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The Reflections Sultry by Doc Johnson

Reflections Sultry by Doc Johnson

Those that know me know I write product descriptions for Eden Fantasys called descriptive reviews which are written slightly different to my normal style of reviews.
 So when they offered me the Reflections Sultry as a descriptive review I jumped at the chance as I already have the gorgeous Nirvana and Beauty.

Reflections Nirvana and Beauty

So I was looking forward to reviewing the larger and girthier version of the 2 above.

Please see my full review on Eden Fantasys

This tempered glass dildo looks on first glance like steel because of the extremely mirrored surface and has a wonderful substantial weight to it in your hands. This dildo is perfect for those that enjoy sensory play as it warms quickly to the skin and even faster in warm water. But of course can just as easily be cooled down too. I would recommend this for the more experienced glass toy user because of its longer length and wider girth.

I'm in love as cold metallic looking toys are a major turn-on for me.

I absolutely loved the shape and design of this dildo, no image can show you just how beautiful this toy is on getting it out of the box. The highly mirrored shine is stunning and the surface so smooth.
The head has a lovely girth (although I'd always love a bit wider) and the weight of it makes this feel so pleasurable inside giving the most fulfilling feeling once fully inserted, that you dont need much movement to get really fab sensations and those that enjoy a heavier piece will be in love with this toy. I love too that it looks and feels so much like solid metal which is a huge turn on for me as I adore firm, hard and cold to touch toys which have a more hardcore look, this initially looks more hardcore, but its a silky smooth beastie at heart and I love this.  

 This fun, colourful packaging is the same for the whole Reflections line. The transparent plastic box has a 70's flowery style, with a clear window revealing the Sultry inside. Inside, it sits in its own plastic pull out tray. It's not exactly discreet, as you can see the toy clearly in the box, but it's a fun design.
On the back is a simplified explanation of this gorgeous glass piece.
"Where science meets pleasure"...and it sure does.

Materials and Textures
This stunning mirrored dildo is made of borosilicate glass, meaning boron is added to the glass. This reduces stress to the glass during temperature changes, making it completely safe for sensory play (it is more resistant to shattering, and will not shatter or splinter into tiny pieces, but simply snap or break in large pieces if dropped) .
This glass is also a brilliant conductor of heat, retaining warmth for much longer. The ultra smooth mirrored surface is not only beautiful to look at and smooth for insertion, but the two main ridges add that little bit extra for those that want a bit more stimulation inside.

This larger glass piece is so slick, smooth and comfortable to use and is perfect for slow thrusting and I really enjoyed just thrusting the head in and out, this was enough in itself as a turn-on, but the ridges were an added bonus giving me extra stimulation inside, more than I thought they would to be honest. I can definitely feel them while thrusting as the vagina grips over them firmly.
I would always say to be cautious when thrusting with glass as after all this tapered tip is just that...a tip and you cannot afford to get carried away.


 I absolutely loved the shape and design of this dildo; no image can show you just how beautiful this toy is on getting it out of the box. The highly mirrored shine is stunning, and the surface so smooth. The size was perfect for me as I prefer wider glass toys; most glass dildos are not much wider than an inch, so I was over the moon to find out this actually had a girth of 1.5 inches.
Beginners may find a solid toy, which has a girth of 1.5 inches, may feel wider than a silicone toy of the same width, as you have no squish effect.
The dildo is 7.75 inches long and is listed as the same insertable length because of the plastic coated wrist strap, which is securely attached through the whole base of the Sultry. So you could use the whole toy up there if you chose to....BUT... 

I wouldn't really recommend using the whole toy up to the strap because of hygiene reasons, as the wrist strap is inserted directly through the whole base of the toy, making the 2 holes awkward to clean. I personally didn't need to use the whole toy, as I enjoyed it up to the 2nd ridge, which is a perfect length for me.
So, I think the Sultry has a more realistic insertable length of approx 5.5 inches long, just before the last ridge. 


The ultra smooth tapered head means you need very little lube and you can use your favourite as its glass so any type will be fine. The torpedo shape tip enables it to insert easily and it expands gently into a larger more bulbous head giving a lovely fulfilling feeling inside. Once your vagina reaches the first ridge you get the familiar gentle pop as it rides over the ridge where your vagina grips it firmly. I didn't expect to feel the ridges but I enjoyed the feeling of my vagina gripping this tightly, great for my kegals.
Sensory Play  
It is also perfect for clitoral stimulation especially when used for sensory warm play and this didn't take long to heat up under a hot tap and the glass being a great conductor of heat held the warmth well. Ideally used in the bath with some silicone lube will give you even more slip and slide and heats the glass fast, its a fantastic toy and definitely one of my favourite glass pieces I own.
Kegal Exerciser
I have been using this as a kegal exerciser as the weight alone with just a few clenches and holds is helping to strengthen my muscles, the vaginal muscles really loves toys like this as they grip hard over each ridge and once I had orgasmed my pussy didn't want to let this baby go, I had to relax for several minutes before removing. I much prefer using this to kegal balls which I have never really got on with.

Anal play
Anally this is ideal as the head is so tapered and you do have the wrists strap for more control, although it doesn't have a flared base but it feels amazing warmed up. 

Heat this glass toy up and then roll firmly over your partners back and shoulders and you have instant hot stone treatments, which you will pay a fortune for at the spa. My OH did this for me and it released all my tensions and soothed my sore back plus of course a massive turn-on, this is highly recommended as foreplay.

This is a gorgeous luxury glass torpedo and is ideal for those slightly more experienced with glass toys who want a more fulfilling toy with ridges perfect for thrusting. I would have preferred a slight curve to aim at my G-spot but with some thrusting and clitoral stimulation this makes me orgasm in minutes, quite a surprise considering I always love my powerful vibes. This beautiful metal effect dildo is perfect for sensory play, anal and used as a kegal exerciser and would make a gorgeous gift for anyone who adores their glass toys.
A fantastic addition to any toybox.

You can buy your Reflections Sultry from
Eden Fantasys soon.
Its not available yet.

Please take a peek at my
 FULL photo review HERE

product picture
Dildo by Doc Johnson
Material: Tempered glass

All my thanks goes to Eden Fantasy's for sending me this product to review free of charge.

Reflections sultry

Reflections sultry

Reflections sultry

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