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The Leaf Vitality

After having the opportunity to try the Leaf Fresh last year which I loved the power but found the toy slightly too small for me, I have always wanted to try its larger brother The Vitality with its amazing 2 powerbullet technology motors, offering my favourite style of sextoy...the rabbit!

The Life, Bloom, Vitality, Touch, fresh and Spirit.

When I first saw this collection of toys from Leaf I fell in love with not just the sensual shapes of each of the 6 new products, but what they stand for, the company Leaf was inspired by nature and produced by a creative team in Canada and Influenced by the perfection of the natural leaf's structure and they have incorporated that into this beautiful line of products.
 Each and every leaf is environmentally friendly and contains a rechargeable lithium-polymer battery to help you reduce your carbon footprint. Its durable, long lasting and waterproof exterior is made of 100% silicone that seamlessly conceals its PowerBullet core.

So I was really excited to be offered the Vitality from the lovely girls at Simply Pleasures.

Like the Fresh I absolutely love their packaging, its solid recyclable box with environmentally friendly simplistic graphics. It looks like a card board box with no glossy plastic, sellaphane, just the cardboard.

 The Opening!
As I opened the lid I found the Vitality instructions in a brown cardboard book which is Velcro closed, open this to find the Vitality user manual.

 Underneath this you find a high quality natural canvas drawstring tote bag which is also environmentally friendly, this is so very different and feel excellent quality.

Lift out the bag and you will find the Vitality sealed in its own transparent bag you have your recharging unit and worldwide plug selection.

I love a company that uses this brilliant all in one plug unit with 4 choices of plug adapters depending on where you are in the world...just brilliant!!

Box contents

The Leaf Vitality is one of 6 of an innovative range designed and manufactured by Leaf/Swan. They are influenced by nature and the natural perfection of nature leaf structure. So the Vitality has 2 naturally curved "leaves, ears, fronds" copied from natures sensuous shapes itself, both containing a powerful, separately controlled motor. These leaf shapes offer the rabbit style sextoy which I adore to give both internal and external stimulation and even G-spot stimulation.
The silicone is fairly firm but the leaves will bend if you want them too, be careful not to over bend the ear or it may break the connections inside.

I love the unique modern lime green colour its such a refreshing change from the usual pinks, purples and blacks seen everywhere at this time. The green stands for so much, recyclable, nature and extremely eco-friendly.
The lime green soft and smooth 100% silicone body is waterproof, latex and phthalate free and is untextured, apart from the leaf logo embossed onto the lower bulb and 2 sealed buttons to control your toy.
Measurements and Weight of 569grams

Both leaves on the Vitality are flexible from the base and can be bent to a comfortable 90 degrees, they can go further but I feel it could break the wire connections inside. But the silicone leaves themselves are firm and cannot be bent individually.
Both these motors are powered by Powerbullet technology which is powered by a rechargeable lithium battery to help reduce your carbon footprint. Powerbullet technology is something quite different to some motors available at this time, you know you are buying into quality...see below my brief explanation or skip to recharging underneath.

The Science bit

PowerBullet technology
I just want to mention briefly about the patented PowerBullet technology in the leaf range. Adult manufacturers are creating the most beautiful elaborate designs with extraordinary functions, but without the technology of PowerBullet, the vibe will barely tickle. BMS Factory provides the most powerful vibrations for adult novelties and is now manufacturing the products of many distributors around the world.Including We-Vibe.
PowerBullet is famous for its amazing power and it operates on the toughest lithium ion batteries. When you see this name you know you are getting a powerful well made motor.

I love that most sextoys nowadays are rechargeable, no more fumbling around in a drawer for that one elusive battery. I love that leaf supply a plug which enables you to snap on the plug of you choice depending on which country you live in or wish to travel to. Above you can see the UK 3 pin snapped onto the recharging cable.

You have plenty of cable to plug your Vitality into, it offers 60 inches of length.

The connector itself plugs into the side of the toy, which I find unusual as it could easily be inserted to this level and so could be a bacterial risk, it would be more practical at the base. The hole seamlessly closes when you unplug the connector making it waterproof.

Travel Lock feature
When your Vitality arrives it is travel locked a neat idea to prevent embarrassment of it vibrating in your bag or case, no red faces in customs. Simply hold down both buttons to unlock for 4 seconds and same again to lock.
Then leave your new rabbit to charge for 3 hours especially on 1st use, you know how important this is.....dont make me nag you all, dont be tempted to test it before or you will never get a full charge. Dont say I didn't warn you ;-)

When charging LED will glow red, when charged it will go out. 

These LED's are located under the silicone so will not effect using the toy. After 1st charge it will only take up to 2 hours for every charge depending on usage. You now have at approximately 1 hour 30 minutes playtime.

The Vitality has 2 buttons on the base of the toy which are well defined and makes a nice click on use. Each button controls a leaf to give you complete control on the intensity of  each leaf. After unlocking you have press and hold technology to choose the intensity of the vibration, sadly it doesn't have any patterns pulses escalations just a constant vibration which you can alter its intensity.

When turned on the buttons glow green under the silicone, so you can see which motor is on. You have complete control over each motor,giving you the option to have one motor on full and the other on a lower power if you wish. 

The Vitality is super quiet even on full speed and wont be heard outside a door or wall and certainly not in the bath or shower.

I was really excited to try this gorgeous shaped toy as I have wanted this for nearly a year after originally trying the Fresh last year.

They both have the same excellent quality silicone, but the Fresh is more for those that love their small clit toys.

The Vitality is great toy in your hand with the option to insert the longer fatter leaf a little way too for internal stimulation. The outer leaf sits flat against the clit along in between the labia, its brilliantly designed and by people who know the female anatomy.
I used a little waterbased lube, I didn't need much as the silicone is so silky smooth and not very grippy...phew! The fatter longer leaf inserts easily as it follows our internal shape, it feels so comfortable and almost to the point you cant feel it until you turn on those vibes, the second leaf sits perfectly against my clit and you get to hold the bottom bulb giving you a perfect ergonomic shape to control your toy.
As usual with my power toys I whacked them both up to full and wow I ended up turning the internal leaf down a bit. The rumbly vibrations are brilliant for such a small toy and is one of the most powerful smaller toys I own. I have more powerful toys but not as small as this, I also have more rumbly but the vibes have a wonderful lower frequency of 148 hrz which feels amazing inside.
I haven't missed that it doesn't have any patterns and pulses because I generally use the strongest vibration on all my toys and that always tends to be the highest constant vibe it has.

Im not a lover of smaller toys but I adore rabbits and I'm really impressed with this gorgeous mini bunny and is the smallest rabbit style toy I have. For me I found thrusting worked perfectly, the fatter part of the insertable leaf presses upwards against my G-spot well, but it wasn't until I started to thrust with this little toy it came into its the angle it presses upwards feels fabulous and the dual stimulation against the clit at the same time...YESSSS!
This works well as the leaves are beautifully curved as the larger leaf inserts vaginally and the smaller slips up easily anally with plenty of lube of course, delivering intense vibrations right where you want them.Of course you can use whichever leaf its your choice.

If you want to be completely filled its not the toy for you, but if you want an outside clit toy or mini bunny that travels well with amazing deep vibes then you need to try this.

Cleaning and Maintenance
The Vitality is easy to clean being waterproof and even easily if you simply rinse after use in the bath or shower and spray with a good sextoy cleaner and allow to dry, you will find that the silicone is such excellent quality it repels the water meaning it dries easily. The brand claims its seamless, but it does have a feint seam running along the side but it cannot while in use. But care must be taken to clean around the self sealing connection hole, this could harbour bacteria. Then store in its own canvas drawer string bag.

The drawer string bag is made of the softest canvas I have ever felt...except for the Fresh..It has the leaf logo printed in the corner. The actual bag is thick canvas which will keep your Vitality completely safe from dents and drops, I love this bag.

Can anyone else see the snow bunny?

I absolutely love this little toy and the whole Leaf range really are in a league of their own, the vibrations are very deep and powerful and I love that it’s rechargeable. I did wonder if I would crave more girth and length and in a small way I did, but as soon as I started to thrust just a bit the sensations were amazing against my G-spot.

The silky smooth silicone is gorgeous and you can feel the quality, firmness and the substantial weight of such a small toy. I love that you can work the motors completely independently of each other and that means anyone can use this toy, from beginners to advanced users alike because of the control and the vibrations are quite powerful for such a small toy. 
The fact the leaves are bendy gives it a versatility to suit most people. I definitely think any one of the Leaf product are innovative and there is one to suit everyone. 
They would make a great gift to someone who travels alot and would love something discreet small to take with them, or someone very new to sextoys, as its unthreatening and feminine and feels beautiful to touch. Plus the Vitality or any of the range do not look like the standard image of a vibrator, its unlikely people would know what this was should they see it lying around.The whole package makes this a gorgeous gift for anyone, its eco friendly, excellent quality and the charge lasts well.You are getting the best powerbullet technology in the motors which will last for a long time and you are reducing your own carbon footprint and getting pleasure at the sametime.

Environmentally friendly,
Fresh modern Lime green colour,
Mini rabbit style vibe,
Travel lock,
Canvas tote bag for storage,  

No pulses or patterns.

You can buy your Leaf Vitality from
FREE delivery

See the Whole Leaf range, which is your Leaf?

All my Thanks goes to Simply Pleasures for sending me this gorgeous Vitality free of charge in exchange for a fair and honest review.

Please see my full photo review on eaf  The Fresh

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