Monday, 1 October 2012

Feathered Art and Elegance.

These are my entries into this weeks Toy with Me Tuesday #16 
hosted by the lovely Nymphomaniacness

This week has been a fun week of taking lots more photos for many different reviews coming up.
This is Jopen Vanity Vr 6.5, yes another rabbit eeep, its an addiction!

I took so many images of this gorgeous vibe and really couldn't decide which ones I liked best, I also wanted to try something different and its elegant lines screamed natural curves similar to that of feathers as its UK Swan name.
 So this is one of the many ideas I used for this review.

Using a large ostrich feather I used colour replace tool in Photoshop and replaced the white and beige real colour to a matching pink...this was extremely fiddly and time consuming. Then I turned the image to black and white, then painted back in the colour...yes using my old favourite the history tool, this again took some time painting each and every frond.
To make the toy pop from the image I left a black and white feather-shaped frame around the toy or it would have been camouflaged within the pink of the feather. 

Please see more entries of sextoy images made into art.

Toy with me Tuesday


  1. LOVE the glamour and the colours of this! It's so Vegas and luxurious! Fabulous! :-)

    Stace and Vi @ AdultoysUK

  2. Your Photoshop labor paid off; this image is gorgeous!

  3. The colour matching is perfect!

    I know it took a long time but it looks worth it. It's an amazing photograph. Really fantastic!

  4. What an amazing photo!

    I know it must have taken ages but the colour matching is perfect. Such a fantastic shot.


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