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The Wartenberg 5 Head pinwheel

I love sensory play and a little pain, so the 5 head pinwheel seemed a fun product for me to have the opportunity to review. I have never used a pinwheel before or ever had it used on me, so this was a refreshing change for my submissive side of me. This product is a fun product to add to medical fetish play and a sexy sensual element to dominatrix and bondage play.

The packaging for the Wartenberg 5 head pinwheel is fairly plain and bland compared to any other product I have had to review. It arrived in a fairly thick plastic pocket with one side silver coloured and much thicker than the other transparent side. There is no images or even the name of the product on the packaging anywhere, so its completely discreet. Inside the wheel is also double packaged in plastic to prevent any accidents as these prongs really are sharp.

This surgical steel 5 head pinwheel is a complete upgrade to the popular single wheels available, on this you have 5 wheels each with 22 very sharp steel spikes with a total of 110 spikes which spin easily on a steel spindle.

These wheels are separated evenly with a small spacer to keep them equally apart and allows them to spin freely without sticking.

The pinwheel has a steel handle almost identical to that of a knife or fork we are all used to. Its fairly slim to hold and has similar embossing to what you can find on your cutlery.
Total length 6.75 inches long,
Total width of the head 1.5 inches wide,
Handle is 5 inches before dividing off into the head,

I love the more hardcore steel look...mmmm!

Im a gal who adores having cold steel on her skin, the firm unyielding metal is a huge turn on for me, but to have slightly scary spikes too, I was really looking forward to feeling these sharp spikes on my body.

I was really impressed with this solid quality as soon as I got it out of the bag, all 5 wheels spin freely with no friction and are equally spaced from each other. As soon as you start to run this wheel over your hand I found it quite addictive and I loved the feel of the tiny pinpricks rolled over my skin.
Strangely for me when my OH rolled this over my back with me not having idea it was this wheel it felt like a single sharp point..not 5..tricks of the mind maybe?
I do not find this uncomfortable at all, infact I thoroughly enjoy having this run over my I I find it so erogenous, I thought initially it was going to be too painful even when rolled lightly but I love the feel of this and even now have been rolling it over the palm of my hand for effect.
One thing I have noticed my skin is much more sensitive after having this rolled over it for a few minutes, making sensation play extremely erotic. I particularly love this over my back and shoulders and very gently over my boobs and even nipples if I'm feeling brave.

The weight of the pinwheel itself is enough pressure to feel it across your skin awakening those nerve endings leaving you extremely sensitive to any sort of touch afterwards.  I can take enough pressure to leave sexy red indentations in the blood...just small pinpricks which do fade after about 30 minutes.
To use this toy properly you should never break the skin, no blood should ever be seen on the spikes its purely made for sensation play ONLY, this would be far too painful to press that hard.

My only slight niggle is that the handle is a bit too slim to get a good grip and being shiny surgical steel can get slippy if your hands get lubed up for any reason.

The handle is designed to hold like you would a knife and about to cut your food, infact the handle could easily be mistaken for cutlery as its has similar embossing.

Cleaning and Maintenance
Being stainless steel its so easy to clean should you get any lubes etc. over it; simply run under hot water and it can even be sterilised, simply spray with sextoy cleaner afterwards and store away in the thick bag it arrives in.
I cannot stress high enough if sharing this particular toy to sterilise completely in-between should any traces of blood or skin be left on the spikes.....Of course hopefully you wont have any blood on the spikes that's not what its made for.

This is an ideal accompaniment to bondage play and spanking, flogging, candle play etc and it will spark anxiety into your victim the minute they spy this in your hand. If you have used the single pinwheels I think you will still enjoy this 5 head pinwheel too as it gives a thicker feel over a larger surface area than the single. I do feel they offer 2 completely different sensations and maybe the single pinwheel hurts a bit more as you could press a bit harder, whereas the 5 heads prevent anymore pressure as there are the other 4 wheels...I hope that makes sense.

I'm really pleased to have had the opportunity to try this exciting new 5 head pin-wheel it feels and is excellent quality in your hand and is perfect for medical fetishes which its more hardcore surgical steel appearance.
But this is really not for the feint hearted or beginners of BDSM this wheel really can hurt and just a slightly harder press and you know will about it. You will receive 110 needle sharp spikes in the skin on one revolution of the wheels and really will break the skin easily if in the wrong hands so extreme care must be taken.
But those wanting something that offers a little more pain and looks a bit more hardcore than the single wheel and will make your victims eyes light fear; then this is for you. This is an extremely affordable addition to any bondage toy box, I was genuinely surprised at how cheap this toy is for how much fun it offers.

5 heads compared to the usual 1,
Surgical steel will never rust,
Long handle,

The handle is a little slim and can get slippery in the hand of the user,

You can buy your sensuous Wartenberg 5 head pinwheel directly from Bondara
All my thanks to the lovely girls at Bondara for sending me this toy to review.

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