Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Rocks Off BodyStar

I have tried many Rocks Off products over the last few years and I love their innovative designs and fun products.
I also love a manufacturer that is based in the UK and it means alot to support that. Rocks Off are mainly known for their award winning Rock Chick and have since won awards for many other products too. This BodyStar heavenly body massager is one of the latest new toys to be released from the Rocks Off barn this year, along with a few others HERE

So I was over the moon...and stars (sorry had to be said) to find out the lovely guys and girls at Rocks Off offered to send me one of these brand new massager's to review.

The BodyStar comes in the Rocks Off plastic transparent box with pink and white graphics explaining its best points and with enough clear window to view the star both sides.

This adorable little palm held massager really is cute and its very similar in texture and material to the Rocks Off LUV one of my favourite of the Rocks Off products. I was really looking forward to trying a product mainly for relaxation with the bonus of having an orgasm too of course. This uniquely designed discreet star shaped massager is perfect for gliding over aching muscles and relieving stress with its 5 patterns.

The designers at Rocks Off have really thought this through, it could have been just a flat star and we would have still loved the star shape; but by designing the massager into a domed convex shape makes its completely ergonomic and fits perfectly into the palm of your hand for easy massaging. I think most us girls love star designs, I personally have lights and many items with suns and moons on, its often a popular shape that offer calmness and happiness.

10 x 9.6 x 3.3cm

This little 5 point star is designed in 2 halves, the top part of the Body Star is white ABS plastic with a single central pink silicone on/off button with 5 X embossed into it emphasising the 5 patterns, surrounded by a silver chrome ring, this gives it a lovely clean fresh finish.

The underside of the star is also made of ABS plastic but then its been coated in a gorgeous pink PU; which is silky smooth and beautiful to touch.

Each of the 5 arms have a selection of small, medium and large starfish-like nodules on each tip to give more friction and pressure onto the skin when massaging.  
It also has a small convex circle in the centre to transfer vibrations evenly to the skins surface.

The nodules all sit at varying heights so it can stimulate different levels of the skin surface and muscles. The larger nodule is smooth compared to the smaller nodules which are slightly more raised to give a deeper more pointy sensation across the skin.
These are really noticeable and feels fab.

The whole underside is firm and the pink PU warms quickly to the skin and slides beautifully with oils or lubes as it has very little drag.

This little BodyStar has 2 motors...yes I did say 2 motors inside and is powered by just 2 AAA batteries. Where you simply twist the arms separating the 2 parts in the direction clearly printed underneath.

You simply twist and it lifts away to reveal the battery compartment.

A neat little touch you will find on all Rocks Off products is the small pink ribbon which allows the batteries to fit firmly ontop of the ribbon preventing any battery jiggle or wiggle and you simply pull the ribbon to pop them out, no broken nails girls....trying to prise out stuck batteries...we've all annoyingly done that. They also supply a simple diagram within the compartment showing you which way to insert them. Thank you Rocks Off X!
You then simply use its simple bayonet style fitting to slot and twist it back together.

The 5X on the little silicone pink button clearly shows you have 5 settings to play with.
  1. Low constant vibrations,
  2. Medium constant,
  3. High constant,
  4. 4 Pulse a second,
  5. 4 Escalations up to full over 2 seconds,
This adorable massager has vibrations of a more buzzy nature but with a slight kick on its fastest number 3. I was really worried this was not going to work for me, as I had already fallen in love with  unique style massager. Its not the most powerful vibe I have but as clitoral toy its up there with some of my best clit toys.

Something I have found is that the placement of the 2 motors has given these 2 arms ONLY more power than the other 3.

You can clearly feel the difference on your hand let alone the clit, how much more powerful these 2 arms are. Offering you different levels of stimulation across the whole toy. To turn off just press and hold for 3 seconds and it will turn off wherever you are in the patterns. I do love press and hold technology as you no longer have to scroll through settings to turn off if disturbed.

Sound Sleuth

As you know by now I take actual sound readings so you can see a real physical change and measurement. 
I take all decibel readings in my spare room with foot thick walls in our 500 year old cottage making it a perfect sound room.
I then measure exactly 6 inches from every toy creating a baseline reading, then a reading is taken on the highest and lowest vibration to see the difference between them.


Ambiant noise...silent room, 33 dB,
Lowest reading 48.6 dB,
Highest reading 51.7 dB

Meaning this is quite a loud toy especially on its highest constant vibration my favourite. It can certainly be heard through a door or wall.

 A decibel chart of every day sounds so you can get a rough idea of my readings.

 Palm sized massagert

I really wanted to love this Body Star and I do..phew, its not the strongest toy I have, but it is one of the stronger toys I own, my strongest clit toy is the Vitality by Leaf.  But they do not offer the same sort of smooth sliding massage across the whole body, they are purely clit toys.
The BodyStar is versatile for you to use where ever you wish, the vibrations are concentrated at the tips of the arms, delivering the vibrations exactly where you want them. You have a de-stresser and pain reliever and you also have a clit toy, infact it fits across the whole labia comfortably despite the 5 pointy arms.
 Plus it fits really comfortably in the palm of my hand as your fingers close naturally around the convex shape and inbetween the arms. When using on someone else for longer periods of time its the perfect shape and enables you to control it easily. The only thing for me is that it does give me numb fingers after a time.
Before I found the stronger 2 arms it wasn't quite strong enough for me to orgasm, but the extra oomph transferring down those 2 tips ONLY gives me the extra stimulation to orgasm. Those more sensitive or who love buzzy vibes will probably enjoy all 5 arms. It feels incredible when smoothed over my back, shoulders, bum and upper thighs, plus nipples of course and then massaged over the clit, it delivers complete relaxation and perfect foreplay to orgasm.

Cleaning and Maintenance
This gorgeous massager sadly isn't waterproof, I do feel being a star it would have been cool to be completely waterproof. It is splashproof, meaning you can wipe it down with a damp cloth and then use your sextoy spray. Take particular attention to the 1mm gaps between the 2 sides as it could be quite a bacteria trap all the way round. But simply take it completely apart and using the damp cloth run round all the inner edges to make sure. Then its ready store in the box in came in or a small sextoy bag.
Its such a nice change not to have a toy that is dust magnet being so smooth. Always make sure you use a waterbased lubricant as even though its not silicone it may still degrade the coating. Using body oils I would suggest using Rocks Offs own gorgeous sensuous range HERE.

I loved my stylish little BodyStar, as I said its not the most powerful toy I own but its certainly not the weakest either. For those that love your clit toys and unique products this is for you, its ideal for those who adore massage with foreplay and/or just need something to relieve the stresses and strains of the day; its an adorable toy.
The smooth, firm pink PU feels gorgeous as oils and lubes slide easily over the skin; I would have preferred silicone, but thats my personal preference. Those that want super powerful vibes may still find they enjoy this as Im quite a power queen and prefer rumbly vibes, but I still found these vibes enjoyable for both massage and foreplay, despite being slightly noisy.
The unthreatening design means you could even buy this for your Mum for Mothers day, or leave it out in the bedroom or bathroom and no one will think twice, except the kids who may want to play with "Mummy's new Starfish".
Its an adorable versatile massager and is an ideal pressie for any girl.

Unique discreet design,
Firm smooth PU coating,
2 motors,
3 speeds and 2 patterns,
Slides easily over the skin when using oils and lubes,

It would have been nice to have it waterproof,
Slightly noisy on higher patterns,

You can get your own BodyStar heavenly Massager from Rocks Off's own store
Rock Chick.

I want to thank the lovely guys and girls at Rocks off for sending me this gorgeous BodyStar to review.

I have had the wonderful opportunity to review many of Rocks Off's Award winning products, please see all my reviews below, there really is something for everyone.

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

The Jollie Valentines Special

Chavez Designs is a small family run company based in Arizona that makes uniquely shaped Sextoys.
I first saw The Jollie a few years ago and fell in love with the anatomical designs being so unique to any other shaped dildo I have ever used. I have tried so many dildos in my 26 years of using sextoys but nothing as beautifully shaped and crafted as this Jollie by Chavez dezignz.
I have read nothing but incredible reviews for this toy so I was counting the days till my very own Jollie arrived.

My Jollie arrived within a week from Arizona and was discretely packaged, nothing screaming dildo from the USA on the box...phew.
Inside my Jollie was wrapped in gorgeous black tissue paper with no cardbord box with tacky nude women or designs, no plastic cheap clamshell, simple and to the point. Its eco-friendly and we as the customer are not paying for expensive packaging.
My Jollie was wrapped beautifully in a pretty red hearts plastic bag with a large black satin bow. The designs on the bag matched my new Valentine Jollie, this is perfect as a Valentines gift for your loved one with gorgeous presentation.

This Valentines Jollie is stunning, Im so excited to bring this to you, not only does it have the most unique shape but this Valentine edition is gorgeous with sparkly pieces inbedded inside, Im quite a magpie and love anything with bling. They are all handcrafted and one of a kind and every toy made by Chavez designs is unique to you, it will be of similar colour and exactly the same shape you choose, but the colourations and especially this Valentines edition will be slightly different.

Every toy made by Chavez Dezignz is made of 100% platinum silicone and each Jollie is anatomically designed to fit us girls perfectly and stimulate us directly in 3 places, see the diagram above.

You can see from the image above how perfectly this dildo fits.
A. Hits the cervix,
B. Gives pressure on the G-spot,
C. Hugs and cups over the clit,

My special Valentine Jollie has an opalescent white main colour in some lights and light pink in other lights, it is a sexy firm silicone and is hardly bendy like some. You can squidge it very slightly in your hands and it warms quickly to your skin. The surface is extremely smooth to touch and has a nice drag. It has slightly more squish than my fleshlight freaks and is firmer than the firmest of my favourite Bad Dragon dildos, please see these reviews.

 Inside my opalescent Jollie are lots of glittery valentine style pieces; hearts, kisses also perfect for a gift for your lover, but absolutely perfect for Valentines day. 
"Say you love them with a Jollie"

Turn the Jollie on its side you can see how it has been beautifully made in halves where the pieces are set into.

 There is very slight seaming on joining the halves together, but nothing you can feel.

 The smooth rounded end, its wider than it is high.

 and is designed to press gently into the cervix, the larger raised bump hugs tightly into the G-spot.

The Jollie has a handle that doubles as a clitoral arm almost like a rabbit style dildo as you are getting dual stimulation internally and externally. The handle is long enough to sit inside my labia and hug my clit. The inside arm has 8 pronounced firm ridges, so every slight movement will stimulate the clit. Your own vaginal muscles naturally holds the Jollie inside firmly clamping the handle against you.

The ergonomic handle has a hole to slip your finger or thumb and the back sweeping angle enables you to comfortably hold and control the Jollie perfectly.
The custom internal designs really makes this toy gorgeous.

I loved my little pink glitter love heart set inside the handle.

Full length is 7.5 inches long,
Insertable length is 4.5 inches long,
Girth of widest G-spot bump 1.90 inches wide,
Girth of head is 1.70 inches wide,

Im bubbling with excitement of having the opportunity to try this dildo, Im not a size queen but in the last year I have learnt to enjoy larger dildos and this Jollie gives the most incredibly full feeling. For those that love to feel full this is the dildo for you.

The Jollie is designed to insert after a little foreplay or after a smaller insertable toy with plenty of your favourite waterbased lube. Because it has a firmer silicone it really does insert easily, dont be nervous of its larger girth as it slides in smoothly with the delicious slow popping feeling as your vagina pulls it easily in; this is one hell of a sensation girls if you haven't ever felt this before with a dildo.
If you have felt this before, the Jollie's shape emphasises it when your kegals will just suck it right in where you can feel it settle smoothly into place. I love to feel the toy inside as it works against my own movements for more stimulation.
This is NOT a thrusting toy as it fits like a glove..yes I mean a glove it really does fit snugly. To get the full benefit from this brilliant toy you need to relax and just take in this whole feeling of fullness and gently move your hips, clench and unclench or simply wiggle or jiggle a bit or better still grind yourself onto it and you will stimulate all 3 sweet spots at the sametime.
The ridges on the clit arm ....rub deliciously against the clit...this feels amazing. I also find a rocking motion intensifies all the stimulations, I can even walk around a bit.

But for me the ultimate orgasm was to add powerful vibes to the base and handle of the Jollie and holy...hell...Im there in seconds, jeeze girls you so NEED to feel this and try adding your most powerful vibe, (for me the Lelo large smart wand which is even stronger than the Hitachi and is the strongest toy I own).
 I couldn't even walk for over 30 minutes and I was astounded by the intensity of the orgasms I get with this toy, plus Im squirting almost everytime. I'm not kidding you, every slight movement you make with the Jollie inserted stimulates all 3 parts at the same time and for me the clitoral arm hugs my clit firmly and I didn't need to move much to get sensation..WOW!
I truly have found one of the best dildos I have ever used.

TIP: If you want vibrations on your clit then there is several ways, either find a small bullet (powerful) vibe and slip in through the finger hole eg; the RO 80mm or bend back the clit arm and allow that to hold a small vibe in place. The best way is to add the vibes directly to the base and clit arm to intensify all the sensations; for best vibes use a wand.

TIP; If you prefer to leave a toy inserted and play with your clit then the Jollet version (above) will be the toy for you with the same bulbous shape but without the clitoral arm as it will be in the way.

Care and maintenance
Being 100% waterproof your Jollie is easily rinsed under warm running water with a antibacterial wash and then a sextoy spray, paying attention to the arm ridges. then allow to dry and keep in a makeup bag or drawer away from other silicone toys. I'm using the gorgeous heart bag it came in.
The Jollie is fairly grippy and is a dust magnet so you need to rinse it before and after use. The warm water warms it up quickly for added sensory sensation, this feels amazing.

Have you found your perfect dildo I hadn't either, I had found dildos...I liked...and...loved but nothing that fitted so well until now. Its firm silicone is just smooth and Ohhh sooo fulfilling inside. If you just enjoy thrusting this maybe not be for you as it works its wonders just by leaving it inserted for hands free fun for you to jiggle and rock to orgasm. Its also perfect for strengthening your kegals girls.
The Jollie is so beautifully designed in so many ways, this design is so innovative and visually the colours and styles of the dildos are stunning, you can choose from almost any colour, plus custom ideas too where you can discuss with Chavez Dezignz what you would like in your dildo, hearts, flowers, stars, skulls what's your perfect toy?
But for me this Valentines Jollie is gorgeous its stunning to look at and to know you have a one off is extra special. Im in love with my Jollie, its fulfilling in all the right bits, G-spot, cervix and clamps snugly against the clit too and on every movement stimulates all 3...Ohhh my you have to try a Jollie girls. Yes Im raving about it as Im so excited as every Girl NEEDS one of these in their toy box.

Its THE perfect Valentines pressie for any girl!
"Say you love them with a Jollie"!

100% silicone,
Anatomical designs,
Fulfilling feeling,
Custom designs on offer,

None at all.

You can buy your own unique special Valentines Jollie directly from
 Chavez dezignz
or Etsy site HERE
$229 or £128.85
If you would prefer one of the gorgeous standard colours, the Jollie has 6 beautiful colours in which this pearly pink is stunning at only
$99.99 or approx £64.74
Also available in Black, Blue, Green. red, Pink and Purple, but all colours will vary slightly.

Some custom designs from Chavez Dezignz.

Dont forget you can have your own customised Jollie or Jollet if you would like anything special inside your toy, glitter, soft balls, cupcakes, stars, skulls, moons, etc; just contact Chavez Dezignz and discuss it with them.

All my thanks goes to the lovely Sha Sha for sending me this Jollie free of charge for this review.

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