Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Feminine hardcore!

I love showing metal restraints and making them appear completely feminine, although I personally prefer more hardcore toys. I feel so many girls are put off alot of Bondage products on how they are portrayed and miss out on alot of fun!

 I took these images this week for one of my latest reviews the Lux Thumbcuffs, no release catch and strong, especially with your hands behind your back.
The handcuffs are my own sparkly diamanté ones I adore and are stronger than most the cheap ones available right now.

The image above is fun, girly and unthreatening.

In a different image these would look so completely imposing!
 Amazing how threatening something so small could be in the right image.

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  1. Those handcuffs look great! Love the pink lingerie too
    Would your thumbs not just slide out of the smaller ones?

  2. I lvoe what you did here with the different feels to the two images using the same toy. Very clever! And educational, too, I think.

    Mind you, as far as I'm concerned, if a woman is put off bondage because it's not "feminine" enough, I'd say see probably has some issues to resolve their around her ideas of gender and her own gender.

  3. I have yet to try thumb cuffs, but your lovely images make me want to! I think you definitely succeeded in making them look feminine and non-threatening in the 1st one, great job!

  4. Cute! I never knew there were thumbcuffs.

  5. I love the silver against the pink lace in the first photo. Those handcuffs look amazing!


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