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Win your own Temp with Midnight Boudoir

It was my Birthday last week and also a year after I reviewed this beautiful hollow glass dildo; so Im really excited to have the opportunity to offer a brilliant Give-away as a thank you to all my readers for supporting me!

There are not many toys that I still absolutely adore after a year of owning them and
everyone who knows when I get enthusiastic about a product I really do rave!!!

I am now offering 3 lucky readers the chance to own your own luxury glass Temp!

If you cant wait to enter the Give-away scroll now to the bottom the page for the Rafflecoptor widget!!

The Temp is designed and manufactured from the lovely guys and girls from Temperature play and is the most beautiful glass toy I have ever used, ..not just because of its stunning looks but because its so very unique and it really works.
 I'm still as much in love with it as I was back then.

Please see my FULL photo Review

This is the ONLY hollow glass toy I have seen on the market today which is made solely for the use of Sensory play.

The hollow inside and the beautiful glass decanter styled stopper means you can fill this gorgeous toy up with hot or cold water. Glass is an excellent conductor of hot or cold and holds either temperature well.
 The Temp is designed originally for cold water and can be filled with water straight from the cold tap and then left in the fridge for 10 minutes, you can even use camping cool sticks or icecubes.
 BUT Im a warm water kinda gal and fill mine straight from the warm/hot tap, no more running upstairs with water jugs, no more dripping water over the sheets and no more sleeping in the wet patch....other than your own of course; this is so easy to use and such an incredibly innovative idea!

Beautifully smoothed tapered head

The smoothness of the shaft is stunning and also feels incredible rolled over you body too when its warm, like a deep relaxing spa treatment...with extras!!!! 
Similar to hot stone treatments you pay a fortune for with a beautician.

If you want to know more please read my FULL review with lots more photos

Competition Birthday Give-away

As it was my Birthday last week (No I'm not revealing my age...eeep), I wanted to say a huge thank you to my readers out there for all your support.

So Im excited to say the lovely people at Temperature play have kindly offered me the opportunity to give 3 of my readers the chance to own one of their gorgeous luxury toys.

Not just 1 lucky reader
Thank you so much Temperature play

We are offering 2 lucky US winners and 1 lucky UK winner.

I'm making it easy and not going to make you all jump through 101 questions...just a few!
 So if you would love one of these luxury glass toys enter using the Rafflecoptor widget below.

Get yourself or a friend a luxury glass toy for Christmas.

To remind you all take a peek at my review of The Temp


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Thanks everyone


  1. Oh wow I would love love love this, it's simply stunning and I'm a huge fan of temp play myself xxx happy birthday to your blog xxx much love xxx

  2. Fabulous comp : ) I have not seen a hollow glass toy before. Love the idea of this so so much, just filling with cold or hot water, how genius. <3 fantastic! Great review as always MB xx

  3. Hot is better than cold. The coldest I can bear is a glass or steel dildo at room temperature, which feels cool on the skin.

  4. I prefer it cold, but not TOO cold!

  5. Hot sensory play, I'm a bit of a wuss when it comes to things that are cold!

  6. Omg! It's beautiful. I also love sensory play. For temperature play, I love cold. The chills that cover my body make my nipples hard. It makes my whole body feel awake. Yum!!

  7. That's such a clever idea for a product. It's like an old fashioned hot water bottle, but as a dildo! :)

  8. What a great product! I've never had one and I'd love to try it!

  9. Both warm and cold it depends the mood and the part of the body . Happy Bday

  10. It depends the body part ;) hot and cold play is fun . Happy BDay

  11. Thank you so much for hosting this contest! :) That toy looks awesome, I'd love to win! :) I would probably use this with warmer temperature play. I like cold stuff sometimes too, but I'd have to be in the mood for it. :)

  12. I prefer cold because I don't like being burned.

  13. i prefer hot. thanks for the giveaway!


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