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The Rechargeable Black label Jack rabbit Limited Edition

This impressive bunny is a special limited edition bunny produced by CalExotics especially for the 30 year Anniversary of the rabbit. In the Calexotics press release Susan Colvin president of Cal Exotics states the Jack rabbit originated over 30 years ago with the name coming later and is now iconic in the world of sextoys.

 The CalExotics Original Jack Rabbit above with the familiar cream coloured plastic remote popular back then.

I actually got a chance to try original bunny history when I reviewed it with its accompanying strap-on harness strap a few months ago. (The Cal Exotics Jack Rabbit Harness).

So from CalExotics first ever Jack rabbit to this mighty Black label limited edition bunny there's quite a difference and I'm really excited to have the opportunity to review this for you. 
Rabbits were made more famous by the hilarious scene with Charlotte in Sex in the city where she becomes addicted to her bunny and refuses to leave the house. Well I can sort of relate to that being a girl who enjoys both penetrative and clitoral stimulation at the same time the rabbit is my always "go to" toy. Girth, firmness, textures and power is always my main priority and as soon as I saw this Black label Jack rabbit I was in love it looked like it maybe my perfect bunny.

The packaging for this rabbit is Calexotics regular cardboard box with a gorgeous image of the rabbit on the front and no its not discreet but its not meant to be, its saying this is a special bunny marking a special occasion. They have designed the graphics with it rising from the flames like a phoenix, perfect for the brand new design and style. The flames are pink to give it a slight femininity as its a very masculine imposing looking toy. I'm not sure if anyone else had noticed this clever graphic idea but I love it.
Although the one thing I will say due to the bunny standing up in the main front image its easy to be misled into thinking it comes with a stand and it doesn't. Inside the jack rabbit is laid in a plastic moulded tray and lid.

The rechargeable Black label Jack rabbit has a black silicone shaft and clitoral arm with an ABS shiny black control panel, with 4 easy touch smooth buttons with 1 bright blue LED to show its on or charging.
What's different about this bunny is that it has 3 motors rather than the standard 2 of most bunnies which are strategically placed in the tip, the shaft under a nice G-spot bump and the clitoral stimulator.
The whole toy has some very fine seams along the shaft and around the clit stim which is to do with the moulding process, these seams are hardly noticeable and cannot be felt at all. 

The actual shaft is life-like and textured with inverted embossed lines and swirls over the shaft. The head has a slight curve to aim for that elusive G-spot.

This clitoral arm or stimulator bunny has long ears which curve over to tease your clit but they do sit quite a distance from the shaft, the bunny nose also acts as a clitoral stimulator so those that have not had much luck with rabbits reaching your clit may have some extra chances with this one with the 2 length options.
It has 7 functions of vibration, pulsation and escalation on the clit arm, with 3 speeds of rotation on the head and 3 speeds of vibration on the shaft bump. Another clever design option is that you have the choice of charging via the mains or via USB wherever is convenient at the time for you.

Total length is 25cm,
The head has a 3.8cm/1.5 inch width
Total width is 4.25 cm over the g-spot hump.
Insertable length is 5.5cm long,
The bunny ears sit 0.7cm away from the shaft and actually sits over the G-spot bump,

Tiny DC cap covering the charging port.

This gorgeous beast is rechargeable and has a tiny recharging port in the base which has a tiny silicone cap to protect the port if used for water play, this is fairly delicate and I feel could eventually break off with lots of use.
The jack plug similar to a headphone; plugs firmly into the base and you then have 50 inches of cable to charge your bunny from. 

Coming from the states I needed to add a shaver adapter to convert the 2 pin plug to 3 pin. The box states you need to charge your bunny for 8 hours for the 1st charge and I can't stress enough with rechargeable not be tempted to grab your toy early as you will never get the a full charge or power from your bunny. Have patience grab a glass of wine, box of chockies anything but step away from the bunny for a full 8 hours. I know its difficult as mine was fully charged in under 5 hours as the blue LED has stopped flashing, but I still waited impatiently till it had reached 8 hours.

This Bunny runs on high for 1.5 hours and low for 3, Im not sure my clit could take it that on..!

The Functions
The control panel is really neat and feels excellent quality, the shiny ABS plastic gives it a real luxury feel to the buttons.
The Function button (at the top) controls the clit stimulator and the up and down buttons (on the bottom) control the 3 speeds of the rotations and the vibrations on the G-spot bump.
Simply press on the start button and your blue LED will light up, then press the top function button and you can scroll through the 7 pulsations, escalations on the clitoral arm, press the up button and this controls the 3 speeds of the shaft rotations. Press down to reduce speed.
You can then press the on button to turn off at any time. It doesn't have a memory chip so it wont remember your favourite function but you can quickly scroll through as the buttons are easy touch.
These patterns are for the clitoral bunny only, the shaft just has 3 speeds of rotation and vibration on G-spot bump.

  1. Low vibration,
  2. Medium vibration,
  3. High,
  4. Pulse every second,
  5. Escalation from low to high over 4 seconds,
  6. Pulse every 2 seconds deep firm,
  7. 3 short pulses and 1 long,
The vibrations
This bunny has some real power and Im really impressed, its inbetween rumbly and buzzy for me. On full you get more buzzy but its a deeper buzz than the normal buzzy toys you can get. The power has a lower frequency but the speed means it has a buzz to it. This really has some kick especially from those ears that actually blur they move so fast.

The 7 functions are noisier than some of my bunnies depending on which one you choose, on low it cannot be heard through a door or walls, anything else is quite noisy. But as soon as you add the shaft rotations its quite noisy and you will be heard. But being waterproof you can simply use it in the shower and you wont be heard above running water or a radio. But do you want power girls, sometimes you cant have both.

Oh my what a beastie this bunny is, it is quite imposing to those new to sextoys I agree as he has quite girthy width of 1.5inches which for me is ideal as the slim bunnies never do much for me as I love a bit of width. This luxurious bunny is also quite substantial in weight because of the 3 motors of 16.4 oz/0.46kg, it really feels excellent quality in your hands.
The silicone is quite grippy and needed quite alot of my water based lube to insert the gently tapered head in comfortably. Once inserted it felt nicely full and I started with the rotations where it has a wonderful angle rotation of approximately 15 degrees right and left of the central point of the toy; passing over your G-spot every few seconds what an incredible feeling inside.

I'm never a girl who really has much feeling for textures internally so I couldn't really feel the swirls decorating the shaft, but this didn't matter to me. 
I then added my favourite clitoral vibrations but being a bit of a power queen I always crank my toys up to full before I start...jeeze ...big poor clit. Those bunny ears feel like they are made of steel on full speed lol, they really are powerful and they are separated to give more vibrations and even blur they vibrate so fast. The ears are alot firmer than many of the rabbits you can buy so if you have found many rabbit ears too squidgy these may work for you.
But frustratingly the bunny ears were actually slightly too firm against my clit even for me, I had to turn off the clit arm so I could still enjoy the brilliant rotations. I love the firmness this bunny has and the rotations pressing against my G-spot I was there in minutes, with quite an intensity and yes it even made me squirt due to the pressure from the rotating head wow this felt amazing. But the ears take me awhile to find a comfortable position and pattern every other time I have used it.
On full those ears feel like they are a woodpecker on crack battering my poor clit.

Did the 3 motors make a difference yes I think they did, dont be confused though only 2 motors vibrate, the clitoral arm and the G-spot hump, the motor in the shaft tip is to give it the extreme rotation it has; its so much smoother than any of my rabbits with the older beads and pearls, it will find your G-spot for sure.

I haven't used this for anal, but being such a firm shaft I think it would work well and the bunny ears will stimulate the perineum nicely from underneath. Its perfectly safe as the base is a nice weight and size to hold and control. But always clean and sterilise well in-between using it for vaginal and anal use.

Cleaning and Maintenance
Being 100% waterproof your rabbit can be rinsed easily in the bath or shower with hot soapy bacterial wash then sprayed with sextoy cleaner, pay particular attention to the indented swirls and lines and between the bunny ears, this can easily be forgotten. Always allow to dry and then store away in a larger toybag or in its own box, but personally the box is a little on the larger side and not exactly discreet, so I have a toy bag to keep this beastie in.
This really is a dust and lint magnet so you will need to wash it before and after each use.

Being lucky enough to have many of the most popular luxury bunnies I have a few to compare this with and I'm really impressed.
It is intimidating in size and colour for those new to sextoys or rabbits and I'm not usually a lover of black toys but this is perfect for this beastie of a bunny for this Anniversary edition. It makes this bunny stand out from the hundreds of pink and purple bunnies out there. I love that you have the choice of mains or USB as Im a sucker for USB toys and this holds its charge extremely well.

Those like me who love dual stimulation toys this is a gorgeous wider girth and length and the rotations are out of this world. In the past my rabbits that rotate have never really done it for me but this has a great angle of rotation that will home in on your G-spot well. So those that are learning to squirt or haven't had any luck with finding their G-spot let this rabbit beastie find it for you.
This is the most powerful clitoral arm on any rabbit I have,..have I met my nemesis...not yet I will not be beaten by this bunny. But it is frustrating as it takes me awhile to get comfortable with it .

I have to stress though everyone is different and If you love rabbits and never find the clit arm powerful enough this is worth a try, its a gorgeous luxury rechargeable bunny which may work wonders for some. You also have the choice of a slightly cheaper battery operated bunny too which is identical in every other way.

Larger girth and size rabbit,
3 motors..yes 3!!!
Great wider rotation of the shaft than many rabbits,

The clit motor is slightly too buzzy on full,
No storage bag,


or if you prefer they have also produced the battery version.

All my thanks goes to Cal Exotics for sending me this beastie of a bunny for this review.

Bunny Comparison photo

I have a wonderful collection of rabbits over the years and many luxury ones so here is just a few of the most popular makes above so you can see just how big this gorgeous Black label beastie is.
Some of the rechargeable silicone bunnies in my warren left to right;
  1. The Black label Rechargeable Jack rabbit,
  2. Lovehoney Happy Rabbit,
  3. OhMiBod Freestyle W,
  4. The Lelo Ina 1, (Ina 1 and 2 review coming soon),
  5. The Ladygasm Vice,
  6. The Swan Cygnet (review coming soon).
  7. The Jopen Vr 6.5

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