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Naked Delirium compiled by Kojo Black

Naked Delirium
An anthology of sex in altered states.

I couldn't wait to try Naked Delirium from Sweetmeats Press as I knew straight away it wasnt going to be like the average erotic collection of stories. Kojo Black has compiled a brilliant collection of five novellas from some of our favorite authors, but these novellas have a twist, sex with extras.
Not only that you also get some gorgeous sexy illustrations from Giorgio Verona.
I absolutely love the cover that Sweetmeats press add to their books they are so creative and the books are excellent quality and this cover sums this book up to a T, mysterious and sensual with a stirring of dark erotica.

All five stories were completely different and I actually wondered how much further sex could be pushed. Some of you maybe offended as we have a fantastic mix of psychedelia drug taking to witches and possession to the seduction of Adam and Eve and hypnotism. A compilation not for the feint hearted I loved this book.

Those of you that dont want spoilers stop reading now and Skip to my opinion below.

The first in this brilliant line up is
The Sugar Shuttle Express by Sommer Marsden
A three day hike becomes a three day high when Danny and Wren climb aboard the Sugar shuttle express. 

I really enjoy Sommer's books and love her creative style and this was no different, if anything she certainly raised the bar with this fun sexy novella as its so different.
Both Danny and Wren are friends but Wren doesn't really understand just how much Danny likes her, they both go on a journey; not just the 3 day hike but by taking an aphrodisiac and hallucinogen drug for the weekend; which allows them to relax and embrace their sexuality, enhancing touch, hearing and feelings especially Wren; as she starts to lose her inhibitions. They enjoy sex together in altered states, threesomes and a super hot voyeurism chapter as they become engrossed into watching two men have sex; which was so hot.

Gilanda and the wicked witch by Vanessa De Sade.
The mystic waters of the lakeshore resort and spa for women are the domain of Gilanda the good, But Gilanda has a secret...and she isnt so good.

Wow what an unusual but slightly odd story, this is a magical resort where the spa's waters make you feel erotic. Gilanda is the night manager and enjoys choosing a door to knock on and someone to enjoy her night with during the haunting chanting by the other women of the spa. But Gilanda has fallen for a certain PC detective who has come to investigate the strange noises and cries coming from the spa. Its a novella of sexy flashbacks as they share their sexual past encounters, I did find this quite an unusual novella for me.

Lilith Returns by Kristina Wright
Adam and Eve lived together in harmony for a millennia. But the return of the demon Lilith is set to result in a cataclysmic climax.

I loved Kristina's bold idea of combining religious theology and mythology, I really enjoyed this story, but I feel some will be shocked at this brilliant combination of bringing the demon Lilith who wants to seduce Adam and Eve in this powerful highly erotic novella with deeper meaning than just a normal story. Using different body hosts all three of them encountered sex and love together in earlier times and now Lilith returns for more and to try and seduce Adam. It follows onto a steamy passionate threesome with Eve which then begins an excruciating struggle which could change man-kind forever?
A deep brilliantly written novella, I would have loved to read a full novel on this, it could go so much further.

A woman possessed by Velvet Tripp
Stella is left fighting for her body and soul when a pagan ritual goes suddenly wrong.
I really loved this novella as i enjoy reading about the paranormal and enjoy slightly rougher bondage and sex so this story and plot really appealed to me.
To some they may find it slightly uncomfortable to read about a woman who is possessed without her consent and is forced into extreme bondage and submission, something she has secretly wanted but never gone to far, till now. 
Being healers and followers of pagan rituals Stella and her close friends devise a powerful healing spell for a friend in a coma using sex magic. This goes really wrong when Stella is possessed by Adolpha a sadomasochist who is looking for her long lost lover and obsessed with receiving extreme hardcore punishment...she is a ancient pain-slut of worlds gone by and completely takes overs Stella's body and mind till she has no recollection and wakes up to find herself aching and bruised with no memory of the night before.
Finally her friends realise Stella's unusual behaviour during sex wasn't her and discover she is possessed and devise a clever imaginative plan to exorcise Adolpha; but she is of course reluctant now she has found a young sexy body to play with .
I really loved this novella it was infact my favourite of the five and would have loved to have read a full novel on this story, it was written so naturally and the characters so relatable. The ending was brilliant and so sensitive I loved it.

Smoking Hot by Fulani
Hypnosis has helped Hannah kick a 40 day smoking habit, but the side effects have been most unexpected...
Another creatively written novella, where Hannah seeks help to kick her 40 day habit and it works...but is it replaced by something else more primal.
We follow Hannah as the unintentional side effect of kicking the habit has unlocked her inhibitions and she finally gives into her most wanton desires of bondage and submission. This leads to a really hot and steamy encounter of full on BDSM with a total stranger and hot lesbian sex and accepting something she has always wanted but now feels she cannot refuse and accepts willingly.

Im so impressed with the quality of this book, Kojo has compiled this book with a perfect mix of dark but sensual stories and managed to push the bar high with such incredible imaginations and creative writers. These novellas are so different and hit that line of scandal and shocking ideas. 
My favourites were Woman Possessed and Lilith returns, and combined with the most gorgeous illustrations from Giorgio Verona really made this book a fantastic read.
I also have to say the quality of these paperbacks from Sweet meats press is outstanding, you are getting slightly larger paperbacks with excellent quality paper too.
Kojo made a great job of choosing the stories and putting them together, you have everything from sensitive virgin sex, twosomes, voyeurism, gay sex, bi and lesbian sex, threesomes to hardcore bondage and extreme submission.
I have to stress its not for the feint hearted or those that just enjoy romance and vanilla sex, its for those that want something different from their erotica with some beautifully drawn illustrations inbetween that really adds to your imagination giving a really enjoyable reading experience.

Take a peek at the excerpts of each story HERE

You can buy your copy of
Naked Delirium
£6.99 from Amazon
(I really have to recommend the paperback)
£4.69 ebook

 You can also buy each story as an ebook separately too HERE
but I would recommend the whole book to gain the whole reading experience.

All my thanks goes to Sweetmeats press for sending me this book free of charge for this review.

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