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Shiri Zinn interview and Cupcake review

The Cupcake Massager by Shiri Zinn

I have been a huge fan of the luxury innovative toys designed and manufactured by the amazing Shiri Zinn, so when she offered me the opportunity to review one of her new designs I was ecstatic.

After the Cupcake was launched at the AVN show in LasVegas this year its been an exciting wait till it has arrived on the shelves. The cupcake isn't the first design you would consider when buying a sex toy but the idea is amazing, its discreet, fun and so beautifully feminine. I was intrigued by its design and had so many questions about it and fascinated how sex toy designers come up with these incredible ideas; so I asked Shiri if she would like to do a mini interview and I am really honoured to say she agreed to answer them for me to launch her newest creation and first ever silicone massager, followed by my review.

So I welcome Shiri Zinn to Midnight Boudoir, 
Thank you so much for joining me.

1. What inspired you to produce such a gorgeous feminine vibrator? 

I was researching into the kitchen to try and make a subversive statement and so it was not my original intention to make something this "cute and sweet". I was looking into the subject of "domestic goddess" with the aim of turning it on its head! I looked deeply into the field of baking, but found nothing really seductive in it; Kitchen utensils, even looking as far back as Victorian times, were quite masculine and threatening looking I felt. The more books on the subject I picked up, the more cupcakes I saw! I went to many museums up and down the country and kept looking deeper into this field. Everywhere I looked I saw CUPCAKES! Eventually I just thought "Sod it. I'm going to make a cupcake!" Just like that.

2. I love that you have used silicone as the icing, what made you choose silicone as a material rather than the usual glass, ABS, metal and quartz crystal that you have used on your other stunning products?

I thought the subject matter of a cupcake fitted perfectly well with the silk touch of silicone after having had a chef ice many a cupcake for me in the research period of creating this product. After touching different icing textures of firmer icing varieties I saw a definite synergy between the velvet touch of icing and the skin soft texture of the silicon I used.

3. Is the whole cupcake made of silicone or is it just the gorgeous pink icing? Now you have designed a product in silicone will you be using it again?

The entire cup and icing is made from silicon, but the inner parts are made from more sturdy material to keep the battery and motor in place. Yes, I may continue to use it!

4. I know your philosophy as a designer is to challenge what is acceptable and unacceptable for the public view. Is this gorgeous cupcake another great idea to try and change the public's preconceived ideas of the standard style sex toy and encourage more people to see sex toys as fun objects that can easily be left on show; not hidden away in locked drawers or cupboards?

YES, 100%. I definitely created this piece to break down barriers and offer new unexplored territory and YES to the fun incentive too. However, 13 years ago I introduced the notion of designer sex toys as ornaments of pleasure to be displayed on mantle pieces to the world as the first ever sex toy designer to do so, along with Tom Dixon.
So the reason I created Cupcake was NOT to sanitize sex or simply create yet another toy which could be seen in this way, but to provoke current notions of what we do with sex toys. Putting a sex toy on your mantle piece is subversive and naughty yes, but I do not believe in the notion of sanitizing sex as I support freedom of expression. I do not like the idea of "clinical, sanitized sex toys" and simply designing something that "does not need to be hidden away." That's been done. 

Designing a sex toy in order to sanitize it simply takes ALL the fun out of it for me! I tried to be subversive and the cupcake, as you know, is everybody's "little darling" in Western society, and has been so for over a decade! That's where the FUN comes in regarding redesigning it. It's a conversation piece and a gift that will ALWAYS get a great reception!
The actual concept is by no means subtle. I try to make people as inquisitive as possible about what it must be like to use such an object! That's half the seduction and it still manages to retain its "shock value" because of what it's going to be used for! So it's naughty because its most definitely about the unsanitary seduction of something very "innocent and cute".

5. I adore your pink silicone icing and that perfect cherry (it looks delicious) and the paper effect base, everything about it is a beautiful perfect cupcake replica. But how many design changes did you have to go through before coming up with the finished article?

Too many, I'm just glad it turned out well! 

6. As soon as I saw this cupcake it made me smile (in a "Wow what an amazing idea" kind of way) did you want to offer a fun edge to your designs, alongside the luxurious beauty and glamour of the Minx and the stunning glass designs?

Absolutely. I do not think sex is a serious matter. Anyone who takes it too seriously lands up in trouble. Sex should be fun, even if you have it seldom. If you don't have fun when you're having sex STOP and change the scenario! It's supposed to uplift you like a CUPCAKE! If you look objectively at the Minx when placed on its display stand it's ridiculous and extremely funny! It makes many people laugh and that's the point. It may be extremely pleasurable, but so is the Hitachi wand and though that's an excellent product it looks very serious and surgical! The point is to laugh as that brings you more pleasure and more seduction, which all come with more relaxation...

7. The cupcake gives everyone young and old a feeling of comfort, warmth and Mum's baking; it is ultra feminine with a touch of fun and even a little glamour as we associate it with 50's pin-up; its retro modern. The red with white polka dots visually make this more 50's, were there any images or ideas that helped you decide on this perfect colour scheme.

My 10 years of study in fields of art, fashion and jewellery made that part easy and fun. I really didn't need much inspiration regarding the design work, it just made sense based on visual aspects related to nostalgic styling.

8. You have also designed a most unique storage solution of any toy I have ever seen, this cake tin really is such a fantastic idea and could be left absolutely anywhere in the house without a second look, apart from a really pretty feminine tin, what gave you this idea. 

Again, it just came quite naturally as a logical extension of the cupcake concept!

All my thanks to Shiri for doing this interview for me, its an honour to have you here today.

Cupcake review
I love the passion Shiri Zinn puts into her designs and I am overjoyed to have the amazing opportunity to review her newest creation and her first silicone massager sent to me directly by Shiri Zinn herself hot out of the oven!

It just so happens that I published my Shiri Zinn Minx review on this day exactly one year ago...spooky!!!

What makes Shiri Zinn products so very special is the time and effort she goes into designing not just the toy but the whole package. The Minx has the stunning padded silken lined box and the new Cupcake arrives packaged safely in its own retro red and white polka dot baking tin, saying "Cupcake" on the front and Shiri Zinn on the lid; a brilliant storage solution as its so discreet, no one would have any idea you are keeping a sex toy in here, and if they were nosey enough to open the lid they will see a cherry topped cupcake and still would never consider this a pleasure product.

I knew what this toy looked like. I had looked at many images but its not till you take your cake out of its tin you actually see the true beauty of this toy.You have a perfect replica of a cupcake, something that has exploded onto our shelves and kitchens this year. Its seems everywhere we look we are seeing cupcake designs, moulds, trays and many books to make the most delicious cupcakes in the most stunning why not make one into a sex toy!
The first thing you notice is its mini retro baking storage tin, once opened you have a life size replica of the most delicious cupcake you could make. On lifting it out the tin I noticed it had a wonderful substantial weight and quality feel. The pastel pink icing was my first surprise, it is so soft and luxurious and absolutely silky smooth being 100% silicone, which is Phthalate and latex free of course!
Its actual size fits in the palm of your hand just like a real cupcake.
The body of the cupcake (paper effect surround) is recessed in slightly, letting the pink icing overflow as it would on a just baked cake, the red corrugated paper cup effect has white polka dots and is made of thicker silicone with exact rippling of the paper cups we all cook our cupcakes in, unbelievable how realistic this looks! 
It's finished off with the most delicious looking silicone shiny red cherry on the top to compliment the whole cupcake, which sits on the top, sunken slightly, just like a real cherry would mould itself into the creamy icing...I'm getting hungry writing this.

Width of icing silicone is 7.8cm,
Height of cupcake is 6.4cm high,
Smallest part of base is 5.3cm wide,
Cherry diameter 1.9cm,

3 Different textures of luxury silicone
This cupcake at first glance is made entirely of silicone but on closer inspection it consists of 3 different silicone textures.
The firm cherry is the perfect size for clitoral and very slight vaginal insertion. It also has a firmer and more grippier silicone texture than the icing and the cup base, perfect for pinpoint stimulation of the clit, anus and vaginal opening.
The pink icing silicone overlaps the edges of the cupcake like it has melted over the bun and is so silky smooth and has plenty of slip needing very little lube, meaning you can massage easily using the whole flat top part of the cupcake, allowing the firmer cherry to knead the skin.
The paper effect silicone base is recessed like a real cupcake bun as the icing overflows. This part is slightly more grippier than the silicone icing, making it easy to hold while massaging or using pinpoint stimulations over the body.
The combination of the three different types of silicone is genius.

Turn it upsidown and you will find the on off button right in the centre of the base, easily accessible and discreetly hidden of course offering 5 modes.

Inside the tin you have a pretty 1950's pinup instruction leaflet finishing off this wonderful retro feel explaining everything you need to know to use and maintain your Cupcake toy.

Every cupcake arrives with 2 FREE AAA super alkaline batteries already in it; not many manufacturers do this! So its ready to go the minute you lift the lid of the tin, no fumbling for batteries in your drawer, no rushing to the shop for batteries you don't have, its ready to rumble!
The Cupcake has 2 speeds and 3 patterns.

1. Low,
2. fast,
3. Full power decelerates to slow and repeat.
4. 4 Pulse every second,
5. 1 long pulse 2 short,

All 5 settings are extremely discreet and cannot be heard outside a door or from under the duvet.

Usually with sextoys that are so novel and unique like this don't have much power, its the fun aspect. But I'm really surprised to find out that the vibrations and patterns have a low frequency feel with rumbly vibes. I loved the substantial feel to this toy, it feels extremely luxurious in your hand and the pink silicone "Icing" really is so gorgeous I wish I could let you feel it right now, its soft smooth and warms quickly in your hand.
I think some of you maybe thinking well how on earth can I use this, I cant insert it how can I orgasm with a cupcake. Easy....the way Shiri Zinn has designed it she really has thought of everything: You have 3 different textures of silicone in 1 toy allowing this product to become a perfect pinpoint stimulation and massage toy. The firm red cherry with that bit more grip than the icing really allows perfect pinpoint stimulation and massage around the clit and vaginal entrance...and feels incredible.
The cherry actually inserts very slightly too into the vagina if you wish, allowing you to press the cupcake firmly against yourself. The wide surface area of the pink silicone covers the whole labia transferring those rumbly low frequency vibes across the whole area. You can even stimulate the anus with that beautiful cherry.
So to those that have lost your cherry...and that probably means all of you LOL...well you can find it again and use it to orgasm!
The cupcake is not as powerful as the super power of Shiri Zinn's award wining Minx (my review is here) that will offer you an orgasm in 2 minute or less! Cupcake is one of those exciting toys that you can take time and enjoy, like a long languid bath and massage required for foreplay. I personally found it felt best massaging my clit and despite being a power queen the frequency of this toy made me orgasm intensely.
Shiri Zinn does know how to get the motors just right for us.

Cleaning and Maintenance
The cupcake isn't waterproof or splashproof due to the top that unscrews to replace the batteries. So you simply wipe it with a damp antibacterial wipe (or toy wipe) and spray with a good sextoy cleaner, keeping away from the underneath of the pink silicone; but taking particular attention around the sunken cherry as this could capture bacteria if missed, but its quickly cleaned and then you store back into its own retro baking tin ready for use again!

This maybe a fun toy but  it certainly isn't a novelty. One again Shiri Zinn has designed and created an artistic product that will appeal to most women and especially beginners. You are getting a designer toy from one of the best sex toy designers worldwide; its another innovative luxury idea from Shiri Zinn to bring sextoys to the forefront. It will take pride of place on the kitchen shelf making the most gorgeous kitchen display item as your secret toy, ready to grab for that afternoon delight after the housework, or for that sneaky midnight feast.
Its also the perfect introduction toy for a beginner into the world of sextoys because its so beautifully feminine and elegant. I cannot stress enough how elegant this cupcake is, it really looks good enough to eat.
I absolutely LOVE my cupcake and I know you will too once you get this massager into the palm of your hand. The substantial weight, silky smooth silicone and sheer retro sensual, feminine beauty makes this such a special gift that any girl will love....

Unique designer product,
Excellent quality silky soft silicone,
Comes with FREE batteries,
Discreet on/off button,
1950's instruction leaflet,
Retro storage tin,


You can buy your very own Cupcake
+ £4 shipping

All my thanks goes to Shiri Zinn herself for sending me the Cupcake for this review.

Please see my full review of the Shiri Zinn Minx 

Recently exhibited at LONDON FASHION WEEK, Shiri Zinn's collection includes high end sexy gifts for honeymoons, Valentine's Day and romantic occasions. Her on-line store includes a bespoke selection of designer sex toys, high end vibrators, erotic leather-wear, lingerie and ceramic sex toys of erotic luxury.  
Please read more about Shiri Zinn and see more of her stunning products on her site below.

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