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The Cone

The Cone 
From Strawberry Blushes

This was one product I have had my eye on for a long time, the unusual unique shape and design and the fact its so large, I could see so many different variations of being able to use this gorgeous product.

The Cone is an award winning design.

I remember seeing the Cone on the Jonathan Ross show back in 2006 and really wanted to try it then.
See the transcript of the show below.
I so dare you NOT to laugh at his comments!

Plus it also has the
Royal seal of approval
Prince Williams now wife Kate Middleton was seen buying The Cone in Anne Summers shop in Soho London, apparently bought with a sexy santa outfit, so we know he was in for a sexy surprise last Christmas, could the cone be responsible for the next king of England?
Well if its good enough for Kate its good enough for me.

The Cone Hits Breakfast TV, most people in the UK will know and love Philip Schofield and Fern Britain on This Morning, you have to take a peek at this video clip above, watch Phillips face lol.

Please take a peek at more TV programmes here and in the US which showed The Cone in all its glory. I have to stress at all the amazing press this toy had had, Maxim, New Woman, Company magazine, Red, Sue Johansen and many more, just take a peek at all these and

So when I found out Strawberry Blushes offered me this product to review I was really excited to try something so very unique.

The parcel arrived quickly and discreetly packaged. Inside I was quite surprised at how the Cone was packaged...in a good way, afterall how could you design fun packaging with a product with such a unique shape.
The glossy black thick cardboard pyramid looks quite modern and chic. Its quite discreet as nowhere on the box has the word sextoy or sex or orgasms written anywhere, simply The Cone written..it could be anything afterall.
Its ideal if you accidentally opened this in front of friends, family or children, but of course they will be extremely curious to know what it is lol...explain that one...lol!
Underneath you have the the name and still no mention of sex just their copyright explanation.

Inside the Cone is wrapped securely for hygiene purposes and it comes with a well explained manual.

The Cone was developed by Twisted products and began life as a wooden S&M chair. This proved too uncomfortable so it was designed into a super soft silicone mould and a clever chip.
This will give you more variation than your washing machine. The Cone has a powerful 3,000rpm gold brush motor and 16 inbuilt programmes, varying vibration speed, power and frequency up to 30hz.

I was surprised when I first saw the Cone, even though I knew the measurements it still surprised me actually how large it is. Its an impressive sextoy to own. This large Cone shaped vibrator is made of black silicone...but it also comes in pink too.
The black silicone is smooth to touch and warms quickly to your body, the tip of the Cone looks like it could be sharp but it isn't, its slightly tapers and you can bend it slightly. The design of the Cone means that it is meant to be used only partly penetrative as there are so many ways to use this.

Near the base is the sealed silicone control panel with 2 buttons inside an embossed triangle, this is ideal as while you are using it you simply feel for the embossing lines to find the buttons, great design idea.
This Cone offers an astonishing 16 automated pulsations and escalation settings, but if you need a boost you have a boost button or orgasm button when you want that extra.

The widest point of the Cone across its base is 7.5inches high and the height from its point to base straight down is 5inches which is also insertable depending on what you can take in width of course.
It has a substantial weight of 500gms without batteries.

The Cone is powered by 3 x C celled 1.5 volt batteries, slightly a pain as I couldn't try this till I had gone to the shops to track down these batteries.When will companies learn we need to have popular batteries. Strawberry Blushes sell them, so grab some at checkout.

I love that the whole base twists off to replace the batteries. This is quite awkward to twist off, but it will probably loosen up with time.

The Cone has press and hold technology which I always love. So to turn on press and hold the right button for 2 seconds, the Cone will then start on programme 1.
Press the left button from here to advance through the programmes till you find your favourites. The buttons also have an LED which will flash for the number of the programme; eg flash once for programme one, flash twice for programme two etc. Although these flashes are so fast its hard to keep track. So if you have a favourite your best to count them through to make sure.

But when you just wanna get there NOW press the the right button again for 2 seconds and jump to the last most powerful setting. This toy has the most programmes of any toy I have ever owned.

  1. Low,
  2. Medium,
  3. High,
  4. Higher,
  5. Highest,
  6. High, low, high, low, like a slow foghorn,
  7. Escalation over 10 seconds,
  8. 5 Pulse 1 buzz reverberates like a bass speaker amazing,
  9. Low vibes and 1 pulse after 6 seconds,
  10. Deep powerful rumbly vibration very low frequency,
  11. Escalation mix of patterns, low vibe, high for 3 sec, higher for 10 seconds and then 10 pulses,
  12. Pulse every second,
  13. Longer deeper pulse every second,
  14. 2 pulses every second,
  15. Deep escalation for 3 seconds, like a fog horn, then 10 deep pulse every second, till constant powerful buzz.
  16. Fast escalating pulse like shes gonna blow,
Turbo boost your orgasm - click the right button at anytime and it jumps to the final and strongest programme. This is definitely my favourite!
Press and hold right button again for it turn off at anytime.

The fun bit if you have this on a table it will dance and wobble aroundlike its got a mind of its own.

 Sound Super Sleuth
I have to say the downfall to this amazing toy is the noise it makes, because of its extra deep and low frequency vibrations it reverberates on anything you sit this on. A wooden floor will reverberate right through the floor and so will a hollow chair.
The noise is slightly muffled once inserted or squeezed between your thighs but when on the higher settings its extremely loud.

So using my digital sound meter the readings are as follows

Ambient noise (silent room but just breathing etc) is 33.01
Lowest vibration pattern is 43.03
Highest pattern is a high of 70.05 
But on a table which is a resonating surface it went right up to 82.07 eeep.

So yes not only will noise travel through the wall and bedroom door, it may pass through the floor too.
TIP; You have to remember The Cone is technically a vibrating hollow triangle boom box, so it will be louder than the average toy.

Here is my chart to help you understand the noise levels

I was a little concerned about the Cone being too pointy and doing me a mischief and ending  impaled, can you imagine the ambulance men's faces...eeep its a thought of nightmares lol.
BUT you neednt worry as there are so many ways to use this toy you will never be bored and you dont have to be impaled to enjoy the Cone.  Here are just 9 ways to use this toy and there are many more.
What I love particularly about this amazing toy is that you can have insertion if you wish or simply lay the cones edge all along the labia till it presses firmly against your clit, believe me it wont take you long to orgasm I didn't!

The manual that comes with the Cone has some fab diagrams and ideas...see above..., I have tried some of them and they really do work.
What will be your favourite position?

This is what the cone is all about, you certainly cant use many other toys like this and you know its stable to sit on, lay over as your own weight actually secures the Cone to the floor or bed, its not moving anywhere, it wont slip and slide while you wiggle and jiggle against it.
The extremely tapered tip means it inserts easily but I still use my favourite water-based lube (Give lubes Premier aqua gel) as it helps to transfer the sensations better.
The neat idea is that you can even use it while your on the computer...before you ask..no..Im not...well not at the moment anyway lol!

These are my favourite positions
I love that you and your partner can use this, go doggy (see the diagram above) and let your partner feel the vibes through you.
Im really impressed with the buttons on the front as its so easy to change vibrations or hit that TURBO button..and yes it really is turbo boost, the trouble is I have a tendency to hit that first being a bit of a power queen lol.
I have to say I'm not keen on sitting on this as in all the images you see of the Cone, as its 7 inch width base and could be scary if you slipped..eeep. My favourite is having it between my thighs and scooching up nice and close sitting with my legs wrapped round it lotus style. Great for you yoga girls out there!
Here are the positions that worked for me;
1. Try the Cone laid on its side and you can sit on like a saddle, widepoint against the clit and lips and point towards the bum.It allows you to grind if you wish.
2. Either lay on your back or tummy with it on the pubic bone, it works for me both ways as in the diagrams above.
3. Have it between your thighs while sitting up on a chair or in bed leant against pillows with the Cone (NOT inserted), laid against the lips and the base against your bum, this allows you to feel the vibes through your whole body, then simply squeeze your thighs for more stimulation.

It does take some fiddling and wriggling around to find the right position for you, its not a grab-able toy until you know exactly how you like to ride this baby. Once you have discovered how to enjoy the patterns in your own favourite position, your away.

Yes this is perfect for anal for either men or women as there is no way you will lose this toy up anywhere..well I hope not lol! Obviously you are not going to get prostate or g-spot stimulation but believe me its so powerful you will feel these vibrations right through your whole pelvis.

Cleaning and Maintenance
Like all silicone toys its easy to clean and maintain, simply wipe and then clean with a sextoy cleaner or spray. The Cone ISNT waterproof so never submerge in water.
Then store away your Cone in its own box to keep free of dust or dirt. You will have to wipe the Cone before and after use as its quite a dust magnet.

 Oh wow what to say this amazing toy is so different to any toys I have EVER used and I've used alot in 25 years. The variety of ways to use this product is endless depending on your mood and choice.I feel it maybe a bit intimidating to beginners but advanced users will love having something very deep powerful and rumbly, there are patterns at the beginning that offer a few buzzy vibrations for those that prefer both.
The Cone's shape is perfect to hug against our bodies in so many different ways, lay, snuggle, insert, lay it between you and share the powerful vibes. Its a wonderfully luxury toy, despite the noise being one of the loudest toys I have ever owned for me its worth it. I know there are many other power queen's out there, so this may be for you.
You may love this if you are bored with standard phallic vibrators, rabbits and dildos or if you have trouble orgasming or squirting this might be the toy your looking for. These programmes have the deepest lowest frequency vibrations of any toy I have used in my life.
Try something different let your partner watch you enjoy yourself on this, it really will add spice to your sexlife.
After discovering your own favourite positions to ride your Cone you will be away and you can then thoroughly enjoy the power this toy has.
A wonderful toy for anyone that wants to enjoy something so very unique, it may have been produced in 2007 but its still outshines many luxury toys available nowadays.

Just a bit of fun, dont try this at home!

Unique Shape,
Hands Free,
Endless variety of ways to use this,
Solo or for couples,
Batteries do last,
16 programmes,
Powerful deep rumbly vibrations, pulses and escalations,
Turbo boost button,

Extremely loud.

Future ideas
So whats in the future; well Twisted Products are considering making addons and attachments that you can add to your cone for the future so we have alot to look forward to.

 You can buy your Cone (and I highly recommend you do)
reduced from £59.99

Women's sextoys

All my thanks goes to the lovely guys from Strawberry Blushes for sending me The Cone for this review free of charge.

Warning from twisted products
Once you have started to play with your Cone the chances are you will notice an increase in libido and sensitivity, so ensure you remember to go to work and not stay those extra few hours in bed. Twisted products cannot be held liable for your absent days off work, loss of social activity or the advert in the paper from your family and friends that have reported you missing.
                                                                                         Twisted Products

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