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Njoy Fun Wand

I have been lusting after one of the Njoy range for a very long time as I absolutely adore cold steel on my skin; so I was so looking forward to trying the gorgeous sexy Njoy Funwand from Desires and Pleasures, the site that supports the ongoing work of the Family Planning association something I feel strongly about.

The parcel from Desires and Pleasures arrived the very next day and was discreetly packaged. The Njoy has a very simplified white glossy cardboard slip box that is also completely discreet; nowhere screaming this is a steel dildo anywhere on the box.
Njoy have really spoilt us with this amazing packaging making you feel special immediately, this really is quality and excellence.
Remove the slip box and you know you are handling luxury and quality, the box is made of wood, yes I did say wood surrounded in a black textured outer cover with njoy printed in silver. This makes the most stunning gift for anyone loving their luxury sextoys.

Then you get to open this gorgeous wooden lid on black satin ribbon hinges and I have to say I actually held my breath for a few seconds; as I looked at the beautiful Fun Wand laying in its own pink satin sunken formed bed...., just look....its stunning!!!

 User leaflet.

Inside your box as well is a small user leaflet showing all the other Njoy products in the range.

The Njoy Fun wand is a delicious dildo made of 100% excellent quality stainless mirrored steel, it has a sleek "S" shaped curve offering 2 different ends depending on your mood. At 7.5 inches in length it has a wonderful substantial weight of 12 ounces. The curve offers a sexy G-spot or P-spot stimulation using either end depending on your mood. You have a large single head at one end and 3 tapered heart-shaped heads increasing in size at the other.
The Njoy Fun Wand is the smaller brother to the hugely popular Pure wand and Eleven which has larger heads for those who love their girth. This Fun wand is for beginners or those who have tighter vaginas and prefer smaller heads and the 3 steel hearts are designed more for anal play.

Sleek, sensual and elegant design.

On the inside edge of the Fun Wand, njoy have etched their logo a really nice classy touch.

The head is 1 inch at its widest and gently tapered for ease of insertion.

The smaller end offers 3 graduating heart shaped heads very similar in size and shape to anal beads, to give stimulation to the anal area, but also vaginal use too.

These are designed for either anal and vaginal as well as P-spot or G-spot stimulation.

Total length is 7.5 inches long.
Width of largest single head is 1 inch wide
The graduated heads are 0.7 / 0.8 /0.9 of an inch in width and are 0.3 inch apart,
Insertable anal end is up to 4.75 inches because of the curve,
Insertable vaginal up to 5 inches because of the curve.

I have to say you really cannot insert this too far because of the "S" shaped curve this would be painful, so its personal preference.

Wow this really is a stunning toy; even though you know its going to be heavy in your hand its not till you pick it up for the very first time it really takes your breath away. You cant help but run your fingers over the highly polished mirrored surface, it actually gleams and its so smooth and cool to touch; so very sexy!
I used the single head first and needed very little lube as its so smooth, (being steel you can use any lube you wish with no worry about damage to the toy).
You get that slightly sexy pop as it enters and takes very little movement to thrust as the weight allows you to use very little energy. The 3 balls make it slightly ergonomic to hold initially; but I did find it can get slippy when using lube, making it difficult to control. It reached my G-spot easily and is perfectly designed to angle upwards, it feels incredible. I didn't expect an inch head to do much for me as I'm a girthy loving girl and usually prefer a 1.5 + inch diameter girth so I was amazed to find it really felt great. The smaller balls really added extra stimulation externally too.
Added with my favourite vibe (as I enjoy both internal and external stimulation), this worked as a great thrusting toy, its the correct angle and hits my G-spot well, I just would have loved some extra width to make it perfect for me.
If you also enjoy more girth I would aim for the Njoy Pure Wand and ultimately the Njoy Eleven both offering much wider heads.

 I couldn't resist taking advantage of the snow.

I have an absolute thing for cold steel its a real turn on for me, so just running it over my body feels AMAZING, the weighty steel is even better warmed up in a jug of hot water for sensory play. I love cold steel on my body and skin, but prefer warm to hot inside me...not cold...well I have to be awkward dont I ?

I'm not a lover of anal toys but with these tiny tapered heads on the other end I was excited to try them and wow what a sensation especially warmed up, being steel and using lots of lube I can insert all 3 hearts easily. However I did find it can feel pointy in certain angles so care must be taken especially if your partner is using it on you or vice versa. Plus I felt the curve of the wand which did feel slightly uncomfortable so its knowing your limits.
But you cannot beat the amazing sensation as you insert the last heart and its sucked into the body and the brilliant popping sensation when you remove it, you get this from both ends and the smoothness and slip feels incredible. Its the best anal toy I've used.
TIP; Care must be taken when thrusting into someone's orifice as its such a solid toy with no give, the smaller anal end is slightly more pointy so caution is needed.
TIP; Never swap from anal to vaginal without cleaning first to prevent infections.

The Njoy Fun wand being weighty makes the perfect massage tool especially with oils and lotions as it will slip and slide beautifully over the skin, no more tired hands.

Cleaning and Maintenance
This is one of the easiest sextoys to clean and maintain I have ever owned, being stainless steel its waterproof and can be rinsed under hot soapy antibacterial water in the bath or shower and then sprayed with a good sextoy cleaner, it can also be boiled and popped in the top of the dishwasher.
Then you get to store your Fun wand away in its own beautiful wooden box.

I love, love, love my Fun wand its all I had hoped for and much more, this dual ended toy is sleek, smooth, cool and heats up fast, it turns me on just to hold it, its frictionless weighty feel is so sensual I love it. I must admit I wish it was more girthy but I still adore the luxury quality feel it has right from opening the box.
This is perfect beginners and advanced toy users that prefer a slimmer girth, or those that are new to anal play. For those of you that love more girthy toys like me plump for the Njoy Pure or the amazing Njoy Eleven, but these are also almost double the weight. But I have to say if you can afford it and you dont want the anal beads go for the Pure Wand. But Im so pleased to have my Fun wand its the best anal toy I have, but its now made me lustful after one of its bigger brothers.
 Everyone needs an Njoy in their toy box, you feel special right from opening the stunning wooden box and you will fall in love with it the minute you hold it in your hands. The "S" curve wont be for everyone but its certainly worth a try if other toys haven't worked for you, its luxurious and beautifully crafted and makes a brilliant unisex toy to share between you and your partner as its so easy to sterilise and share. The Njoy Fun Wand will make a perfect luxurious sexy gift for anyone, a perfect addition to any toybox and is now one of my toybox must-haves.

Stainless steel,
Size to suit most people,
For sensory play,
Stunning wooden gift box,

The curve may not suit everyone.

Buy your Njoy Fun Wand from

All my thanks goes to Desires and Pleasures for sending me this gorgeous toy for this review.

Desire and Pleasure is one of the UK's leading online adult sex toys shops and is operated by FPA, the sexual health charity that champions the importance of good sexual health for everyone. Desire and Pleasure offers an extensive range of vibrators, condoms, games, bondage gear and more.


  1. great review, tells me everything i want to know & has me putting njoy-fun wand right at the top of my wishlist

  2. I love adult toys.Thanks for the review. I was just searching for this information for a while. There is obviously a lot to know about this. I think you made some good points in Features also.

    Sarah Xoxo


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