Monday, 15 October 2012

Tools of Torture!

 I hijacked my OH' toolbox and tools today for these piks.

My entry into Toy with me Tuesday #18 
hosted by the lovely Nymphomanicness

This week I was excited to have the opportunity to go a little more hardcore as I enjoy a bit of pain and the feel of cold sharp metal and what could be my perfect toy other than the 
Bondara Wartenberg 5 head pinwheel.

 I took alot of images today and really couldn't decide on just 1 image so Ive added a few this week.

 Yes it is as sharp as it looks...ouchy...its really not for the feint hearted.

 I loved the wide angled approach too.

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Toy with me Tuesday


  1. Awesome series of images! They're all great.

    I had to look for a good few seconds in the first one to notice where it was. Very clever. My favourite is the third image, though. Fantastic shot.

    On a slightly related note, that toy looks awesome! I've experienced a regular Wartenberg wheel before but never a 5 wheeler. Is it more or less intense?

    Sometimes with toys (particularly sensation or impact toys) more sensation can confuse the brain and hurt or seem less. Floggers, for example, tend to hurt less than single tails. Is it the same with this?

  2. Great minds think alike! Our photo this week is rather similar... :D x

  3. Now that is kinky. I like the top photo best.

  4. Love the use of the toolbox to house it, it fits in very well!

  5. I love the wide angled shot - the composition is fantastic.

  6. Great use of these little silver tools. You could disguise them well inside this box!

    Stace and Vi @ AdultoysUK

  7. Fantastic pic as always Madam Midnight xxx love the pin wheel v.much indeed, everyone needs a tools of pain box. Great photos MB XX


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