Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Is it a girly witches hat or.....?

Is it a girly witches hat or.....?

Today's entry for Toy with me Tuesday #22 
hosted by the lovely Nymphomanicness

Well its my birthday today so I actually hadnt had time to take any piks especially, but I have taken for my next review coming up this week.
 Sometimes with certain review products they can look quite harsh just because of the colour they have been produced in, (although it is produced in pink too).

People who have seen this have been really intimidated by it; purely on colour which is a shame as its a fab product!

So I was on a mission to soften and girlytize this amazing product; funny though when I am not all the girly type as I have said before.
"Im a girly geek with a hint of sexy"

Okay...so I just thought I'd try a few the lazy piks with my thong thrown over it...nope this doesn't work.

Okay I'll try my bra...nope that still doesn't work.....

If you cant hide this baby you have to flaunt it!

So I pulled out my gorgeous purple corset which can make anyone/anything look sexy and girly...yes even me lol.

From the top you really dont get the vision of height, it really is a large toy.
So which image won the "Girlytizing";
I think it was my Birthday pink boa at the top, which one do you think?

Take a peek at others entering there artistic images on Toy with me Tuesday #22


  1. The Cone! Such an unusual toy. Have you reviewed it? Would love to read that. Beautiful photos as always xx

    1. Yep just posted my full photo review here thank you so much for your lovely comments.

  2. Fab series of pictures. I haven't tried one of these; now very curious ...

  3. The boa pic for sure. :) I'm also pretty curious about this cone now, I've been hearing more about it recently...

  4. Now I'm thinking about those cone bras. lol Fun set!


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