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Jimmyjane Form 4 Luxury rechargeable Vibrator

I have had the opportunity to try many luxury toys over years of reviewing toys and have grown to love the rechargeable vibes that have become so popular in the last few years. But I have still been lusting to try a Jimmyjane product.
So I squealed with delight to suddenly find a Jimmyjane Form 4 in my post box from Lovehoney .

Jimmyjane is a company I have seen nothing but amazing reviews for their products, they sell to the most prominent stores around the world with diverse lines ranging from decadent candles and award winning massager's to the iconic 24k gold vibrator.
Regularly appearing in leading publications around the world such as Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, Esquire, GQ, with an A-list following including Kate Moss, Dita Von teese, Mary Louise Parker and Teri Hatcher.
They have gained this following from amazing designs engineering and quality standards, so I am over the moon to have the opportunity to try a Jimmyjane product at last.
The Form 4 is the 3rd launch of the ground breaking series of waterproof rechargeable vibrators.

The Jimmyjane Form 4 arrives in a large modern designed cardboard box with images of the Form 4 over it and explanations of its qualities. Its not the most luxurious packaging around but its attractive and informative.

Inside the Form 4 sits in a plastic moulded double form keeping it hygienically clean, a card box holds the plug adapters and charging cable and you also get a large sized user manual too.

Everything inbox.
Form 4, charger, plug unit and 4 adapter plugs, plus user manual in 6 languages and 3 year warranty.

The Jimmyjane Form 4 is a uniquely elongated shaped rechargeable vibrator with a tapered rounded head. It has a slight phallic shape with no textures ridges or bumps its completely smooth. Its shape is similar to a slightly flattened skittle, its not round its more oval.The tapered head however is more rounded than the body.
Its medical grade silicone body is Phthalate and latex free and completely waterproof. The magnetic charging base is stainless steel. Its firm shape has a slight give but certainly isn't as flexible as it states and is mainly designed for clitoral and G-spot stimulation. The base is wider for ease of grip and to access the control buttons easier.

The over sized motor is positioned directly into the head to provide exceptional power right where its needed. The product details do say seamless but it isn't; there is a distinct seam around the whole of the Form 4 which are quite noticeable to touch but cannot be felt once inserted.

The control panel has only 2 embossed buttons, one rocker switch for the plus and minus power levels and the mode button which allows easy scrolling through the patterns, each pattern can then be adapted to suit you by using the plus or minus to increase or decrease the speed.

The buttons also offer a travel lock feature so you can take your toy on holiday or to a friends with no fear of the button getting pressed inside a suitcase. Just hold the plus and minus buttons to lock and unlock.

Total length is 12.6cm long,
Insertable 10cm to just above the pattern button leaving enough room to remove it comfortably, or bye bye toy, its certainly NOT advisable to take the whole toy.
Widest point 4.8cm
Head width 3.2cm/1.25 inches

The elegant iphone styled charger gives the whole product a beautiful luxury feel and you also receive a neat plug charger with 4 heads to use depending where you are in the world.

 The charger and 4 plug adapters.
The plug adapters click neatly onto the main charging plug and you can simply change this head depending on what country you visit or live in, this is so clever.

 Plug adapter with UK plug attached, leaving the other 3 alternatives.

The neat charging unit.
The Form 4 is extremely easy to charge, as it is cordless with no messy cords left hanging from the toy itself, it simply sits into the sturdy rubber footed square base and the 2 tiny prongs make contact magnetically to the stainless steel base on the Form 4...see the image below.

The steel base is such a brilliant idea making charging easy. On the base says "Pleasure to the people" a great saying to remember.
Inside the Form 4 is a high performance Lithium ion battery which runs up to 7 hours on a single charge.

 72 inch charging cable gives you plenty of length to reach a plug.

You then plug the base itself into the charger, making sure its aligned perfectly straight up or the LED wont even light up. This can be a little fiddly as the slightest knock will also cause it to topple over, the indent where the buttons protrude doesn't hold the toy in place as well as it should.
So make sure you charge your Form 4 somewhere where no children or pets can knock the table.

 This LED is also a battery level indicator not just a power light.

The Form 4 has a nifty feature that shows you exactly how much charge it has left when you lift it off its dock, by how many times it blinks at you.
  • 3 Blinks - High Charge,
  • 2 Blinks - Medium Charge,
  • 1 Blink - Low Charge,
  • 4 Slow flashes means zero charge.
Your Form 4 will be fully charged after 4 hours and you cannot ever overcharge it like some products we use in the home, it can then run for up to 7+ hours on a single charge depending on how you use it of course.
For 1st use, charge your NEW Jimmyjane for FULL 8 hours, dont make me nag you to know how important the first charge is, no sneaky using it after 2 hours as you cant wait or you will never regain that full charge and may effect the power of your new toy.

I haven't actually used my 7 hours of charge as I have been popping it into its charging base after every use to keep it topped up. But I have never had any drop in power in all the times I have used it.
Multi-use docks
The Form 4's charging dock is multi-use and you can interchange the Form 2 and 3 in this dock to give yourself a change and not have multi docks on show all the time.

This luxury vibrator has 4 vibration patterns with 5 power levels giving you complete control over this toy, many high end luxury vibes are adding this concept now as it allows so much control over the toy.
The control panel is situated near the base on the widest part of the Form 4 enabling easy grip to change modes and up and down the speeds.
Simply press and hold the plus to turn on (unless locked, unlock first) and select your mode by pressing the bottom pattern button and then use the plus and minus buttons to find the speed you want. If you are anything like me you will want maximum power so you simply press and hold the plus button till you reach maximum.
Then its just scrolling through the 4 modes to find the pattern of choice.

  1. Steady vibration,
  2. A continuous wave low to high and repeat,
  3. Faster version of the wave..above,
  4. 3 pulses a second,
Just to confirm it doesn't have a "swell " function as it states, its simply a clever combination of accelerating and revving patterns.
Turn off simply by pressing and holding the minus button. The best part about these vibration patterns is that the Form 4 is a clever little thing and remembers what you last used; so no more scrolling through to find your favourite unless you want a change.
I have noticed an electronic high pitched whine when the toy is on low vibration, this is where the motor is struggling a bit to kick in, despite the vibrations not being that loud this whine is quite irritating. But its only till you turn up the speed.

The image on the box and many product images shows the Form 4 with this large amount of flexibility, this is completely wrong. If you try to flex it in anyway you will break the toy especially if you attempt to flex it as far as the image shows. The Form 4 is rigid with only a fraction of flex..only approx 3-4 millimetres. But to be honest you have no need to flex it, the best part of the Form 4 is the fact its a more rigid, solid toy and you are able to feel it inside more easily.

Super sound Sleuth
As always I add the digital decibel metering readings so you get to see a physical sound, rather than me just saying its quiet or loud you can see exactly what it is.
So I always measure 6 inches away from the toy and in the quietest room of the cottage as it has foot thick walls its makes a great sound room with nothing going on in at all.
Ambient room noise - 33.3dB
Lowest level 46.1dB
Highest level 51.3dB

Meaning its a really discreet quiet toy and cannot be heard through a bedroom door and certainly not in the bath or shower.

Heres my sound chart to help you see visually how loud the readings are.

I absolutely loved my Form 4 the shape is quite unique to what I have used before, the beautiful rounded head is really sensual to look at and feel. Some may find the head is too rounded and prefer a more tapered head; but I love that the head of the Form 4 is wider than most small clit toys, I love the wider surface area to transfer those rumbly vibes..
The Form 4 has one motor unlike the Form 2 and all the vibrations are centred at the head of the toy; the vibes travel down the toy decreasing the further down it goes, this prevents numb fingers.
I found with a little waterbased lube it inserts easily and the fact its a firmer more solid toy makes it easy to use and insert.
It does state it is a G-spot toy which I have a slight problem with as it doesn't bend and it isn't curved but yes it can be angled inwards and upwards where it slightly stimulates my G-spot but it isn't directly a G-spot toy for me, but other reviewers have found it hits theirs well, so you may have more luck than me.
TIP: Newcomers to G-spot stimulation I would suggest using a toy with a more curved head. 

Its not the strongest toy I have but its one of the strongest smaller toys I own delivering rumbly vibrations. They are not at all buzzy and Jimmyjane have managed to maintain a lovely low frequency toy all the way through the patterns at 50-60hz.
I have stronger larger sized vibrators but as a clitoral toy its the strongest I have so far, other reviewers have claimed its not quite as strong as the JeJour Mimi or the Wevibe salsa.
But I have found with the combination of the rumbly patterns and wider head means it covers a larger surface area and is really enjoyable when massaged up and down the clit, labia and vaginal entrance. The fact its insertable too makes it a great toy...okay you cant insert it deeply; but it makes an incredible quick grabable toy and ideal travel toy being small with a travel lock function, plus really discreet vibes, ideal for handbag or suitcase.
But I can still honestly say I just wish it were slightly stronger even though it still gives me orgasms.

The embossed buttons make it easier to feel in the dark; so you can judge if you have the longer length of the up and down rocker button or the small pattern changer button underneath. But I did find the buttons on the small side in the heat of the moment as its quite easy to press the power down button rather than the change pattern button as they are very close together. Also when turning off its easy to change pattern and miss the - button, it takes some time to get used to.
If they were slightly larger or further apart it would be a little easier.

The rounded tapered shape of the Form 4 makes this perfect for foreplay and can be rolled over the skin lengthwise delivering powerful vibes into your muscles, the head is perfect for pinpoint stimulation of the smaller areas of the body like the clit, labia, nipples, anus, perineum or anywhere you choose.

Anal Play
Its not the ideal anal toy as it doesnt have a flared wider base, but it can certainly stimulate the anus and dip in and out sensually, but its not a large enough toy to use it safely as an insertable anal toy.

Cleaning and Maintenance
Clean the Form 4 after every use under warm running soapy water or using an antibacterial wipe, better still just rinse in the bath or shower as its completely waterproof and make sure its clean and dry before replacing back into its charging base or store away in a sextoy or makeup bag.
Im slightly disappointed it didn't come with a storage bag, being on the higher end price bracketing I feel it should have included a storage pouch even if its just a satin pouch to slip it in.
But when all said and done it does come with a gorgeous charging base to leave it charging ready for use and is interchangeable with other Form toys. But some people cannot leave a sextoy out like I can and need to be able to store it away.
Its not as grippy as some silicone textures but its quite a dust magnet and needs to be wiped before use too. Its also the perfect size to slip into a condom when wanting to share your toys and always remember to use a waterbased lubricant as its a silicone product.
Jimmyjane recommends in its user manual that the Form 4 needs to be stored only PARTIALLY charged. If the battery is completely flat charge for 30 minutes before storing, as the lithium Ion battery may negatively impact its performance.

 I absolutely loved the Form 4's simply sleek design, it doubles as a mini insertable and clitoral toy with the power and fast recharging capabilities of a luxury product. .
The Form 4 for me is quite a surprise as even though I adore my ultra-powerful toys it is still strong for a smaller toy and still makes me orgasm. Its such a fun feminine luxury toy to own as its perfect for pinpoint stimulation and makes a great clitoral toy. This is a excellent quality vibe and I can really recommend this toy. I loved the design as its not threatening in any way for newcomers to sextoys, I loved the neat little cordless charging dock and the fact its waterproof. The vibes are semi strong rumbly and discreet with intuitive controls.
A wonderful gift for any girl for that touch of luxury.

Body safe silicone,
Cordless recharging by a dock,
Intuitive controls,
Travel locks,
Powerful motor,

No storage bag.
Product movement image is deceiving.

You can buy your own Jimmyjane Form 4 from

All my thanks goes to Lovehoney for sending me the Jimmyjane Form 4 for this review.

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