Thursday, 29 November 2012

Lovehoney Fresh Toy Cleaner 120ml

Lovehoney Fresh Toy Cleaner 120ml

 With owning so many sextoys, cleaning is a daily job and an absolute sextoy essential for anyone who uses sextoys of any sort.
I have only ever used one sextoy cleaner and that is my Lelo sextoy cleaner which is a spray on and leave style spray so have never tried any other kind of cleaner since.
So when Lovehoney sent me their new Fresh cleaner to try I was more than happy to  try it out, afterall you cant ever have enough cleaner.

The Fresh arrives in the usual Lovehoney discreet box or bag, inside the Fresh is just simple, no box or any outer packaging to throw away so less to recycle.
The plastic transparent spray bottle has a bright citrus lime coloured accent on a simple white label making it look modern and feels clean to even look at. I think where you see lime or lemon colours it always gives you a sense of clean and fresh.

On the back the label explains its advanced cleaning action and the ingredients and how best to use the spray for best results. A slight gripe here was the white print on lime makes it extremely hard to read ingredients and instructions.

Anionic surfectants- less than 5%
Preservation agents - Methylisothiazolinone, Benziothicazolinone

The Science bit (for those that want to know)
Surfectant's when dissolved in water gives the product the ability to remove dirt from solid substances. They enable the surface to become wet enough so that dirt can be readily loosened and removed, keeping them suspended and dispersed so they dont settle back onto the surface again enabling it to be rinsed.
Anionic surfectants are for high performance products where cleaning is vital and is where the head is negatively charged. This is the most widely used type of surfactant for laundering, dish washing liquids and shampoos because of its excellent cleaning properties and high sudsing potential. The surfactant is particularly good at keeping the dirt away from fabrics, and removing residues of fabric softener from fabrics. 

Fresh is a light spritzer spray and is an advanced cleaning formula essential for cleaning sextoys before and after use, keeping your toys clean, hygienic and germ free and most of all keeping us all safe from any infections.
This cleaner is suitable for every type of sextoy including dildos, cock rings, male masterbators and vibrators (making sure you remove the batteries and chargers first and read your products cleaning instructions.).

 This unscented transparent liquid turns slightly opaque when sprayed onto the toy giving a slight creamy appearance.

 When rubbed over the toy it foams up quickly into lovely soft soapy bubbles, which is then simply rinsed and left to dry, leaving you confident your toys is safe and clean to use again when needed.

I have always used my Lelo sextoy cleaner and always been happy with the results; so the Fresh has alot to live up to especially as my Lelo cleaner doesn't have to be rinsed its simply left on to work its cleaning magic.
But I was really impressed with this modern packaging and with just 1 pump you get a wide fine spray covering a large surface area. Once you start to rub the surface it sudses up beautifully into a soft light foam covering the whole toy. You then rub the toy cleaning any little grooves and crevices thoroughly then rinse and allow your toy to dry.
But one of my main gripes is that it isn't an antibacterial cleaner, it simply washes away the bacteria not allowing it to settle back on any surface rather than killing them forever. Its vital you rinse as if the cleaner dries on the surface so will the bacteria.
So this isn't suitable for anal toys as they need to be sterilised especially if sharing them or any toys. It also doesn't state if its PH balanced for those allergic to alot of skin products, like me.


This modern clean simply designed bottle will blend in with all your other toiletries and cleaners in the bathroom as it doesn't scream "CLEAN YOUR SEXTOYS HERE" on the front, it simply has Fresh and underneath cleaner and only mentions sextoys once in tiny, tiny print on the back; so you have no fear of this cleaner giving you away as a raging sextoy-oholic...phewey!
I love that its completely unscented and doesn't smell strongly of cleaning product like some cleaners.
The Fresh cleaned all types of my sextoy materials from silicone, TPR and ABS plastic with no problems at all, my glass toys got quite slippy so care must be taken here.
I love that the green non CFC pump goes a very long way and the spray top doesn't leak and dribble down your fingers like some pump tops as you use it.
It sprays finely covering a large area and foams up quickly and you dont need to use alot to cover and clean one toy. I can also see it will last along does depend on how many toys you have...and how many times you use them...of course..eeep!
But despite having a great easy to use spray and modern look it isn't antibacterial and for me I need more peace of mind, it will remove the bacteria and wash it away so for those not sharing this maybe a sufficient cleaner, but those of you sharing or using anal toys I would recommend an antibacterial cleaner.
This is still a sextoy essential and if you are not using anything its a great start and a discreet easy to use affordable cleaner for your toys.

Discreet packaging,
Easy to use,
Foams up well,
One spray covers well,

No antibacterial agents,
Will not fully sterilise shared or anal toys,

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