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Lux Fetish Thumbcuffs

High quality adult toys from Vibrations Direct

I was really excited to have the opportunity to try something so different from my usual sextoys; as many of you know I love the BDSM side of sex being a complete submissive myself. So this was a fun new product that I haven't ever tried before.
Sure...I have tried different types of handcuffs, rope and elastic restraints, but this was going to be fun to try and a great addition to my BDSM toybox.
How could something so very small restrain someone our size..eeep?

My parcel arrived discreetly packaged and easily fitted through my letterbox; inside my little box was really neatly wrapped in bubblewrap to protect the box and product.

 Lux have designed this cardboard box simply and to the point with a woman's thumbs trapped in these cuffs with beautifully manicured to give myself a manicure!

 These discreet metal thumbcuffs are made of premium grade steel, they are extremely well made, the cuffs are operated by opening the arms with the keys provided, yes you have 2 keys just incase you lose ones there is NO safety release..wouldn't that be a disaster eeep...!!

 The thumbcuffs closed with the keys provided.

The cuffs open the same fashion handcuffs swing round.

 The inner arms have a unique jagged arm to offer more grip for securing.
These cuffs work by simply unlocking them so they swing freely round like handcuffs..see above. To confine your victim simply place the thumbs in the gaps and slide the swinging arms into place to secure the thumbs comfortably not squeeze them too tight, this is solid metal and could actually become uncomfortable for you victim if you press them in too tightly.

You now have you victim at your mercy....wahahaa!

 I wanted to compare these with my sparkly handcuffs which are actual size to show you how small this little torture device is.

 To unlock simply use the key provided in the lower hole and turn one side then the other to unlock both sides.

The Clever Bit
There is a clever bit added to this thumcuff, in the fact I wondered why the key had a pointy screw tip so with some examining the cuffs my OH found this extra novel double lock idea.

The secure double lock is where you use the pointy end of the key into the top of the thumbcuff,  just push in and it will even lock the cuffs from being able to use the keys. To unlock the double lock simply use the key in the top hole to release. The bottom hole releases both cuffs nortmally but with this extra lock you cannot, you have to use the top hole to unlock this lock...eeep hope that makes sense.
It gives extra anticipation and anxiety for your victim when you tell them they are double locked.

Total length is 4 inches/10.2cm long,
Total width with arms opened 16.2inches/15.5cm long
Width is approximately 1.5inches/3.5cm, 
8mm depth,
Inner Thumb size the largest of 2.3cm to as small as you wish.

 I was really impressed at how strong these thumbcuffs are, my OH clamped my thumbs inside...quite tightly as that's how I enjoy it, I wanted to feel trapped. I can struggle but there is no way I can manoeuvre out of these by myself!

I can escape from my handcuffs due to the little lever on the side, but I simply cannot do that with these tiny thumbcuffs as there is NO safety release and I thumbs to get out.....eeep!

What an extremely clever little device and it keeps your hands securely together no escaping here guys, particularly if you are secured with your hands behind your back..

I love my new cuffs it really offers a discreet angle of restraint, you can pop them in your pocket or bag for some surprise play , they are easier to store and hide than handcuffs and believe me you are just as restrained if not more with these, especially if your captor has your hands behind your back.
These thumbcuffs will fit absolutely anyone as the swinging arm largest securing width is 2.3cm, if you are a larger man or woman the cuffs could easily attach to the finger digits too.
They feel strong and have no give and are well made as the linkages are extremely smooth and strong, it looks small and unthreatening but is infact more securing than handcuffs.
This is an affordable gift or toy to buy to add to your BDSM toybox, infact its an essential for anyone who enjoys any type of restraints.

Strong metal,
Excellent quality,
Easy to store,
2 spare keys,

None at all,
Maybe a safety release,

 You can buy your own Lux Thumbcuffs from
reduced from, £19.49
FREE delivery.

All my thanks goes to Vibrations Direct for sending me these Lux Thumbcuffs for this review

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