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Key Collection Ceres Lace Silicone Vibrator

As soon as I saw this brand new Key Collection I fell in love with them, the collection is made of the most gorgeous excellent quality silicone.
Plus the fact I'm a huge fan of Jopen!

So I was excited to find out Sextoys UK had sent me this beautiful turquoise Key Ceres lace for this months round of testing.

I was also lucky enough to receive 2 other Key Collection products from Jopen themselves,

The Key collection Comet and the Vela.
So I can give you some great photo comparisons to help you find the right Key toy for your inner door!.

Yet again Jopen have come up trumps for their luxury packaging. It arrives in a cardboard box divided into 2, the box is colour coordinated depending on which one you have chosen. Mine is the beautiful new Turquoise, a welcome change from pinks and purples.

The box has an outer slip box which finishes 3/4 way down, a clever touch as you still have the name etc when the top slips off to reveal the inner box.

 The top part of the inner box has a small satin ribbon pull which fits through the outer box hole keeping them firmly together, its not really needed but a nice touch.

 The inner box then open like a book to reveal your gorgeous key toy, in my case the stunning Ceres lace.
The box although beautiful it isn't entirely discreet it has a lovely image of the toy on the front and clearly states Ceres Lace massager; the word massager may get you out of trouble if someone sees it though.

This beautiful new luxury collection is designed and produced by Jopen and this Ceres Lace along with a few of the other in this collection really caught my eye because of the extreme texturing along with the stunning bright blue colouration.

 Button controller

This standard shaped waterproof vibrator is made of soft and luxurious body safe silicone on its main body and shaft. The solid, inflexible shaft tapers out into a small baseball bat shape vibe with the end being much larger giving a width of 1.5 inches.
It has a full length of 7.5 inches long with an insertable length of  5.25inches.

The base has the most beautiful glass-like effect designer controller. The base has the Key logo embossed into the stainless alloy end which also doubles as the button controller for the 7 patterns.
I have to say this glass-effect end is absolutely beautiful and really adds a touch a luxury to this Key range.
 It also comes with a black soft satin lint free storage bag.

With the key Logo embroidered onto the label, a nice luxury touch.

 Also inside the box comes a Ceres user guide with an easy to read pattern diagram.

The Ceres Lace vibrator is powered by 2 AA batteries.

 The base unscrews with a bayonet fitting and the batteries fit end to end within the toy.

 Inside is a new nifty idea that Jopen have come up with to include a thin plastic tube to enclose the batteries inside to lessen the noise.

 This plastic tube makes a huge difference in noise too, without the tube its like a drill and is the noisiest toy I have ever heard, because it allows the batteries to jiggle around inside vibrating against the inside plastic of the Ceres.
With this plastic tube in it keeps the batteries secure and tight preventing this rattling.

The Vibrations of the Ceres are middling in-between rumbly and buzzy and Jopen have managed to combine both buzzy and rumbly patterns within 1 toy which is genius!

My favorite is the Pulse and Throb, the high is too buzzy to make me orgasm by itself, but the pulse and Throb have a lower frequency pattern which works perfectly for me. The vibrations are definitely stronger in the head but travel well down the shaft.

Super Sound Sleuth 

As you know by now I take actual decibel readings on all my vibratory toys, so you can see an actual physical measurement of sound, no guessing what I mean or my personal preference its a hard reading of its actual sound levels.
I take all my decibel readings in my spare room of my 500 year old cottage as the walls are over a foot thick and its got a real silence to the room, perfect as a sound room or dungeon...! ;-)
I then take the decibel reading exactly 6 inches from every toy. I also take the reading of the room itself to have a baseline.

Ambient measurement  - 32.9 dB
Lowest setting 45.3 dB muffled as if inserted,  63dB holding base-this is loud!
Highest setting 59.3 dB muffled as if inserted, 71dB holding base - extremely loud.

Well this was a surprise as the box and details all say whisper quiet; and it is but ONLY once inserted, if you are just holding this toy to try the settings you will most certainly be heard through a door, wall or even next street, but hold the shaft as if inserted it goes down dramatically as you can see by my measurements.
The user manual even quotes 30dB which is quieter than my silent room measurement meaning it couldn't possibly be 30dB.
Obviously not expecting a reviewer to measure it lol, but its possible my motor maybe slightly looser than some.....maybe???
I fell in love with the Ceres lace because Im a girl who loves her textures and the Ceres has the most extreme textures I've seen in any toy I have ever tried.
The heavy embossing pattern with its lines interconnected with small half circles is almost 2mm high all over the shaft and adding to that the silicone is extremely grippy you will need a ton of waterbased lube, my favourite (Give Lubes Premiere aqua gel).
Well I certainly wasn't disappointed I wanted heavy textures...and I got them...eeep! But actually there was too much texture...I girls are never happy, be careful what you wish for , you could have too much of a good thing. Dont get me wrong gently using the shaft to massage your clit and labia is out of this world and if your a girl like me who hates smooth toys and needs something to feel, you need to try it. But for me it was a bit too much, I feel if the texture was half the height it may have been just perfect.
It takes me alot longer to insert this toy because of the extra textures and the super grippy silicone, I needed a ton of lube and alot of extra play to use this comfortably. Once inserted however it feels gorgeous and needs little movement to feel the amazing textures. This for me was great as I rarely ever feel texturing inside.
Gently thrusting with this was a huge turn on and with the rumbly pattern of the Pulse it felt incredible. Using this toy takes me a while to get there, but as they say its a fun journey. For me its not a quickie toy. If I want that I'll grab my Lelo Large smart wand and I'm there in seconds...yes seconds not minutes lol.
But sometimes you just want to enjoy the journey and play with something different and the Ceres is that toy, I absolutely love the feel of the textures; but I cant get too carried away or I will do a mischief to my poor clit...yowzer! 

Im a bit on the fence with this one as the luxury quality is gorgeous and the Jopen motor is quite powerful and is one of the strongest battery powered toys I own. As a power queen I'd have loved just a bit more oomph, like the new Jopen Kissing swan (review coming soon), the rechargeable Jopen toys are alot more powerful with a lower frequency rumbly motor and these work far better for me. 
I really enjoyed playing with this extreme texturing and I will do a update when I've played some more and maybe got more used to it.

Size Comparisons between the Ceres, Vela and Comet
I was also lucky enough to receive 2 more of this beautiful Key collection directly from Jopen to review so I can show you some size comparisons and add the reviews on here once I have completed them.
 In order top to bottom
The Key Comet Silicon dipped glass G-spot dildo,
The Key Ceres lace,
The Key Vela a larger girthed vibrator all of stunning quality.

Jopen really have spoilt us with their glass effect designer bases on the vibrators and the stunning quality of the most unusual Comet glass dildo.
Reviews coming soon.

Cleaning and Maintenance
This waterproof Ceres is so easy to clean under running warm water with antibacterial cleaner, I use Lelo's own sextoy cleaner as I can leave it on and dont have to rinse off, leaving it to do its magic, ideal for more textured toys.
It does take a bit longer and you need to use a new toothbrush to make sure its clean but its only an extra minute or two which is nothing, the ridges are rounded and not harsh angles. But you need to be aware to clean it properly.
Once dried you can then store it way in its own luxury satin storage bag.

I had to test this a few more times than I do for my normal not because of that...but because I'm so undecided about the Ceres for me personally. Okay I love the 1.5 inch girth its so nice not to have a skinny one inch wonder. Its solid, inflexible toy which is a huge plus for me as I hate squidgy toys. But it takes me longer to insert and I need a ton of lube with the texturing and extra grippy silicone. Its not for the quickie sexplay, its for experimenting and enjoying the feel of something so very different. A few of the lower frequency more powerful patterns gets me there and I love the feel of this internally. 
I can highly recommend this gorgeous luxury Ceres Lace to those that want more extreme textures, this is NOT a beginners toy, try the smooth new Ceres original or Ceres G-spot first; or try a toy with far less texturing to see if that's what you would like, but the Ceres has no in-between, there isn't any part of the toy you can use if you find the texture too much. But you can pop on a condom if youbuy this and find it too much. Advanced and texture toy lovers however will enjoy the challenge of this beautiful toy. 
I also adore the original blue turquoise colour is a refreshing change from the pinks and purples. The Ceres lace will make a perfect gift for anyone who has tried most toys but is looking for something different and you will be getting a beautiful luxury quality toy with a lovely presentation box.
This could be the one key that unlocks the inner animal in you! 

Gorgeous colour,
7 patterns with a mix of rumbly and buzzy,
Storage bag,

Quite noisy,
Always would love more power.

You can buy your very own Key Collection Ceres lace Silicone Vibrator 
from Sextoys Uk

All my thanks goes to Sextoys Uk for sending me this toy to review free of charge,

For more information on the other styles in the Key Collection, please see Jopen's own promotional video below.

Glass toys at

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