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The Ego e3 by Jopen

I was asked by Jopen if I would like to review one of their new Ego range for men, of course I jumped at the chance as I know how much I love Jopen's luxury rabbits, so I wanted my man to feel that quality too.
The Ego e3 is one of Jopen's brand new men's range of toys, where you have a choice of 2 other couples rings; e1, e2, and the e3 and the e4 prostate massager.

We already own the TOR2 so it was going to be a fun opportunity to try another luxury cock ring.
I chose the Ego e3 as I loved the shell effect thinking it would give us both more surface area to enjoy.

I really love the stone effect box, its something different to Jopen's usual white modern styled boxes.

The outer sleeve simple stone effect gives it a luxury finish and keeps the box discreet for first glances.
Nowhere on the top of the box screams "Woohoo sextoy in here"!!

The back has a nice product image with brief explanations of its great points.

A neat touch is at one end you have a hole revealing the inner box which you simply push to slide open, no fumbling trying to open tabs and ripping your box that you may need for storage.

Once open your Ego e3 sits in its own foam base with the charging USB cable and user manual.

User manual, Ego e3 and USB cable.

The detailed user guide with great images of the others in the range.

My Jopen Ego e3 is the largest couples-ring of the new Ego range, its satin finish royal blue 100% waterproof silicone is virtually seamless, unscented, non porous and hypo-allergenic....phew what a mouthful...!
The motor is powered by Power bullet technology and is USB rechargeable which I personally love.

1.25 inch/3.25cm ring, (Non Stretched)
3 x 2.5 inch/5cm x 6.25cm overall,(Non Stretched)

The Science bit

PowerBullet technology
I just want to mention briefly about the patented PowerBullet technology. Adult manufacturers are creating the most beautiful elaborate designs with extraordinary functions, but without the technology of PowerBullet, the vibe will barely tickle. PowerBullet is famous for its amazing power and is operates on the toughest lithium ion batteries. When you see this name you know you are getting a powerful well made motor.

Comparison images
Below I just wanted to show you the size differences between the other 2 popular cock rings we have.

 The Rocks Off 4US, The Ego e3 and the Lelo TOR 2, you can see the size of the e3 on how chunky it a good way of course.

 Here I wanted to show the hole sizes, in both the 4US and TOR2 the holes are pretty much smaller than the e3.

To charge your e3 you simply plug the jack connector into the charging port to the side of the ring, where an LED lights-up on the central button to say its charging. You have an extremely generous 62 inches of USB cable to play with so wherever your USB connector is you shouldn't have any length problems.

 I really loved this bright blue LED.

Leave for a full 3 hours especially the very first charge. 
Dont make me nag you to always complete the first charge to full extent or you may never get a full charge.

The Vibrations
The vibrations are run from an incremental speed control with press and hold technology which I love, its so easy to use, the middle or highest shell piece is the button and you simply press till you find the speed of your choice, sadly there are no patterns which is a shame for such a high quality toy.
You simply press quickly once to turn off.
It also has a nifty travel lock to save embarrassment just press 3 times quickly to lock and the same to unlock.
The vibrations are fairly quiet see my measurements below.

Super sound sleuth.
As always I add the digital decibel metering readings so you get to see a physical sound, rather than me just saying its quiet or loud you can see exactly what it is.
So I always measure 6 inches away from the toy and in the quietest room of the cottage as it hs foot thick walls its great as a sound room.

Ambient noise is 33.2 dB (it was raining outside today)
Slowest vibration is 41.5dB,
Fastest vibration is 52.5 dB,

To sum up you may hear it through a door on full, but not if muffled under a duvet or in the bath or shower. This really is a quiet toy.

A quick chart to visually see what these readings mean .

I was over the moon for my OH to try another toy as I certainly have my fair share of toys, so I was really pleased we got try something for him. I loved the shell shaped design for the clit stimulator in preference to the smooth styles, but its personal preference if you do not like textures, bumps and nodules you need to go for the Ego e1 or e2 which are also slightly smaller in size.

This is quite a large couples ring and fairly bulky but I like that as it works better for me.

 The silicone itself is very stretchy but not enough to feel like it would snap, it feels firm and secure. Although the smallest part of the ring may become a weaker point after alot of uses.

Male point of view
My OH found it easy to put on as its super stretchy despite being a well endowed guy he was still able to slide it down to the base and found it comfortable, unlike other rings we have.
Being extremely grippy you do need lube to slide it down comfortably and we both use Give lubes Premiere aqua gel as you will need to use a water-based lube.
The large button in the middle is easy to use and the silicone is soft and smooth which warms quickly to the skin.
He found the vibrations more powerful than the majority of rings but found would have preferred some more patterns to have made it perfect, its such a shame that such a great quality ring only has incremental speeds. Despite this he was still able to orgasm  during solo play with this toy.
The excellent quality motor loses no power while in use and it keeps going flat out till it simply dies and needs charging, but it lasted many uses without another full charge.

My point of view
This is a lovely wide ring for me to get great clit stimulation due to its wider surface area, its also lovely and firm for me to sit against, I could really feel it against me. Alot of rings are way too squidgy for me. This firm silicone shell design is perfect for us girls to get a wider stimulation.

Riding my man in cowgirl position I came in minutes, so fast wow this felt amazing and I could also spin it round to stimulate my anus and my OH testicles too, because of the shell shape and extra size compared to most couples rings it stimulated so much more of us both. 
I found rocking against him in cowgirl gave the best stimulation and fastest orgasm for me.

It will fit most average sized men but I would say it would comfortably fit a guy up to 1.8inches/4.6cm in diameter. It will go up to 2 inches but would be pretty tight.
Both the e2 and e3 are the same sizing but the e2 has a smoother top than this more textured e3. 
The e1 is a half inch smaller as a whole but the ring size is the same as all 3 of them at 1.25 inches in diameter, but this may suit a slimmer penis.

Turn your dildos to vibrators and Rabbit style toys
What I love about couples rings is the you can convert your dildos into a rabbit style vibrator, giving yourself a clit stimulator on any non silicone dildo or vibrator you have.
TIP:Obviously you cannot add a silicone ring onto a silicone toy as they will degrade each other.

Here is my favourite glass toy The Temp (review here) with the Ego e3, so I now have a hollow glass dildo filled with hot water (or cold) insertable with a vibrating clit stimulator, best of both worlds and the silicone warms quickly too.

 I also tried my gorgeous ceramic Lovemoiselle Noemie, this fitted really well too.

Cleaning and maintenance
The Ego e3 is 100% waterproof making it so easy to clean despite being a huge dust magnet as it does need to be cleaned before and after every use, like most silicone toys. Simply rinse under the warm tap or in the bath or shower then wash with antibacterial toy cleaner and leave to dry. Then store away in its own box, sadly it doesn't come with a storage bag, not even a small cheap pouch, really surprising as one of the things I love about Jopen is that they supply their gorgeous over sized bags given with their luxury bunnies.

The gorgeous Ego e3 is a wonderful couples ring which is silky smooth and powerful. Its stretchy enough to fit most men comfortably and firm and textured enough to please most of us girlies. My niggles are that it really needs to have some patterns and that it didn't come with a pouch to keep it in. Despite this I adore the shell shape as it can stimulate so much more than the average couples ring as the shell texture gives more surface stimulation for both guys and girls at the same-time. Use it against the clit or spin it round and use it to stimulate your anus and his testicles. For us cowgirl felt the best.
Girls you will be pinching your man's toy to revamp your own vibes and dildos as its perfect to combine with another toy to gain a rabbit style toy or combine to a rabbit vibe to add triple stimulation.
I really love this vibrating seashell and I think we will both be using this alot more.

100% smooth silicone,
USB Rechargeable in under 3 hours,
Larger well designed couples ring,
Shell shape gives more surface stimulation,
Powerful incremental speeds,
Travel lock, 
Powerbullet technology,

No storage pouch,
No patterns or pulses, just a pulse extra would have made this perfect,

You can buy your Jopen Ego e3 fro, Jopen in the US
For $112.99

 All my thanks gooes to Jopen for sending me this gorgeous couple ring for this review free of charge.

Here are the other products in the Ego line.

My other Jopen reviews below for the girls.


  1. I have been in love with this since I first laid eyes on it. Thanks for the review!!

  2. Thanks for the review! I know Eden is supposed to get it back in stock next week. I can't wait!


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