Thursday, 6 December 2012

Im excited to bring you a video from Desires and Pleasures the toyshop from the
Family Planning Association a sexual health charity in the UK.
They offer straight forward information advice and support on sexual health, sex and relationships to everyone.

More sex toys than ever are to be sold this Christmas, with this in mind, they have launched their special video to promote a positive seasonal message and encourage everyone to visit their website over the festive period.
The Desire and Pleasure “12 Sexy Days of Christmas” showcases a different sex-toy or accessory for every day over the entire festive period.

All profits are helping to fund the vital sexual health charity work undertaken by the FPA.

A spokesperson for FPA says, “Christmas is a time for loving, sharing, caring and giving. Our entertaining seasonal video will hopefully encourage people to visit our website where we  promote the responsible use of sex toys and related products and highlights the role these products can play in happy, loving relationships.

“All profits from the sale of products from the site go to fund the work of FPA.”

FPA estimates that for every 20 vibrators it sells
 (or equivalent value of other products from its wide range of sex toys)
the charity can fund the training of one of its advisors.

People wanting to learn more about the work of FPA should visit FPA’s website.

The sexual health charity FPA

Why shop with them?

Get a warm, fuzzy glow. When you buy from us you're supporting the work of the sexual health charity FPA.
Carefully chosen products. Their products are high-quality and meet high standards.
They know sex. FPA has been helping people enjoy better sex lives for more than 80 years.
They will listen to you. if you want advice and information about sex – just ask!

They believe sexual pleasure is your right. We support Sexual rights: an IPPF declaration.

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