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Jopen Vanity Vr 12 rabbit

I was over the moon again when I opened the parcel to find my most wanted bunny from Jopen.
I adore Jopen and Swan products they are an incredible luxury line of sextoys which are feminine and outstanding quality.
 Jopen is founded by Susan Colvin and has an all-woman development team and she is the first woman to own and operate a major novelty company. They understand the fashion and luxury toy market with features and functions women want.

The Jopen Vr 12 is one of Jopen's only 4 rechargeable rabbits that has its very own dock to keep it charged up.

The packaging comes in Jopen's standard luxury classic white box with beautiful simplified graphics of the Jopen Vr 12 on it.

The deep high quality cardboard box has slightly ridged embossing across the box giving it a really classy feel.

 Hygienically sealed and stabilised for delivery.

The user manual is a nice glossy manual explaining the features of the Vr 12 and large images of all the other bunny's in the Jopen line.

Inside the main box the Vr 12 sits in cardboard forms top and bottom to hold it in place during delivery. The main shaft is sealed in transparent plastic to keep it hygienic.

In the box you receive your bunny and dock, a detailed manual and a charger and an oversized Jopen storage bag, I love this.

The Vanity Vr 12  is one of the 4 rabbits produced by Jopen that has its own docking station to recharge. This larger sized bunny has 3 powerful motors; one in the tip of the head, one in the shaft the other in the clitoral arm. This offers a vibrating shaft and clit arm and a rotating shaft.
This gorgeous bunny is made of excellent quality pinky-purple premium silicone. The  silicone is unscented, non-porous and latex and phthalate free and completely hypoallergenic.

The shaft is a middle to larger girthed lengthy toy with a slight curve to help aim for that elusive G-Spot, the head is gently tapered to help insertion.

Halfway down the shaft Jopen's brilliant designers have added some external ribbing to stimulate the vagina, these are quite pronounced and raised up on a bump. Along the inner shaft there is small seamline which cannot be felt.

The clitoral arm stilll looks like a small bunny from the outside but it also has a 3rd flatter stimulator this now covers more of your clit and outer lips.

It angles out a bit further than some other rabbits available to allow it to fit better on some women.

The base of the rabbit widens out to form a ball like shape containing the control panel, this has 2 matching pink silicone buttons set into a mirrored metal strip to operate the shaft and clit arm. This has 2 parallel bright LED strips each having 7 LED's each side of the buttons to show power levels....(See explanation later on). The base has an extremely ergonomic ball shape which is so easy to hold in the your palm of your hand cupping it perfectly.

The elegant petal-shaped recharging dock is made of matching pinky-purple ABS plastic with similar silky smooth feel to the silicone rabbit, this is beautifully designed and looks feminine enough to be left on your bedside table, ready to charge your bunny. With discreet no metal contacts anywhere in sight, people would have no idea what it was unless your V12 is sitting tall and proud inside it of course.

Total length is 9.5 inches/24.25cm long,
Total width is 1.75inches/4.5cm wide,
Insertable length is 5.5inches/14cm long,
The clitoral arm is 2.75 inches7cm long and 1.25 inches/3.25cm wide,

Sitting upright in its dock this bunny stands 10 inches tall,
This rechargeable bunny is so unique in the fact it has its own charging dock just like our iphones and other types of gadgets, this is what made me fall in love with this particular bunny. The dock itself is beautifully designed in a petal leaf style, very elegant and feminine with a slight curve allowing the bunny to sit back slightly to charge.

The other extremely clever idea is that it discreetly connects into the dock magnetically so there are no external metal connectors either on the rabbit itself or in the dock, you simply sit it in the matching pink silicone dock and its away. Both LED strips will then flash madly like knightrider lights while it charges, this looks really cool and then will just stay lit when charged.

Simply plug in the base dock to the mains and sit your bunny in the dock, then plug in the connector cable and leave for 4 hours and it was actually completed in under 3 hours, but as it was first charge I let it go through to the full 4 hours.
The cool part is that it actually starts charging an inch above the dock its magnetism is so strong.

The Vr 12 arrives locked keeping it discreet while travelling, simply press and hold the 2 buttons to unlock and again to lock.
I love toys with press and hold technology and this bunny motors are so smooth and the vibrations are extremely well defined, in that I mean on some bunnies you can feel the motors a bit rattly, this has outstanding quality motors and on high speed which I cant manage yet, you can hear and feel the power from within.
The 2 buttons control the shaft and clitoral arm independently of each other, there are no patterns or pulses which is a shame, but Im girl who prefers speed anyway. They operate the intensity of each of the motors.

Good Bit of Kitt "For a woman looking for a man that does not exist" Quote KnightRider.

The control panel has an extremely bright strip of 7 LED's either side of the 2 buttons, one side shows the clitoral arm's speed and the other the speed and vibrations in the shaft's 2 motors. The clitoral arm and shaft can be worked completely independantly of each other as you can see from the LED image above.
You simply press and hold the button till you reach the intensity of your choice on either shaft or clit arm. To turn off either set of motors you simply press the button quickly.
To decrease the vibrations you annoyingly have to press it again to turn off and start again.
  • On the 1st image the clitoral arm is showing its on the highest intensity and the shaft is off.
  • The 2nd image shows the clit arm on full and the shaft half its speed.
  • The 3rd image shows all 3 motors on full speed.
The vibrations are deep and rumbly, and easily one of the strongest I have. The variable power in the clit motor is amazing.

The Bright red LED's
The 7 LED lights however do not directly dictate the speed or power on the clit stim or on the rotations, its simply lightsup when it reaches a certain speed.
On the RHS LED's the showing shaft rotation; dont be fooled into thinking the shaft has 7 speeds of rotation because of it having 7 LED's; it only seems to have off, low and high and doesn't relate at all to the lights. The lights are simply for show and are of course visually appealing, they really do look stunning especially in the dark. But you think its going faster when it actually isn't.
The clit stim doesn't have 7 speeds; you simply press and hold till you find the speed you want and the 7 LED's change depending on how long you hold it and do not offer 7 speeds.
But to be fair Jopen haven't declared 7 speeds its just what I had automatically assumed from having visual LED's, afterall it is a gorgeous finishing touch.

I have to mention that all 3 motors are produced from power bullet technolgy meaning you are getting excellent quality and powerful motors that will last and last. See the image below.
PowerBullet is famous for its amazing power and is operates on the toughest lithium ion batteries. When you see this name you know you are getting a powerful well made motor.

Comparison image

It is one of the largest rabbits I own not even including being sat in its charging dock as you can see from some of the other rabbits I own; which are some of the most popular luxury bunnies around.
Left to right is;


Noise by Super Sound Sleuth

Those of you know I love my gadgets and I have added this extra to my reviews of products that vibrate, so I can offer you an exact decibel noise range.

So using my digital decibel meter the readings are;
  • Ambient noise with nothing on at all is  33.1 dB,
  • On low with no rotations, just on lowest vibes is 42.6dB,
  • On highest vibrations again no rotations it is 59.8 dB,
  • On high and full rotations its a high 60.2 dB

 So in easy terms on low it wont be heard through a door or wall and on high you will be.

 Here is my easy to use chart explaining my readings.

I'm over the moon to have the opportunity to try this luxury bunny. Just picking it up for the first time you know you have a product of outstanding quality, its got a fab weight behind it.

The ball base makes it easy to hold and control as your fingers sit ergonomically over the buttons to control the speed and motors easily, the base and actual comfortable weight of this bunny makes it perfect as a thrusting toy for those that prefer to, that way the ridges on the upperside of the shaft stimulate the inside of the vagina well.

I needed a little of my favourite lube (premier Aqua gel by Give Lube)  only waterbased lubes should ever be used on this toy. The silicone despite being so smooth and not as grippy as other toys it is quite a dust magnet and needs a wipe before every use. This silicone is so soft and luxurious it warms immediately to the touch.
The shaft is firm and cannot flex in anyway, only very slightly at the head. The clitoral arm however will flex backwards and forward to allow you to bend it comfortably against you.

I found the tapered head inserted easily and the shaft and clit arm fitted my body well.  I cannot actually feel these ridges on the shaft sadly, but I usually do struggle to feel textures unless they are extremely pronounced, but this is where the 3rd motor sits and I can certainly feel that, it feels fantastic.

When I found out the tip rotated I was slightly worried as I felt rotations are a little outdated on rabbits...oh my how wrong was I. The rotations feel incredible and the firm silicone shaft makes it press in all the right spots inside and hits my G-spot well. The combination of the rotations and the extremely powerful vibrations gives me intense orgasms, wow this is a super strong bunny.

I can move the clitoral arm slightly for different stimulations of either the whole underside of the clit arm or to just use and feel the 3 protrusions which flicker against the clit. Either way I use it feels exactly in the right place for me as I have many rabbits that do not fit me anatomically; but this one feels great. It offers a great girthy experience which I prefer as many rabbits on the market today are too slim for me to enjoy 100%.

Cleaning and maintenance
This bunny is extremely easy to clean as the silicone is so smooth, just wipe with a sextoy cleaner or mild soap and water and allow to dry before storing it away in its amazingly large bag. It is not waterproof so do not submerge, but you can run the shaft under warm water taking care not to get the base wet in anyway.
This is a dust magnet so you will need to wipe before and after every use.

 The gorgeous large storage bag.

I have been lusting for this bunny for so long and Im so pleased to have got my hands on this luxurious toy. Its a weighty excellent quality bunny any rabbit lover will enjoy, its girthy enough for those that enjoy feeling full and its stimulates all the parts you need.

I feel a bit miffed over the 7 LED's thinking I was going to have 7 levels of power on the shaft for the price, I would have expected another speed on the rotations being quite pricey other than just the 2; but they still feel fantastic.
The power in this clit stim makes this bunny high on the best rabbits around list, it also makes it a perfect bunny for any rabbit addict. beginners would enjoy this rabbit too as the rotations are fairly gentle and its up to you how intense you turn up the clit stim. If you are planning to get one rabbit this really is one of the best around.
As a special gift for someone this is a really special bunny, but I think this bunny is rather pricey as it  is one of the most expensive rabbits you can buy...but it oozes quality and luxury and as long as you can have your bunny out in its dock all the time then this is perfect special one off gift. But if you have to hide your toys from family, children and friends then you lose alot of its charm. Its the dock as well as the power that makes this a special luxury sextoy.

Luxury Silicone,
Powerful rumbly vibes,
Rotating head,
Its own charging dock,
4 hour only charge,
Extra large storage bag,
Charge lasts well,

The LED's are very misleading,
It doesn't do my washing up?

You can buy your own Vanity Vr 12 directly from 
Checkout the whole Luxury Jopen Vanity range

All my thanks goes to the gorgeous girls from Jopen, thank you so much for sending me this luxurious bunny for this review

Here are the other three gorgeous designs I have reviewed recently too.
From the left hand side, the Mute swan (Vr8) and The Swan Cygnet (Vr 4.5)

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