Friday, 16 November 2012

Girls Night Playful Peni-Squirt Guns

I had to laugh when I opened this months review item, I remember putting this on my wishlist ages ago and Im so pleased I did. I review sextoys day in day out which I absolutely adore, but I wanted something which had a fun twist and made us laugh...and it certainly did.

Girls if you have a special night coming up soon, a hen night, birthday, anniversary or just a Girls night out then you cant go wrong with one of these, imagine everyone in the party with one.

The packaging is simple with clear plastic bag and cardboard top with a cartoon girl, its what it is.... FUN!

Its a plastic pink transparent squirty gun in the shape of a penis, its much larger than I thought it would be at 6.5 inches long. Is'nt it strange that some things can seem larger in real life girls...!

 You fill your squirty gun up from a little white plastic stopper bung in the end.
 You can fill it up with water or even alcohol if you wish adding a fun way to drink your favourite drink.

 The trigger is made in the same matching pink plastic.

Life-like head shape.

The hole has a secondary seal so you dont get any leaks or dribbly bits..ahhhm.
When this arrived I laughed outloud as I had been wanting something fun and light hearted to review for a while and this was perfect, I have just celebrated my birthday so we had alot of fun with this.
I was surprised at how large it was, I was expecting something that was only a few inches long. But this is good comfortable size in your hand.

I immediately filled it up from the tap and went off to find my first victim...wahahahaaa!!!

I was really surprised at just how much liquid you can get in this toy, it will keep you going for ages.
It really has a long distance squirt, easily 12 feet on a full pump of the trigger and its a really fine squirt too no dribbling or leaking from the squirt hole; as it has a plastic seal so only the pressure of the trigger squeezes the water through it wont leak if its just hanging down.
But I wouldn't suggest you put it in your hand bag though as it does leak a little from the end bung where you filled it up, you really have to push this in firmly to get a good seal.
One of my ideas was to fill it up with beer or your favourite alcohol and drink from it or squirt it into your friends mouth, its hygienic as long as no one puts their lips on the nozzle.
I now also have a fun watering penis for my plants, who needs a watering can when you have one of these and now my OH or the dog never knows when they are going to get wet...evil laugh!

TIP: If you fill with alcohol never squirt near peoples eyes.
Plus its not advisable to be used internally no matter how tempting that large head maybe....! As it has some unfinished sharper seams and the main hole could/will hold bacteria, not including what the water tubing may hold. You can have just as much fun using it for what it is...honestly.

Disclaimer; no one was hurt or injured in the making of this review...just a little wet...okay alot!!

It is hard to clean if you use anything else other than water as you cant get in it to wipe it, but it easily rinses out and afterall this is a fun gag gift.

This is an affordable fun gag gift for any night out or party you are planning, I have quite small hands so you can see just how big toy is. The plastic is alot thicker than any of the plastic squirty guns I have seen around and it doesn't leak at all from the penis head end, just very slightly from the fill hole but honestly not much.
BUT I still wouldn't pop it in your expensive designer hand bag.
The only problem you may have is, if your kids get to see this afterall its a life-like penis your shooting with. Do you really want to see your 3 year old running around the playground pretending he's Buck Rogers...eeep?
This would really liven up a night out or a party and I really can highly recommend this fun toy, maybe I will never grow up as I still enjoy fun stuff like this. Make it more fun by filling it with your favourite alcohol who needs glasses, daily house-plant watering will never be the same!!!
When your ordering your favourite sextoy pop a few of these in your basket too for some affordable fun nights with your friends or OH as the guys love them too. Buy a pink for you and smoke for him and enjoy.
Turn a night of passion into a fun shoot that a squirty gun in your pocket or are you just happy to me.....! Its a triple X adult toy that's alot of fun! 
Just Fill him up and shoot!


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