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Wake-Up Vibe

Wake-Up Vibe

I was really excited to be asked by Lovehoney to try out the NEW patent pending Wake-Up vibe, you know I love my gadgets and its a fun novel idea too.

I have tried so many sextoys over the years so I was really looking forward to trying something extremely new and unique.

The packaging for the Wake-up is fun and quirky showing the vibe in a cardboard box with a window cut out. The great thing is no one will know what it is, it simply looks like a fun little alarm clock completely discreet, until they look closer and see the word vibe, by then you will have whisked it away to try.

 On the back you have a clear fun explanation of the basics of what this unique toy does.

 What's in the box!

Inside the box you have a well packaged beautifully feminine Lilac Wake-Up Vibe, an excellent quality padded matching lilac sleep mask and charging unit with 3 adapters for anywhere round the world as you cant be without this fun toy. You also recieve an excellent quality storage bag which is made of thicker silky black material to give it some real protection.

Plus of course the Instruction leaflet

The Wake-Up Vibe is made of silky smooth silicone in a gorgeous lilac, it also comes in black and pink, but I absolutely adore this colour.

Your new rechargeable alarm clock is perfectly shaped to the female form to be worn in your knickers over night, with its C shaped.

 On the top is the LCD screen so you can see the time and the small white control panel with 4 arrows and an OK button in the centre to set the alarm and adjust all the vibration settings.

Underneath the vibe the V-shaped wakeup tapers to a rounded bump which of course will stimulate the clit or if you wear it lower the entrance of the vagina. There is slight embossing at the top to show you cant dispose of it in a dustbin and the CE logo.
The clit bump is quite pronounced to really add pinpoint stimulation to your clit or vagina, but beautifully rounded to give a wider surface area of vibes to our body.
There is also a very slight seamline surrounding the whole toy.

 At the wide end you have a small matching lilac coloured bung to protect the recharging port.

A really nice touch is the gorgeous excellent quality sleep mask, which is beautifully sewn and slightly padded and soooo very comfortable, it actually is designed to come down slightly lower over the eyes and nose than a normal mask, so its a complete black out mask.

Total length of the wake-Up is 4.75 inches/12 cm long,
Widest point is 6.6cm/2.6 inches,
Thickness of the whole vibe approximate is 2.2cm,
Thickness of the clit bump is 2.2cm

This lovely little alarm clock is fully rechargeable and comes with a whopping 76 inches of cable. The toy arrives locked so you simply press the 2 arrow buttons togther to unlock or lock again if travelling. 

Next just plug in the jack connector to the end and affix your chosen plug attachment depending on which country you are in.

 Four plug attachments

I could not find anywhere on the box or instructions to explain charging times, but once you plug in the charging unit an LED glows red and it changes to green once charged, this took approx 4 hours.
Please leave the full amount of time to charge.
You all know my pet peeve is when people complain their toy doesn't have the full charge or power, as they just couldn't wait to use it and try it straight away; you then will never gain the full charge of your product, this goes for every rechargeable product not just toys; have patience people.

The smooth curved underside of the wake-up.

There are 2 ways to use your wake-Up, one is the alarm clock and then manually as a sextoy when you want to lie in and continue on to enjoy an orgasm.

On Alarm mode
This clever little gadget has 6 patterns which when you have chosen your pattern it will wake you up on low vibrations, then it will increase the more you ignore it...just this idea!
The vibrating strength changes over time, from slow and low to fast and stronger. So choose from one of the 6 patterns below to wakeup to. Then on waking simply turn off or wait for it to reach full and continuous power or press and hold the middle button to quickly switch to manual to carry on enjoying the vibes to orgasm (see below).

Manual Mode
This allows you to just pick it up on when you feel like it to use as a sextoy and enjoy the vibrations, simply press and hold the on/off button (the middle button) and it stitches the toy from alarm mode to using it right away, then you simply use the up and down buttons to scroll through your 6 patterns shown below.

Vibration patterns

1. 3 Pulses every second,
2. 3 short, 1 long, 4 Short, gap,
3. 3 short, 1 long,
4. 2 short, gap,
5. Short, long,
6. Short, short, long, long pulses,

Alarm mode timing sequences
  • 6 seconds- 20%
  • 5.5 seconds - 30%
  • 5 seconds - 40%
  • 4.5 seconds - 50%
  • 4 seconds - 60%
  • 3.5 seconds - 70% 
  • 3 seconds - 80%
  • 2.5 seconds - 90%
  • 2 seconds - 100%
In total there are 9 steps of vibration over 3 minutes. The last step 100% power doesn't change after 20 seconds it stays till you turn it off. The vibrations are fairly buzzy and also quite noisy when it gets to higher strength, but its dulled in your knickers and under the duvet of course. But the vibes do sound like an alarm clock so in that fact alone no one would know it was a vibrator.

Using my new fun gadget my decibel meter which I will be using on my vibrating products from now on to get a good baseline of actual noise.

 Not actual reading, just as an example. Here is my post explaining all about my fun new review gadget Sound metering

Wake-Up readings
The Ambient noise in the room measured a 33.3 decibels using my sound meter.
The Wake-up on its quietest vibration was 54.1 decibels which went up to 56.7 on its loudest.

Which means you could almost hear it through a door or wall but with a TV or radio on it would drown out the noise, you would hear it over the duvet despite muffled underneath in knickers.

 Ready for bed!

This great new toy is so easy to use, simply slip it into your knickers, pop your mask on and dream away.
I found the instruction manual was a bit of a pain as it is printed very faint so its really difficult to read plus its written in different languages, so for every point you have to hunt through to find the next instruction. I also found the instructions were quite complicated to read but once you sort them out its easy to understand.

You simply set the time and then set the alarm clock for the time you want to wake-up, you then set the pattern you require to wake-up with...easy as that. The fun novel idea is that this vibe changes speed and strength the longer you leave it on, once you get to 3 minutes it stays on till you cancel it.

The vibrations feel really nice, the first few mornings it did make me wake with a start wondering what the hell was vibrating between my legs, but once you get used to the idea its ok. The only slight problem is that the whole toy is rather large, it would have fitted neater in my knickers if it were slimmer and if it had a central ridge to sit between your lips, you could squeeze your thighs and hold it together.
It was a bit too wide to be comfortable in my knickers overnight continually and the seams were scratching my skin when I closed my legs. Just maybe if you sleep on your back or tummy this would be comfortable, but I cant do either.

You do need to wear knickers girls to keep it in place overnight, bring out your Bridget Joneses girls, no good wearing your thongs, you need something with a gusset and more elasticated to support it, but its worth it I can assure you.

The great idea is that if you want to lie in and enjoy the vibes to orgasm you can quickly switch to manual mode by holding down the middle button.
Sadly for me the vibrations were not quite powerful enough for me to reach orgasm, but it certainly heats things up, I just needed to grab an extra toy to hurry things along. But despite this I would still recommend it as its such a fun gadget and to warm things up with your OH.
I did also enjoy using the mask that comes with this vibe; most masks that come with sets like this are usually so thin and the elastic uncomfortable, but this sits perfectly around your eyes and is a complete blackout mask, I dont normally use a mask to sleep but since using this I have slept so well. Its slightly padded and ever so comfortable.

Design suggestions
After using toys for so many years I am now adding this extra paragraph as often I can see where a product can be improved.
The shape of the wake-up would have been better if it had a thin ridge down the centre to sit between your lips, also the whole design needs to be slimmer.
This little wake-up would be brilliant if it came with its own recharging dock rather than just the plug, the base would allow you to use it as a normal alarm clock if the clit bump sits in the base and it remains upright, it then also keeps the bump clean and you can use it as a normal clock, who would have any idea what this little gadget is actually used for.

Cleaning and maintenance
The wake-Up is such an easy toy to clean, simply wipe clean the silicone underneath where you have worn it and spray with sextoy cleaner and allow to dry, do not submerge this toy it isn't waterproof, due to the charging port and the LCD screen itself. Then after use I put my wakeup on charge and slip it in the storage bag.
TIP: This silky soft silicone marks easily and is something to be aware of.

The wake-up is a brilliant novel idea for anyone who collects sextoys, its elegant, feminine and light and the silicone is silky smooth. Sadly for me the vibes were not enough to bring me to orgasm because they were slightly underpowered and on the buzzy side; but it was enough to heat things up. You will certainly be waking your OH up for some before work fun with this toy. I love that it has a manual mode too so you can switch it to a normal toy whenever the mood takes you.
I did find it slightly uncomfortable to wear overnight due to it feeling a bit on the wide side and the seams were a bit scratchy but these can easily be filed down.
The sleep mask though is excellent quality and so extremely comfortable to wear, its the best mask I have and will be using it regularly.
Despite a few niggles I now have a fun new clock which is an amazing new concept and excellent quality silicone toy and luxurious gift for any girl. This is an ideal gift for anyone from beginners to advanced toy collectors, just because its so novel. If you want a powerful toy this isn't it, but if you want something fun and unique you can forgive its middling buzzy vibes, afterall its only underpowered for me as I enjoy blow your socks of vibes.
Its so unique and adds a great quirky fun twist to your bedtime routine and certainly allows you to go off to work with a big smile on your faces, what can be better than that.
The only problem you will have is not wanting to turn this off and get out of bed as this vibe will lead to much

Feminine colour,
Gorgeous slim modern design,
Innovative idea,

Slightly on the large side to wear comfortably, could be thinner.
Marks easily,

You will be able to buy your own Wake-up Vibe SOON from Lovehoney

All my thanks goes to the lovely girls at Lovehoney for sending me this vibe for this review

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