vibrations 2 and 3 will be.

 A simple decibel chart to help you understand my readings.

I love my little wand its a great addition to my collection, the vibrations feel surprisingly different and not many toys have both rumbly and buzzy within the same toy. I would have preferred more powerful rumble but it still wasnt quite enough to get me there, but it still feels great on 1. Number 2 and 3 were also a bit too buzzy and high frequency for me and had a tendency to over stimulate my poor clit, that has been getting work hardened over the last few years just for you guys of course ;-)
But where it wins hands down is the nodules on the soft plushy head and my favorite was to roll and twist the head backwards and forwards over my clit this really feels amazing, those nodules are to die for.
Its got as nice drag to it so you will need some waterbased lube .

The head is super flexible bending dramatically from the neck to almost 90 degrees.
I did find the neck so flexible it could be possible to break it right off in the heat of the moment, but so far I've been rather rough with the poor thing and its still in one piece, again Im impressed with the quality its really well made.
Even though the head is 1.5 inches in diameter I would not suggest inserting the whole head as its not designed for this. Its made for external use only and is not insertable.
You could certainly stimulate the anus and nipples and the grippy draggy texture and nodules makes this feel like heaven. I adore my nipples massaged and this harmony is my Nipple favourite.

This is where this little wand really comes into its own, the soft head warms quickly to your skin and is perfect as a travel massager if you need something to help neck and back pain or stress relief during your day, simply pop it in your bag for on the move relief. The vibrations feel amazing when rolled over your body or better still use some lube or silicone safe body oil and this head slips easily over the skin giving the most relaxing massage and stress relief.

Cleaning and Maintenance
The Harmony cannot be immersed in water because of the battery compartment there is a slight gap around the cap and it would have cost alot more to make it fully waterproof, the fact this little wand is affordable to anyone Im more than happy for it to just be wipeable. Pay particular attention to the little nodules and the rippled flexible neck as these could harbour bacteria. Its also quite a dust magnet as are most silicone toys; so you need to wipe before and after use.
Simply wipe the head with a antibacterial wipe and then spray lightly with a sextoy cleaner. I use Lelo sextoy spray as there is no need to rinse, I love that. Then allow to dry and pop back in its lovely box to store away.

Everyone needs Harmony in their life if you are new to sextoys and prefer something more feminine and elegant or someone that is super sensitive to some vibrations. Its perfect as your very first wand. Im actually torn between this little toy, I adore the design, shape and style, but the vibrations are too buzzy and slightly underpowered for me personally. But the nodules have won me over giving me the most satisfying massage and stimulation on my clit; perfect if you love your textures. But frustratingly its doesn't get me all the way there, but certainly heats things up fast, I really want to love my harmony!
The excellent quality small size wand is perfect to pop in your bag or suitcase for travelling as the on/off button will not press easily. The vibrations however are quite noisy on 2 and 3 so you need somewhere private to play. The Harmony is amazing for quick stimulation and warmup foreplay or simply as a relaxing body massager for which I do love my Harmony.
This toy is so sophisticated and extremely affordable, how many soft silicone wands can you get for under $35, its still worth a place in anyone's toybox and perfect as a Valentines gift,

....HEY GUYS and Girls dont forget Valentines day coming up soon!!!

Elegant design,
Ergonomic handle,
Incredible for body massage its just right,
Simple push button control.

Unfinished button surround, but that could just be my one, these things do happen and it doesn't effect its quality of use.
Speeds 2 and 3 too buzzy for me personally,
The neck could be too flexible.

 You can buy your CalExotics harmony directly from Cal Exotics


All my thanks goes to the lovely girls at CalExotics for sending me this mini wand for this review.

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