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Seven Til Midnight Rita Ribbon Back Camisole

Seven Til Midnight Rita Ribbon Back Camisole
Heavenly Toys

Heavenly Toys kindly sent me this gorgeous camisole to review, this really is stunning especially from the back with the bright red ribbon corseting detail down your back...its soo sexy.

The packing is simple from Seven til Midnight it arrives in a transparent bag with the camisole neatly folded up inside, revealing the Seven til Midnight label with an image of the camisole on a model.

The camisole is made up of the most beautiful silky soft black rose detailed lace which is extremely stretchy.
It is made of 90% nylon and 10% spandex.

The seams are machine stitched and extremely well sewn with no loose or frayed ends.

The lace is stunning with rose patterning which is beautifully detailed and feminine.

 Im so in love with the black rose lace design its gorgeous and so sexy, it shows enough skin to be sensual and hides enough not to feel naked; its perfect.

On the back of the camisole you have an extremely long length of bright red satin ribbon laced up in the style of a corset.

The eyelets that the ribbon pulls through are made of metal and smooth allowing the ribbon to be pulled to tighten around the body.

This gives a super sexy effect from the back.

The 4 suspenders have a longer length to most camisoles I have ever tried and like as I have the choice on the height I wear my stockings meaning it gives me more fashion choices of stocking. They are all removable depending on the look you are after.

The suspender clips are made of plastic but are still strong.

The Thong is made of the same black rose designed lace and forms the usual simple thong shape and again is seamed perfectly with no frays or loose threads, its extremely well made compared to many lingerie sets I have worn in the past.

Seven Til Midnight had added an oversized bright pink label so you certainly know you have a designer make. Its colour doesn't match the red satin ribbons though which is a shame.

This cami is so easy to wear as the black lace is so soft, alot of lace pieces of lingerie can be scratchy, but this is soft and comfortable. This Rita cami is one size and I would say it will easily fit up to a small 16 as long as you dont have larger boobs. I am a 34DD and did feel I needed a bit more booby support as Rita has no under-wiring or shaping.
On my 5ft 4 height the cami initially rides up to the waist but once the suspenders were attached to the stockings they easily pulled it down to the length in the photo above. It then sat comfortably on my hips attached to stockings. If you are 5 ft 8 and above I feel it would sit just below the waist which of course will still look sexy. Plus of course you can remove the suspenders entirely and wear it as a beautiful lace vest.

The main part to this camisole is the back, those red ribbons look stunning from behind.

Once on, the ribbons reveal enough skin from behind to really give that sensual super sexy look.

The top is a vest style cami top with wide but soft shoulder straps, so no thin spaghetti straps that dig in here; the inch wide straps are also soft and stretchy you hardly know they are there.

The thong is....well a thong but I have to say the lace is extremely soft and comfortable to wear compared to many thongs that come with lingerie sets.

Just a cool hand-wash and leave hanging out to line dry, do not bleach, iron or tumble dry.

I feel this camisole being a 1 size will fit most girls from an 8-16 as the lace is so comfortably stretchy. Girls with smaller boobs will suit this better, girls with larger boobs I would suggest choosing something with more support. Rita should be absolutely fine with height as you have so much length on the suspenders.

I loved my Rita cami as it feels so sensuous and sexy to wear. The stretchy lace fits to your body well with no saggy or baggy bits and its noticeably soft too, feeling gorgeous on your skin. I have had very sexy lingerie pieces in the past but the lace has been too rough and uncomfortable to wear for long. I have to say I have alot of Seven Til Midnight pieces and they choose their fabrics well, being excellent quality, soft and easy to care for.
Rita doesn't cause any muffin topping around the waist or hips, it simply skims the rolls and bumps giving you a really flattering effect over your body.
You do get alot of red ribbon left over so you can double bow it or just let it drape sensually down your back, or you can be creative and tie it around your neck forming a halterneck style necklace which looks stunning.
The suspenders stayed firmly attached to my stockings and have a nice length and your choice of height. Who would not love you in this and who wouldn't feel super sexy wearing this. The Rita camisole will make a stunning affordable gift for any girl making you look and feel a million dollars.

My own photos wearing the gorgeous Rita coming soon.

You can get your Seven Til Midnight Rita camisole as soon as they return to
Heavenly Toys

If you prefer the red ribbon at the front try this halter neck version available now at
Seven Til Midnight Front Camisole

For all lingerie see here

All my thanks goes to heavenly Toys for sending me this super sexy Rita camisole for this review.

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