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Midnight Boudoir a year in Summary

2012 has been the most amazing year for Midnight Boudoir its taken off in more ways than I ever believed and Im so proud of her.
Ive met and spoken to many incredible people, reviewers, manufacturers, publishers and most of my readers. I wont do an oscar speech of thanks, but I do want to say a heart felt thanks to all of you that have supported me over the last year; its meant the world thank you...see I can do short...sometimes!

Midnight Boudoir has grown into a fulltime hobby and is still growing, she takes up all my time to the point Im actually having trouble keeping up with her. December was my busiest month ever for companies, manufacturers and stores sending me products to review and sometimes I wished I had more than 1 not on the same body of course that would be so!
Annoyingly we also lost internet during this month too, picking my busiest month ever, so apologies to all for getting a bit behind.
2012 has been an amazing year for innovation in the sextoy world and I have been lucky enough to have had the opportunity to try many of the newest and most techie toys on the market yet.

My TOP Sextoys of 2012
 2012 brought some amazing opportunities to try some of the most luxurious toys around at this time; but I finally found my ultimate nemesis toy, the one that I have been looking for my whole life. I can highly recommend to those that love rumbly, power and girth that perfect toy, the one toy that left all the others far behind , the ultimate power, most beautiful to look at and most luxurious....drumroll please...ta...da...!

 Ohhhh wow after 30 years of trying sextoys this wand blew my socks off, leaves my legs so weak I cant walk for nearly 30 minutes, and yes I have almost passed out. It has the most incredible deep rumbly vibes than I have ever tried in my life which travel through my whole pelvis. This has the gorgeous SenseTouch technology and the battery lasts a long time.
 I have been lucky enough to review some of the best wands this year and they all have their own place.
The next toy that comes a close second is The Lovehoney Deluxe Magic wand .
With both these wands I also discovered the amazing  Wand essential G-tip attachment, that fits both the Lelo smart wand and the Deluxe magic wand.

But for me these 2 come top everytime for me,
You think just the wands blow your mind, wait till you try the attachment wowzer!

I have to say YOU NEED THIS!

The next toy that I have grown to love is;
This toy is so versatile and has so many ways to use it as well as being rumbly and powerful, lay on it, over it, pop it between your OH so you can both enjoy the vibes.

This innovative glass dildo that can be filled with warm or cold water for sensory play is one of my absolute favourites, no more sleeping in the wet patch, no more dripping water jugs.

This has to be one of my favourite techie toys of 2012, plus its a rabbit!  But for me the versatility of this toy blew me away, you can use the set patterns or you simply plug it into your ipod, phone etc and allow the beats to bring you to orgasm, I loved this bunny too for its power, girth and firmness.
This absolutely deserves a mention with its excellent quality silicone of 3 different textures, this has to be the most discreet toy I own, who would ever think this was a toy. Plus I had the opportunity to interview the amazing Shiri Zinn making 2012 extra special.

Year of the Rabbit
Well I know it was the year of the Dragon but for me it was the year of the Rabbit, I was honoured to have the opportunity to try some of the most luxurious bunnies available. I absolutely adore having internal and external stimulation at the sametime and love love love my bunnies.
But as you can see they are all so different the clit arm is at different positions, length different sizes, powers, girths and patterns its finding your bunny match.
You know I love my rabbits and I have found I have several top bunnies I go to depending on my mood as some have better power, some better girth, more powerful clit arm, rotating head so its almost impossible to pick just 1 or 2.
Im an absolute Jopen and Swan fan as the vibrations are rumbly and low frequency and work for me so well; despite none of these having any patterns just press and hold power. 
So my top 3 bunnies are below.

The Jopen Vr 6.5 is my Number 1 bunny.
Coming a close 2nd is the The Swan Cygnet
3rd is the more girthy  Jopen Vr 12

2012 I found my true love of dildos, something I have loved for years; but discovered a deeper, darker more intense love for the more unusual and even freaky with my reviews for Bad Dragon, I have loved every review and product and even have 2 more coming up.

(The Beta Shark and Elden the Fairy dragon review coming up this month)

 The Alien
 Plus I fell in love with the Fleshlight Freaks range and received Alien to review,  Drac as a pressie and I was so excited to have won Frankenstein from a Halloween Competition run by SextoysUk. So now Im just after Zombie and Cyborg to complete my collection in 2013.

(reviews coming soon on Frankenstein and Drac)

I have also found in 2012 I love my toys more girthy and have been able to tolerate larger toys for the first time in my life. The biggest toy I own so far is the Xar the Karabos, and I cant even take him halfway lol. My eyes were bigger than my belly choosing it in a large..eeep!
 My biggest claim to fame so far that I can use...has been Clayton The Earth Dragon with a diameter of 2.30 inch but he is slightly squidgy and the The Alien which is firmer silicone and is 2 inch diameter...I'm so proud lol. Although im not quite a size queen yet, maybe a size princess, who knows maybe this year. 


2012 was the year of strap-on reviews with many companies sending me them to review and I was blown away with the outstanding quality of one of them, the Corset Strap-on Dildo harness (above) with its stunning soft leather and corset back, along with the unusual The Countess Dildo I reviewed with it.
My love of BDSM has increased tenfold and thoroughly enjoy testing the more hardcore products, but my favorites of the year have to be.
A real favourite of mine, the quality is excellent and it may have a small head but it gives a great smack. 
A close second was the 
These pins feel incredible when run over the skin.

Sextoy Essentials
I also discovered a lube that I wasn't allergic to, something I have needed vital for my hobby as a sextoy tester and finally I found it.
Give Lubes Premiere aqua Gel and The Silicone + version, these tubes are ideal sized to just pop in your bag everything is perfect for me and to finally find a lube Im comfortable with, it has been a miracle after so many years of reactions and irritations. 

Corsets and Lingerie
I also re-discovered my love of corsets and had the wonderful opportunity to review a few with other items of sexy lingerie.

Plus I had forgotten how much I adore dressing up , quite ironic it was a nurse.
Top 3 men's toys
2012 was year for my OH to enjoy some toys of his own too. which we both enjoyed reviewing. The Top 3 mens sextoys of 2012 are...drumroll... the Jopen Ego 3 and the Vixskin Collossos for the larger guy and The Lelo TOR II

VixSkin Colossos
Perfect for the larger guy!

Midnight Book reviews
2012 also brought books, books and more books and after meeting some great authors online and having the wonderful opportunity to read their books and review them; opened up my love for reading again. I had always been too busy to read through my life and this year allowed me to remind myself how much I love it.
Over 100 books arrived by post and email to review last year and are still arriving now.
All my thanks to KD Grace, Kay Jaybee, Lucy Felthouse, Janine Ashbless, Madam Becky Adams, Hazel from Xcite books and Kojo Black from Sweetmeats Press.

Many more book reviews coming soon.

Photography, Animations and Video editing
 2012 enabled me to indulge in my love of photography being a photographer by trade, its been fantastic to add my twist to this web site making it a photo review site. Sometimes I have enjoyed doing a review not because the toy gave me endless orgasms but I really enjoyed planning and taking the images.
 So my top 6 photos of 2012 are

 Guess the sextoy?
As you probably know I add alot of animations which are designed and created to Midnight Boudoir which I hope adds a smile to your face and some humour to the world of sextoys. One of my favorite animations of 2012 was of Clayton The earth dragon. He makes me laugh every time I look at him, maybe its my sick sense of humour...sorry guys..

My favourite video which I had the most fun doing was 
Cole The Dane, it was simple but fun.
Awards and Accolades
2012 also brought some surprise awards too which I am so proud of. Thanks to everyone involved.

But the award Im most proud of and completely humbled was Midnight Boudoir receiving 
The first seal of approval from

I was blown away and very humbled, here are so many amazing reviewers out there. I was so excited to receive this news as it means so much to me to be recognized by such a major retail brand and of what this Seal Of Approval will be saying to others, it’s a real honour.

Gadget Girls Reviews

Some of you know I also have my sister site Gadget Girls reviews of which I started last year as I started to receive some fab new gadgets to review...yes I admit Im a true geek. So if you love your sextoys and your gadgets follow me here too.
Here are some of my latest reviews on GGR

The Rock Safe Key Hide
Mini Remote Control Helicoptor- Gyro Zoomer
Remote Control Candle Set (3 Pack)

Gadget girls reviews coming soon are HERE

So what's for 2013
 I have some changes and some exciting new products coming up in January for both sites and some fab give-aways too.
Midnight Boudoir Comin Soon. products.
I will also be adding more videos and animations..well I love making people smile. Im hoping 2013 will be as good as last year as I have enjoyed every minute and look forward to meeting many more people. I hope you enjoy reading my reviews and seeing photos and animations and I would love to hear what your favourites of 2012 were.

Happy New Year 
from Midnight Boudoir and Gadget Girl

Thanks to everyone for their support over the last few years.


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