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NEW Lelo Ina 2 compared to the Ina 1

Lelo Ina 2

I was recently asked by Lelo if I would like to review the new and improved version to Lelo's best selling dual action vibrator the Ina 2. Being a complete rabbit addict I was over the moon to get this opportunity to try this brand new bunny. 
Earlier this year I won Sextoys uk reviewer of the month and with my winnings I bought myself the original Lelo Ina something I had lusted after for soooo long. But I haven't had the opportunity to review this yet. So with having both Ina 1 and 2 in my happy mitts Im looking forward to comparing these two ultra luxury bunnies.

You know when you have a product from Lelo its luxurious and elegant from the minute you pick it up. The Lelo Ina 2 is no exception, it comes in 3 unique colours, purple, orange and Lime, I have the Lime in both Ina's as its such an unusual sextoy colour and change from my usual pink choices.
The stylish giftbox packaging has been designed to offer a simplified elegance, with a beautiful cardboard slipbox which is colour coordinated to your Ina 2.

The top of the box is glossy with Lelo printed in the middle, the product packaging simply ooozes quality.

The back shows a large photo of your Ina2 and a brief rundown on its description. Here is the box of both my Ina's together...Ina2 on the right.
Remove the slipbox and you have a textured black sturdy inner shoebox style again with Lelo embossed on the lid.

Remove your well fitting lid and your stunning new bunny sits in its own Ina 2 shaped velvety formed tray.

To the right is a hidden box containing your recharger, the manual and a sample of Lelo's own moisturising lube and Lelo's new warranty card.
As well as these you have a gorgeous black satin storage bag with the Lelo designer tag sewn onto the edge. (My Lelo arrived with a UK plug not the one shown).
If you haven't fallen in love with your Lelo by now...what's wrong with you...!

The Ina 2 is the new and improved version of the worlds best selling dual action bunny the original Ina, with some major changes from the original.

 Lelo Ina 2 at the top and Ina on the bottom.
  • A new longer shaft, its more curved for further deeper G-spot internal stimulation,
  • 100% more power across 8 modes,
  • More curved clitoral arm, 
  • Slightly wider shaft,
  • Fully waterproof,
 Both bunnies still have the smoothest FDA-approved Silicone with Soft-touch Coating which is allergenic and body safe, Phthalate and latex free. I cannot stress how luxurious this non draggy silicone this is.
The newly designed shaft is longer for more deeply reaching G-spot play and the clitoral arm is slightly more flexible to give some movement to fit each individual person.

This gorgeous shaft is firm and the layer of silicone is extremely thick and cannot be bent in either way, I always prefer firmer shafts than those that are squidgy. The clitoral arm on the Ina 2 is slightly more flexible than the original as Lelo have listened to their customers to what we prefer. You can also see from my photos the new Ina 2 has deeper curve on the clitoral arm so it hugs the pussy better, you can also bend it away slightly if you need too.

NOTE; Please note that the shaft on the Ina's do not rotate like standard bunnies do, but it doesn't need to...! 

With any rabbit its hard to find that 1 toy that will fit us all perfectly but I have to admit the original Ina's shaft wasn't long enough for me and the clit arm was way too clampy. The shaft never really reached my G-spot and the clit arm was actually a little uncomfortable for me.
So I was over the moon to find this NEW Ina 2 has a much longer shaft...thank you Lelo... xxx!

The handle or base is made of glossy white ABS plastic with a simple 4 button control panel which lights up when pressed. The plus and minus buttons alter intensity and speed and the up and down arrows to scroll through the 8 patterns. The Lelo logo is then embossed into the top of the control panel incase you forgot who made this...... ;-)

 Ina 2 on the left.

The control panels are slightly different from each other and clearly the design is improved. The original buttons are silicone with a matt effect, while the new improved control panel have more glossy silicone buttons, easier to clean.

 Ina 2 left on both images

The ABS Bases have taken a radical change in that the new Ina has a shorter ABS base for more insertion and the original extends further up the main shaft, particularly up the back which the join could hold more body fluids creating a bacterial cleaning problem.This has now been been resolved in the Ina 2.

When placed together you can see clearly the shape differences between these two stunning bunnies.

The recharging port is at the very base on both bunnies. Your bunny as with any Lelo product will arrive travel locked for travelling purposes. To unlock press the plus and minus together for 3 seconds and the same to re-lock. To finish it off you will also have a years warranty and a 10 year guarantee, what could be better.

Measurements of the original Ina and Ina 2 in easy to see image.

Lelo Ina 2
Total length is 20cm,
Insertable length is 10.8cm,
Width of widest point on shaft is 3.7cm,
Length of clit arm on full insertion is 5cm,
Clitoral arm gap is 1.25cm,

User time up to 4 hours,
Standby up to 90 days,

Original Lelo Ina
Total length is 20cm,
Insertable length is 8.8cm,
Width of widest point of the shaft 3.6cm
Length of clit arm on full insertion is 5.1cm
Clitoral arm gap 0.4cm

NEW Lelo Registration Card
All products from Lelo come with a 1 year full replacement warranty and a massive 10 year guarantee.With our Lelo toys we have always received a small warranty pamphlet which is easy to lose or damage. Lelo have come up with this creative idea to give us all our own individual registration credit card with your own unique product number on the back, for guarrantee and warranty, its easy to keep discreetly tucked away with your other cards and unlikely to get damaged.

I really love my rechargeable toys and would always choose this option over battery any day now, they have better quality and power all round. The charger comes with just over 60 inches of cable giving you plenty of room to plug your Ina 2 in.

The base of the Ina 2 has a white bung which makes your rabbit waterproof protecting the electrical connectors. Both ends of the bung do come off completely so be careful not to lose it or you will drown your new bunny.

Once plugged in the buttons will pulse white until charged when they will then turn off after only a few hours. For some reason my buttons stayed flashing for over 6 hours as I kept my rabbit plugged in hoping they would turn off, but they didnt. But it is fully charged. You now have 8 hours playtime.

TIP: I dont have to stress that you must always charge your rechargeable toys for the full time stated on the manufacturers manual, never be tempted to turn and play straight away or you may never reach full charge, despite being a new toy.

A nice and easy to use control panel with press and hold technology which I love.
Press + to turn on to the lowest intensity speed and hold to increase to your chosen speed. You can then press minus at anytime if you want to turn down the intensity without having to start again.
You now have 8 patterns to choose from by pressing the up and down arrows.

  1. Both motors on together at chosen speed,
  2. Clit arm ONLY vibrates,
  3. Shaft ONLY,
  4. Clit arm ONLY,
  5. Transition between shaft and clit arm every second,
  6. Pulse every second on both,
  7. Reving from shaft to clit from low to high,
  8. Hodge podge of all the modes and changes each time. For those that love surprises of not knowing what its going to do next.
Once you reach the 8th setting you then have to scroll back through the setting using the down button to change function.You can turn the speed/intensity of each of these patterns up or down to your own taste at anytime.
Lelo claim its 100% more powerful than the original; well I can definitely say its more rumbly and has a deeper lower frequency than the original but Im not sure its 100% more powerful. The motors have a better quality feel than the original if that is possible and the vibrations definitely feel alot deeper than the original Ina .

MidnightB Sextoy Super Sound sleuth!

This Lelo Ina 2 is quieter than the original Lelo Ina on low settings, but slightly noiser on the higher settings. because it is slightly more powerful.
This is the first victim that I have used my NEW digital sound meter on. I will make sure every toy is measured in the same environment and in the same way, its the scientist coming out in me sorry.
  • I will be taking the sound measurements the same for every toy, in the quietest room in my cottage, as we have foot thick stone walls. Its almost sound proof,
  • I will take a baseline measurement of ambient noise first,
  • Then every reading will be taken 6 inches away from every toy,
  • 3 readings will be taken and the average reading will be chosen if there is a difference,

Baseline sound image of ambiant noise with both Ina's turned off!

 So my baseline reading of ambient noise is 33.1 dBa
  • The Lelo Ina measures on low 40.9 dB, on high 51.2dB,
  • The Lelo Ina 2 on Low measures 34.9, lower than the original Ina, but 54.3 dB slightly higher than the original, it is more powerful but for the amount of extra power its certainly still extremely quiet.
To sum up it cannot be heard through doors or walls on full and to help you understand these readings a bit more take a peek at this chart.

NOTE; I have always been interested in frequency of toys too as I prefer products which have a low frequency and tend to be more rumbly, buzzier toys are higher frequency. But I have looked at both Ina's manuals and there seems a confusion of hz as both products say they are 120 hz which is a surprise as I feel there should be a marked difference in Hz if they are claiming 100% more powerful the hz has to have changed one way or another.

I was over the moon to find out the Ina 2 has a far longer curved shaft than the original Ina as I was so disappointed the original didn't fit me very well after waiting so long to own my own Ina.
But Ina 2 has made up for that and Im one happy bunny again. The shaft has approximately an extra inch of insertion and the angle of the clitoral arm finally fits me.
The tapered shaft inserts easily with very little waterbased lube being so silky and the gently tapered head slides in well, my vagina pulls this toy in by itself once past the wide point a really odd but wonderful sensation.

I still do have to pull the clit arm open slightly for it to lay on my clit properly but I can forgive that for the extra rumbly they feel incredible.
These are definitely more rumbly than the original Ina and feel a deeper lower frequency vibration, the patterns feel great and I love toys which transition between shaft and clit arm as this really gets me going. I can orgasm so fast with Ina 2 because for me the vibes are rumbly and deep just the way I love them and also because the shaft has a great curve which hits my G-spot nicely. Perfect for gentle thrusting too.
Tip; If using as a thrusting toy take care as the shaft is extremely firm with very little give.

Cleaning and Maintenance
The Ina 2 unlike the original Ina is now fully waterproof making it even easier to clean than before. The silky smooth silicone really is super silky to touch, it doesn't have the grippyness of other silicone toys and hardly attracts any dust or fluff at all. Simply rinse under warm soapy water or in the bath or shower. 
I have to say Im really impressed with Lelo in the fact they have even made the recharging port completely waterproof, so even if you lose the bung or it comes away your toy will be completely safe!
Then spray with a sextoy Cleaner; I swear by Lelo sex toy cleaner see my review as it doesn't have to be rinsed off and keeps working killing bacteria the whole time its on the toy. You can then store you new Ina 2 away in its own silky black bag and then away in the storage box. I couldn't bare to throw these boxes away they are so luxurious.

I absolutely love my new Ina 2 its so much better designed than the original, I love the bright green lime its so different from my usual pinks and purples, it makes me orgasm quickly and intensely and quite often squirting as its hits my G-spot well. I love the thicker shaft although I could always take a bit thicker and a little longer but it still feels great.
The clit arm doesn't quite fit me but I simply move it to where I want it. It charges quickly within 2 hours and last for up to 4, who can argue at that. 
I'm not a pattern kinda gal, I generally whack my toys up to full and enjoy, but I did have to turn it down due to the clit arm vibrations were too strong, I would prefer to have more control over the shaft and clit motors separately rather than just set functions as I prefer to have the shaft on full and clit on slightly lower, so I have to forfeit my full power internally so I do not over stimulate my clit...jeeze its strong.
I have to say I still highly recommend this luxurious bunny, its perfect for both beginners and advanced toy collectors alike due to the variations in functions and speeds. You can turn the vibes down low for those more sensitive and up to full for those like me who love their mega power.

A gorgeous elegant toy with ultra feminine curves, obviously it wont satisfy everyone but I feel the longer shaft and more flexible clit arm will fit more women than the original. If you have the original Lelo Ina and it didn't work that well for you, dont give up as this is quite a different shape and definitely more powerful. I'm so glad I got the opportunity to try one of Lelo's newest products as its now in my top drawer.  This luxury toy is worth every penny for every bunny addicts toybox.

 Animation showing you the differences between the original Ina and Ina 2

New Improved longer stem,
3 great colours,
100% Waterproof,
More powerful,
More rumbly,
Storage bag,

Clit arm didn't quite fit but its shaft amazing,

You can buy your Lelo Ina 2 directly from Lelo for

product picture
Rabbit vibrator by LELO
Material: Silicone

All my thanks to the lovely guys and girls at Lelo for sending me this gorgeous bunny for this review.

Those of you that own a few rabbits I have photographed a few of my luxury bunnies together so you can see them compared in size and shape.

In order of Appearance
  1. CalExotics Limited edition Black label Jack rabbit,
  2. Lovehoney Happy Rabbit,
  3. OhMiBod Freestyle W,
  4. The Lelo Ina 1
  5. Lelo Ina 2
  6. The Ladygasm Vice,
  7. The Jopen Vr 6.5

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