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Aneros EVI hands free Clitoral and G-Spot massager

from Lovehoney

My Pussy wont let go!

I was asked by Lovehoney if I would like to try the new EVI female stimulator from Aneros. I know the company Aneros are extremely popular for their male prostate toys and up to now have only ever designed mens toys.
Aneros are a dedicated company that brings sexual aids to promote health as well as pleasure, they have the only medically patented prostate massager which is the safest and most successful on the market today.
The EVI is no exception it is their first female product and I'm lucky enough to have the opportunity to review one. It has been ergonomically designed especially for us girls and the idea is to simply insert and rock your way to orgasm, similar in effect to the Rockchick but with absolutely no vibrations...just  "Rock and grind wiggle power"!!

I dont often go on about the packaging but today I'm making an exception, WOW I was completely blown away by the gorgeous red lace drawstring storage bag with white satin ribbon than this toy arrives in.

The bag is oversized for EVI's small size making it even more gorgeous with lots of folds of soft red lace. The heavy excellent quality lace design is close-knit so will not reveal the bag's contents.

Its absolutely gorgeous!

Inside is the cleanly designed pearlised white magnetic closure box.

 The oh so feminine pretty white pearlised box just has a bright red cardboard slip showing what is inside. Slip this off and your Evi looks like a like a book from Greek Mythology, as all you can see is the word Aneros on the spine,

You can hide your EVI in a bookcase and no-one would know. 

 Open the magnetic front closure box like a book and your EVI sits in its own shaped plastic form and ontop is a well explained user guide.

This uniquely shaped toy is made of medical grade bright orangey-red silky touch silicone. Its phthalate an latex free and is hypo-allergenic.

Length 5.35inches long,
Insertable 3.5 inches,
Diameter 1.4 inches wide,

Weighing 92g EVI is surprisingly weighty which I love and was quite unexpected for its small size. It has a lovely excellent quality feel in your hand and has little or no flexion at all. This is because it needs the firmness to press on the sweet spots; if it were squidgy you would not get the same effect.
The Aneros EVI is anatomically shaped to fit most women leaving you completely full.

There is not any texturing added for stimulation only a little embossing Aneros on the side.

The cardboard user guide is well explained with an excellent anatomical image to show you exactly where EVI will stimulate inside you. The idea is to simply rock, grind and wiggle your way to orgasm and at the same time strengthen and tone the kegal muscles.
It perfectly contoured to sit against not only your G-spot but your clit too giving HANDS FREE dual stimulation without any vibrations at all.

Correct angle of insertion, the clitoral arm on left and insertable vaginal bulb right.
I must admit I had my doubts to whether this would work because I have not had much luck with kegal products so I was excited to try something quite different and very simple.

To start with lay on your back with your knees up slightly and using the clitoral arm as a perfect handle, insert slowly with a little waterbased lube, till you get the familiar pop as your vagina pulls it inside. The firm, smooth silicone slips inside easily with only a little waterbased lube (my own favourite Give lubes premiere aqua gel).
TIP:Make sure you insert EVI till the clit arm is flush against the clit sitting snuggly between your lips as far as she will go, see the diagram above.

The bulbous shape of the internal egg piece really gives a fulfilling feeling and surprisingly very comfortable. It only take a few minutes to adjust to the new sensations inside especially after a few kegal squeezes.
The clit arm stimulates you every-time you move, it tilts against and away from your clit on every squeeze, clenching and unclenching I found quite a turn-on and I was completely aware of it pressing against my G-spot too but not enough to make me orgasm.

An important point to make is that usually when I'm testing a product I'm completely focussed on achieving an orgasm as quickly as possible, but I have learnt with EVI its not as necessary to do this, yes of course I want to have an intense orgasm but I also have some toys where I actually enjoy the journey as it can then lead to a massive leg trembling orgasm, often my quickies are just that ...quickies...but often not as powerful.

TIP; You need to focus on sensation and feeling first of all and not orgasm initially, just enjoy the feelings EVI gives you inside as you slowly start to build up to an orgasm. Its almost learning about your body all over again as I have never felt such sensations inside as I have with this toy.

So my next try was to take Aneros's advice and try the rocking motion in the leaflet, this immediately pressed against my G-spot so at the same time I combined the clenching and unclenching wow it felt amazing, I didn't actually expect a toy that didn't vibrate or allow me to thrust to do much for me, but I was so wrong.

The Basics
Ultimately the basics of using this toy is to clench and squeeze your kegals around the toy, this in itself will give great sensation and stimulation.
I spent quite alot of time trying to discover movements which gave me the best stimulation so all you have to do is to adapt them to your own. But of course everyone is slightly different and you will find your own favourites but these might help to get you started.

Bootie Tilt
My favourite for me I found tilting my pelvis backwards and forwards (like you were sticking your bootie out). This can be done sitting, standing or laying down.
When I thrust forward it really presses against my G-spot I found this felt wonderful.
The Hoola
Simply stand, kneel or just sit up and circle your hips as if you were using a hoola hoop, it gives a nice sensation inside, not as stimulating as the Bootie tilt but still feels fab.
This swivelling motion makes sure EVI presses everywhere inside.
Upthrust twist
Next is laying on your back, kness up and thrusting your hips upwards, lifting your bum off the bed or floor, this in itself exercises the bumcheeks, it gives great internal stimulation, if you are flexible add a Hoopla twist of the hips from side to side as you thrust up and it gives even more sensations inside.
The Sloth
This is for when you just want to sit and watch TV or read a book simply squeeze and hold for a few seconds and just wiggle in circles, grind a little, but it may make you look like you wana pee.

You actually only need very slight movements, no need to do a full body workout to feel the stimulation to both G-spot and your clit. The ideas mentioned above are to give even more sensation. You can then grind a little on the clitoral arm too if you sit on a cushion and towel. But to anyone else it will look like you are busting for the loo while you wiggle and squirm around but what the hell it works lol.

TIP: Once you have orgasmed with a little help from my vibes, it's a sensation like no other as you feel your kegels clamp around EVI as you orgasm, you cannot remove EVI straight away as your pussy just won't let this go till your kegels have relaxed a bit. Amazing feeling!

This is brilliant to use alone or with your partner as foreplay, pop this in and surprise your OH you will be properly warmed up and raring to go.This is great for doing the housework or pottering around the house, even the gardening as its so comfortable to wear. No one will have a clue you have EVI inserted its 100% discreet,only your big Cheshire cat grin may give it away.

Sadly for me I haven't orgasmed yet just by using EVI alone, but its so close and she certainly turns me on alot more than I ever thought I would from this little piece of silicone! I am a girl who usually does need her vibes and with the combination of EVI and a vibe it makes me orgasm with such intensity and power I cant walk for over 20 minutes and makes me squirt everytime. I love this toy its so simple.

We all have slightly different anatomy and I feel EVI will work for most of you, for those like me who normally prefer vibrations I would say still give this a go, it really surprised me...I mean really surprised me..and when I want vibrations I simply add them to the clitoral arm and I'm there, the vibes carry well and you can feel them deep inside.
You are only limited by your own imagination its finding the right sequence of movements that help to stimulate you, everyone will have their own favourites.
 Note; But for me I feel the clitoral arm would have worked better if it had been a little longer as it only just reached my clit.

The bulb is a perfect shape and size to insert anally as it sits tilted at the correct angle and the clitoral arm keeps it stabilised safely outside the body. I feel it could still stimulate the guys too but not as effective as one of Aneros's own prostate toys, this has been ergonomically designed JUST for the girls.

Cleaning and Maintenance
With no batteries or charging it's a gorgeous piece of smooth silicone so it cleans easily under hot soapy running water or simply rinsed in the shower or bath. Then spray with a sex toy cleaner and allow to dry and store away in its box and the lovely red lace storage bag. You do need to wipe before and after use however as it's quite a dust magnet.

I'm really impressed with my little EVI, I didn't think such a small toy that doesn't vibrate could stimulate me the way this does, it really is beautifully designed and the firm silky smooth silicone feels incredible once inserted. If this toy had been bendy you would never get the same feeling inside, its the fact its so firm that this works in harmony with your body DUAL MASSAGING your sweet spots.
EVI fits like a glove. I would only say I would have liked the clit arm a little bit longer, an extra 1/2 inch would make it perfect for me.
If you are after kegal exercises I would choose EVI everytime as I prefer this to kegal balls which have never really worked for me, this has the right shape and feel and I think the extra weight helps too. I have already noticed some strengthening in my kegals since using this...Im over the moon.

EVI is a fab toy for beginners and advanced toy users alike, to help you learn more about the minute movements that will help stimulate us inside, it makes you focus on the journey not the orgasm directly, something we can often forget.

If you have trouble squirting this may be the toy for you as it really hugs against your G-spot. Those who have just had a baby or need a little help to strengthen the pelvic floor will find this a great pressie and have pleasure at the same time; its the best type of exercising a woman can want.

I feel its a little dear for such a small piece of silicone with no moving parts BUT its excellent quality, great Aneros name and an incredibly ergonomic shape. Plus it works and if no other toy has made you orgasm or squirt then its worth every penny.
EVI is an Excellent quality hands-free gift for the girl who has everything, a great combination of kegal strengthening toy and sex toy, a fun addition to any toy box.
Rock yourself to orgasm!!!

The Shape, 
Silky smooth textures, 
Gorgeous storage bag and packaging,
The clitoral arm was very slightly too short for me.

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All my thanks to Lovehoney for sending me this product for this review free of charge.

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