Wednesday, 17 October 2012

NEW Gadget- Measuring the noise of sextoys!

Midnight Boudoir Sextoy Investigator and Super Sound Sleuth.

Im always looking for new and innovative ideas in helping to explain how good or bad a toy is, to help you maker a better decision on choosing a sextoy perfect for you.

Noise has always been a problem to many of you when buying sextoys, those of you that have children, live with parents or are students in halls, flats and bedsits, you have to know before spending your money that you are buying a toy you can use without embarrassment. Its no good having a shake the house down vibe if you cant ever use it.

I have been reviewing toys for many years now and I'm always trying to explain to you how noisy a toy is by comparisons or if it can be heard through a door or wall or whether you can hear it under the covers; but that can all vary so much from wall to wall and house to house.

So I have now discovered the perfect gadget to use to measure the noise or decibel reading on every toy I review that makes a sound using a Sound meter which measures decibels!
Decibels is a measure sound levels usually used within the electronic industry and work environments, well now it measures sextoys.

I can now tell you exactly how much noise that toy makes to the decibel.

I wanted to offer you something more precise than my guess at how loud something is so I purchased my own high quality and specially calibrated lower decibel meter, so I can give you a scientific baseline to go by, on how loud every toy I review is with comparisons of quieter or louder toys.

From now on I will be measuring the decibel reading on every vibrating toy, so you will know exactly how noisy it is. If I can ever get it off my OH yelling...Ooooooo..into it!

My new gadget, you know how I love them.

So my new professional gadget sound level meter comes in its own leatherette case snuggled up in dense foam to keep it from getting damaged as its inner workings are so delicate from bangs and knocks.

 The user manual is highly detailed offering me different options depending on how loud a product it is and giving me the opportunity to give you a more detailed result.
This St 805 unit offers a decibel range of 30 to 130dB offering me 2 functions high and low ranges depending on what level a toy whines at.

 The LCD screen lights up beautifully incase I need to make measurements under the covers...hey never know when I may need a light, I work mainly after midnight afterall......

To help you understand more about decibel levels I will be posting a chart each time so you can easily understand my results.

This is my 1st victim the Lelo Ina 2 but you will all have to wait for my full review to get the 1st ever noise results.

So all you vibrators out there...BEWARE....!!!
Dont you tell me your discreet when you can be heard outside and across the road and in the next town. 
I will have scientific proof that you are indeed loud or perfectly whisper quiet. 

No more hiding from Midnight Boudoir Super Sound Sleuth ;-)

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  1. OMG! That is freakin' AWESOME! I want oneeee.


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