Saturday, 17 November 2012

Free Books from KD Grace and Kay Jaybee!!

If you love erotica like myself then you wont want to miss the opportunity of owning 2 brilliant books this weekend, from 2 of my favourite authors.

Kay Jaybee and KD Grace.
This is such a great opportunity to grab some sexy reading time and add to your erotica collections.

If you have been collecting the first 2 books of KD Grace's Petshop trilogy 

Then you wont want to miss the last in the series  The Taming and its 
From Amazon 
Hurry though as it ends on the 20th November.
The full length novel of Petshop is available HERE for only £1.99
(The 3 book Petshop trilogy are the same as the full length version).

Reclusive philanthropist, Vincent Evanston has told Stella James she can have Vincent or she can have Tino, the Pet, but she can’t have both. The problem is Stella wants both. As the complications of wanting both sides of a man who can’t allow himself to be whole mount, Stella must walk the thin line that separates the business of pleasure from the dangerous business of the heart or suffer the consequences.
Read the blurb and more about the book on KD Grace's site

Read my Full review of this brilliant book HERE

But thats not all hurry and grab a copy of
 ONLY until tomorrow Sunday 18th November.
It contains 14...yes I did say 14 of her best stories of the very best of Kay's stories, its a great way to be introduced into Kay's writing with this wonderful collection of stories; this really cant be missed and its
Fourteen of the very best erotic tales of dominance, submission, bondage, and romantic lust, are delivered with lashings of kink from the pen of Kay Jaybee. From the sexual adventures recalled by a woman as she stares at her favourite shirt, to a deliciously dirty orgy on a bed of cardboard boxes, the after-hours education of a rookie soldier, and the bizarre obsession of an Egyptologist, each story shows why Kay Jaybee has been hailed as ‘a master of the craft of erotica’ (Oysters and Chocolate). As a girl writes messages of lust on the body of her best friend’s lover, and a mistress’s employment of ropes and chains on her slave coincides with the application of emulsion, we discover just how Kay has earned her reputation for producing ‘super-heated kinky stories,’ (Kd Grace), which are ‘a sublime pleasure to read’ (Violet Blue).

Only until tomorrow so be quick.
read more about it on her own site HERE

Please read my

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  1. You are so kind to do this!! I had so much fun selecting the 14 tales to be included in the book- if any of your readers downlload a copy, I'd LOVE them to let me know which story is their favourite. Hugs Kay xx


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