Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Gadget Girls reviews

Those of you that know me know I love my gadgets, if it bleeps, flashes, lights up, rechargeable or plugs in I'm a happy bunny. 
Midnight boudoir has been a complete success and because of that I have now been asked by a few non-adult companies to review for them too.

Alongside my reviews I will also keeping my ear to the ground of what's new and innovative, giving you some fun ideas to help improve your health, be useful within your daily life or just completely useless but it makes you smile...these are often the best gadgets.

So I now have my NEW website which has been running for a few months now.

which I hope will be as popular as Midnight Boudoir in the future.

So those of you that love your gadgets too, I hope you will also enjoy my new site.

 I have already posted some exciting new products which attach to your iphone, which will help your health and fitness on

and for those budding photographers out there might want to know about the latest fun gadgets you can buy for your iphone to get even more creative.

I have many fun gadgets which will also be reviewed as I get the time, these are the products which I use almost on a daily basis.
Here are just a few of the reviews coming up on Gadget Girl.


The Kindle Touch and Kindle Lighted leather Case

Wacom Bamboo graphics tablet and The Intuos Special edition A4 tablet
 Logitech G19 keyboard
 Logitech HD Pro webcam C1910


I hope you enjoy reading Gadget Girls reviews as much as I enjoy playing with my fun gadgets.


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