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The Cygnet by Swan

Yes its another rabbit I know well its an addiction isn't it...Im sorry. I adore this Swan range of rabbits I feel its one of the most luxurious, elegant designs of rabbits out there along side Jopen and Lelo. So after having the amazing opportunity to review both the Swan Mute and the Vanity Vr 6.5 I was jumping up and down to have the opportunity to review the new Cygnet directly from Swan.

Swan V Jopen Vanity ranges
I have been asked a few times what is the different between Swan and Jopen vanity ranges from my readers,  Vanity products are sold in the Western hemisphere and Swan in the rest of the world, they are made of the same high quality materials, same shape just different colours and sold under different distribution licences.

I dont often spend alot of time on the packaging as Im sure you just want to hear the nitty gritty of the toy. But Im sorry this time I have to as Swan absolutely excels at its packaging with this gorgeous luxury magnet lidded box. On the front is a gorgeous photo of the Cygnet against black and white flowers, this is beautifully feminine on such a simple background.You simply open this box like a book and the magnetic clip keeps it shut, you know you have something luxurious before you have even seen this toy.

Inside you have a black booklet style envelope which is Velcro'd shut holding the instruction manual a very luxury touch, this is similar in style to the boxes and packaging of the Fresh by leaf (see my review).

              On lifting this out of the box you see the beautiful black satin bag with the swan logo.

                          The Mute and adaptors are all already stored neatly inside the bag.

Wow where do I start, this luxurious waterproof Cygnet is made of 100% seamless medical grade stunning cerise pink silicone and is designed around the female anatomy and I know it looks an odd shape but it really does hit those sweet spots. Its Phthalate and latex free and is hypo-allergenic.

This curvaceous shape gives you a great tapered tip of the shaft enabling easy insertion and a slight pop as it slips easily inside and held by the vagina around the slim part of the shaft.

The perfectly positioned beak (the clitoral arm) once inserted fits snugly inside hugging the G-spot and Clit tightly. 

The clitoral arm unlike any other rabbit has this extra flat wider nodule on the top which makes one hell of a difference and once turned on will flutter against the clit beautifully and I really do mean flutter its the only way to describe it.

You have 2 separately controlled high quality motors each powered by a powerbullet, one in the shaft and one in the clitoral arm.These are controlled by 2 seamless buttons sealed underneath the silicone which allows you to control the intensity of each motor, there are no patterns and pulses.

This gorgeous swan arrives with a excellent quality black satin bag, it is fairly thick and gives alot of protection to the toy.

The white swan logo is printed on the front.

 Inside the bag you have a universal power adaptor which is an ingenious little device which comes with 4 plug adaptors which you simply slide and clip onto the main adaptor forming a solid plug. This is the neatest adaptor I have ever seen with a luxury toy, the swan logo is also printed onto the adaptor.

 You also have 60 inches of cable giving you plenty of length to charge your toy comfortably.

I will explain briefly about power bullet technology skip if not interested, I just know some of you love techie information.

The Science bit
The dual motors have the "Power Bullet" technology something I have seen and used before with My Fresh by leaf and The Mute Swan these are excellent quality motors.

PowerBullet technology
I just want to mention briefly about the patented PowerBullet technology. Adult manufacturers are creating the most beautiful elaborate designs with extraordinary functions, but without the technology of PowerBullet, the vibe will barely tickle. BMS Factory provides the most powerful vibrations for adult novelties and is now manufacturing the products of many distributors around the world. Including We-Vibe. PowerBullet is famous for its amazing power and is operates on the toughest lithium ion batteries. When you see this name you know you are getting a powerful well made motor.

I really have grown to love my rechargeable toys and always tend to reach for those rather than my battery operated toys nowadays, maybe Im turning into a power snob. No fumbling around for that one extra battery in the drawer or the toy dying just at that amazing fantasy storyline kicks into your imagination.
The 2 motors have an incredible 10,000 RPM and charges in under 2 hours which then gives you up to 8 hours playtime.

You simply plug the jack plug end into the wider base, this is water protected and reseals after you unplug it. You need to push this in firmly through the silicone hole.

Once plugged in a red LED glows showing you its charging, this turns off after 2 hours to say its fully charged, yes I did say ONLY 2 hours, alot of my rechargeable toys can take up to 8 hours, but Swan and vanity products are so fast another reason I love these brands. This is the fastest rechargeable toy I have alongside the Mute swan and vanity Vr 6.5.

Your Cygnet arrives travel locked so you simply press and hold both buttons together for 3 seconds and it will flash to say its unlocked, do the same to relock for travelling, this is such a great idea to add to a sextoy, no embarrassed red faces in customs.

This Cygnet has to be one of the easiest toys to work and use, you only have 2 buttons on the base each one works a separate motor independently of each other and work with simple "Press and hold technology" Both buttons have an LED to say which one is working.
You can then control the intensity of each motor to your own liking.To turn off just hold down either button to turn off the motor separately or hold down both to turn off.

Noise and Power
When both motors are on full they do feel to me slightly different to each other, the insertable shaft feels erotically deep and rumbly and is really low frequency. The clitoral arm is still rumbly but on a slightly higher frequency and slightly less power, this is because the clit is so sensitive, I feel that its a slightly smaller motor.
Dont get me wrong both motors are extremely powerful and feel incredible. I actually had to turn down my clit arm as that nodule vibrates so fast against the clit its almost thumping it. What a great idea to add this little nodule on the top of the usual rabbit arm. On full you can barely see it as its vibrating so fast.
Both motors are extremely discreet and one of the quietest toys I own, you wont be heard through a door or wall with this gorgeous toy and certainly not under water in the bath or shower. My OH could barely hear me lying next to him.
I have always stated in my reviews if you want the power you have to take a trade off with more noise, but this adorable cygnet has both extreme power and quiet vibrations its perfect.

I am over the moon and back again with this stunning little rabbit.

 I love this gorgeous rich cerise colour its beautifully feminine and the silicone is so silky smooth to touch and has a lovely substantial weight in your hand, it feels quality.
I needed just a little waterbased lube for this bunny being so smooth and once inserted I felt a slight pop then your vagina pulls this in by itself because of the fabulous wide bulbous main shaft and slim base shaft which the vagina holds firmly. This gives an extremely full feeling and the slight shaft curve hits my G-spot well.

We are all used to a rabbit clitoral arms on standard bunnies but this is designed slightly bulbous too so it lays against the vulva and lips; what makes this bunny so unique is the flat nodule on the tip of the clit arm offering extra length for those that need it which vibrates fast against your clit.

The angle of this bunny means that the bulbous shaft and arm hug tightly against you filling the inside and clamping against the outside, but not tightly.

I have often found on the standard style rabbits Im having to pull the arm against me to even feel it or worse still pull it away as it rubs; not with the cygnet; I even found I could use this hands free as the vagina holds the shaft in place well.
You can feel the vibrations right through your pelvis and I can orgasm in minutes with such intensity with those deep rumbly vibes right against my G-spot also making me squirt, I love this bunny.

The only annoyance The press and hold technology is fantastic until you want to turn either motor down; as you dont have a down button, you have to turn off the motor by a quick press and then press again and hold till you find the vibration you want. It can ruin the moment, so you have to make sure you are enjoying that speed first.
I often like to turn up and down my vibrations during play and especially after orgasm. I dont know about you girls, but the minute Ive come I often find the vibrations too strong (despite enjoying them on full to reach orgasm) I like to turn them down a little till my orgasm fades enjoying the that just me!
Its also a little awkward if you are disturbed having to grab the toy to fumble for both buttons and hold down, but then on the other hand its easier than scrolling through 10 patterns to find off.

TIP; I have discovered a completely different feel, put the clit motor on your comfort speed, then once the cygnet is inserted simply squeeze gently either side of the clit arm (rabbit) ...not the cam just the main body of the motor, this changes the frequency of the vibrations.

I havent used this bunny for anal but I can see it would work quite well as the shaft is beautifully tapered almost to a point making insertion easy, the clit arm and nodule will lay under the perianal area giving amazing vibrations too. Obviously never go from anus to vagina no matter how turned on you are as it may cause infections, always clean your bunny well inbetween if choosing to use this for anal.

Cleaning and Maintenance
Being 100% waterproof  it is so very easy to clean under warm soapy running water or rinse in the bath or shower. Then spray with sextoy cleaner paying close attention to the connector hole, the buttons are safe as they are completely sealed within the silicone of the toy. It is however quite a fluff magnet so you will need to wipe clean before and after each playtime.
Then store in its own gorgeous shiny black satin bag or even back in the gorgeous magnetic closing box if you have the room.

If you havent guessed Im in love with my Cygnet as all three of my Swan and Vanity toys have the most luxurious silky smooth silicone and is so touchy feely. Both the shaft and clit arm are extremely flexible so will mould beautifully against your body whatever shape you are.
Its perfect for both novice and advanced toy collector and especially those like me that adore their rabbit style toys and enjoy both G-spot and clitoral stimulation together.
Its one of the most powerful rumbly toys I have and I adore the shaft on maximum intensity and clit arm on about 3/4 its just perfect.
Its so easy to use no worrying about what pattern or pulse you simply find the intensity you enjoy internally and externally. The little niggle about no down buttons I can forego as the vibes are so strong and the toy is such a great shape for me internally, I love my cygnet.
The storage bag is beautiful and could look like just a luxurious make-up bag and even the box is too good to throw away. This makes a luxurious elegant gift for any girl who loves her bunnies. I would definitely pay the price for such a luxurious rechargeable toy, its absolutely worth every penny.

100% silicone,
Gorgeous cerise pink,
Only 2 hours to charge,
Lasts up to 8 hours playtime,

No down button,

You can buy your Swan Cygnet from the UK from Pulse and Cocktails
for ONLY

All my thanks goes to the lovely guys at Swan for sending me this gorgeous Cygnet for this review

Rabbit Product Comparison Images
Here are some comparison photos of the Swan Cygnet with some of the other rabbits I have been lucky enough to review, this will help you to compare sizing and shape if you also own any of these products.
 From left to right we have
  1. CalExotics Limited edition Black label Jack rabbit,
  2. Lovehoney Happy Rabbit,
  3. OhMiBod Freestyle W,
  4. The Lelo Ina 1 review coming soon,
  5. The Ladygasm Vice,
  6. The Jopen Vr 6.5

 I absolutely love Swan/Jopen toys, the quality is amazing. Here are the other two designs I have compared to my new Swan Cygnet (in the middle)
From the left hand side, the Swan Mute The Swan Cygnet and the Jopen Vanity Vr 6.5

Please see the other 20 designs from Swan as I know you will find one to suit you

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