Saturday, 27 October 2012

VixSkin Colossos

Those that know me know I write the occasional product descriptions for Eden Fantasys called descriptive reviews which are slightly different to my normal style of reviews. I was lucky enough to be assigned VixSkin's latest penis extender for the larger guy from Eden Fantasys as one of my Descriptive product reviews.
Please see my FULL photo review
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this is just a taster about this amazing toy.

The Colossos is a penis extender, the big brother to the smaller version of The Ride-on by Vixskin creations, accommodating more for the larger guy. It has been designed using Vixskin's Bandit as a model.

This gorgeous supple platinum silicone is softer alternative to the harder, toxic more uncomfortable penis extenders available. This excellent quality toy maybe be useful for guys with ED and Premature ejaculation, its also perfect for the guy that wants to add extra length and girth to his penis or to continue having sex after ejaculation to pleasure their partners. But mostly it will increase the duration of sex with your partner.
Its also great for couples that want a change to normal dildo and harness strap-ons as its unique in that it secures around the base of the penis and the testicles rather than a strap around the body; in so supporting the testicles.

One of the best things about Colossos is that he is so flexible

 Yes you can even tie him in a knot, I couldn't resist showing this image, I can see you all cringing! (also ideal as a stress reliever, like one of those stress balls lol)

 I originally chose to try this toy as we thought it would be fun to make my OH even bigger than he is..oh my what was I and my big really does make your OH larger...eeep!

My OH found Colossos easy to get on following the vacuum that this hollow sheath causes by itself once squeezed, its easy once you get the hang of it to get an extremely tight fit, similar to that of a giant condom.
You then stretch the band around the testicles to hold inplace, my OH found extremely comfortable and secure, like it was part of him.

You can also use Colossos to widen slim vibrators and dildos (as long as they are not silicone of course). So you can improve the toys you've got too. This will often give life to toys you've long since left in your bottom drawer.

But the best bit for me was that Colossos turned my already well endowed OH into a monster cock, where we found he stays on well with absolutely no slippage during sex and my OH said the friction inside between the penis and Colossos gave him some stimulation and tightness, which was a huge turn--on in itself.

Plus it was extremely comfortable to wear and I have to say it looks and feels extremely erotic,I love my impressive new Colossos.

Here is the size comparison between my other similar review items.
Adam Champ Dildo, Colossos and Talula G2

Too see my Full photographic review please see
product picture
Penis extension by Vixen Creations
Material: Silicone

All my Thanks goes to lovely guys at Eden Fantasys for providing me this brilliant product for this review


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