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Clayton The Earth Dragon


Those of you that know me will know my love of the unusual, gory and just damn incredibly weird in life and especially sextoys. I will always try to bring you the most fascinating and unusual toys out there, so you get to expand your imagination and fantasy's. Have you ever had sexual fantasies involving a werewolf or dragon or maybe something much bigger and darker, then Bad Dragon will help you to make your fantasies come true.
I adore the Sci-fi fantasy's and enjoy playing in the fantasy gaming World of Warcraft so these amazing characters Bad Dragon produce are right up my street.

I squealed outloud when I was offered the chance to review my very own latest Clayton the earth Dragon as I adore the unusual creatures that Bad Dragon produce, I simply cannot get enough of their incredible dildos.The best part about choosing a Bad Dragon dildo is that its completely customisable, ...yes I mean everything, the 4 sizes from small to damn humongous, any colour in your imagination and the choice of soft (3),medium (5), and hard (8) firmnesses to suit you which you then have the option of splits of these. Then lastly an option of a suction cup and believe me they really are strong suction cups.
On certain dildos you also get the option to add a cumtube too on sizes medium, large and extra large giving such a real-life effect. (see my Cole the Dane and Cum-tube)

I have already reviewed a few toys now for Bad Dragon and each time they have blown me away with their amazing design and excellent quality of their silicone, colours and shapes.

My Cole the Dane and Cum-tube in Medium, Clayton the Earth Dragon in medium
Plus the biggest toy I own is Xar The Karabos in Large...yes its huge..and yes my eyes were bigger than

 Cole the Dane with Cumtube and Xar the Karabos

As soon as I set eyes on this amazing NEW Clayton magma coloured dildo I was in love, I prefer girthy textured toys and I think Clayton is going to be my perfect dildo, but its the gorgeous yellow to orange colour fades that I really fell in love with it is stunning.

The Evolution of Clayton the Earth Dragon
It took alot of time and imagination to get the final design for Clayton...he's a complicated fella you know.....
The first designs of Clayton hit the forums in 2009 where they showed everyone the first drawings and got opinions and usable input from us normal folk; with Bad Dragon they really want to know what the community think of their designs and what we really want from a fantasy toy.
These designs were first drawn and edited by Lilith and Minroc of Bad Dragon. What I loved about Clayton's design is that Bad Dragon have taken into account everyone's different ideas and adjusted him accordingly.
 Here are the changes which led to our final gorgeous Clayton.

They all quite liked the green colouration but Im really pleased they came up with the Magma Drake colour.

The first draft (left) showed how smooth he was and with some extra input from everyone and more ideas he had extra textures by the fifth draft (right)

The Final draft and Clayton the Earth Dragon is born.

Clayton, the mighty guardian of the stony north cliffs, picked his way down the canyon. He was tracking a hiker who was milling clumsily around the steep rock face. The dragon’s eyes narrowed; This was no beginners’ hike! Furthermore, the hiker was nearing the ultimate forbidden zone – Clayton’s cave, and his legendary horde of treasure. While the dragon often guided hikers through his pass to their safety (although the hikers rarely knew it) he did so also to steer them away from his lair and its contents.
A lone hiker was certainly no match for an intelligent and resourceful dragon, let alone Clayton. However this hiker seemed to be looking for something specific- not to just make it down the pass. The dragon sank back into his rocky surroundings, camouflaging effortlessly as he pondered the hiker's intentions. At that moment, the hiker stumbled into a break in the rocks and judging from the sounds of gasps the hiker had found Clayton’s cave.
Wasting no time, Clayton dropped into the cave and reared up on his hind legs, an impressive sight, all horns and spines and muscle. The hiker’s eyes went wide, and Clayton smiled deviously.
“Lone hiker,” he growled softly, “You seem to have been looking for something as you stumbled down the mountain; what is it that you seek? Respond wisely!”
The hiker looked up at the stunning earth dragon, bowing swiftly before answering. “I have no desire to steal your treasure. I have ventured this far simply to pay you tribute.”
A playful smile stole across the dragon’s features, milling over the possibilities in his mind, as his loins began to stir. It had been ever so long since he’d had a little company.
“After all, I am no fool… I know where to find the REAL treasure of the northern cliffs…” The hiker said, eyeing the dragon’s loins.
The dragon felt his stiff cock coming to life, poking into the air and quivering. He eyed the hiker in return and was pleasantly surprised to see no sign of fear. In fact, there was an expression of triumph and anticipation...

Well how sexy is that, how could anyone not feel turned on with that...pheweey!

My hand-made Clayton arrived within a week from the US discreetly packaged in a cardboard box. Inside he was completely wrapped in gorgeous purple tissue-paper. Clayton was sealed securely in transparent plastic for hygiene reasons.

With Clayton arrived 2 of Bad Dragons silicone discs, this time I had a 5 and and 8 firmness, its good to feel them in comparison together. 

They are also beautifully designed and quite large too so you really get to feel the silicone firmness, these are a nessessity to buy should you be choosing alot of toys from Bad Dragon.

Well how do you start to explain an Earth dragon's dildo, I am over the moon to have received my very own Clayton made especially for me, there is something special about having a product customised to your choice just for you.
So I chose my Clayton in medium with number 8 firmest silicone with a suction-cup base.
He is Phthalate and latex free, hypo-allergenic and odourless, he's made of bodysafe silicone which can be shared if sterilised inbetween or use a non lubricared condom over it.
TIP; Be aware some condoms use a silicone based lube which will damage silicone toys.

I loved how girthy he is and is beautifully textured all over with thick ripples and ridges all along the shaft right up to the perfectly tapered head which leads to quite a pointed but soft tip .These textures however are smoothed over slightly and are not as hard as they first look.

 I love the added ridges around the base of the head and then down the shaft they have designed more vertical ridges for those of us who love their extra textures.

He also has a gentle curve which gently tapers wide at the base getting slightly smaller to the tip; giving him a great shape rather than a straight up and down toy, I love this. This makes it possible to use as a G-spot dildo too.

You have a choice of 9 different mixes of firmness for your toy depending on your own toy preferences.

I chose Clayton in his gorgeous magma colour as this is the most beautiful orangy, reddy, yellow like he is on fire. He is even back lit in some lights making him glow beautifully.

The base has been beautifully designed like a volcanic crater with brown earthy rock colour and red highlights.

  All 4 sides of the Clayton's base.
I cannot stress how stunning this looks. Again Im completely blown away with the beauty of these dildos.

The Magma Drake Colouration
Clayton's specialised Magma Drake colouration is exclusive to Clayton and was inspired from a dragon on Everquest by Nemekh, his idea for this colouration is ingenious and absolutely suits this dildo and dragon perfectly. Im quite the geeky gamer myself and have played Everquest and World of Warcraft where we have often fought dragons of this colour or even have them as special mounts. So I was really excited to know Clayton was inspired by this dragon.

The Everquest Fire Dragon

Clayton comes in 4 different sizes and whatever colour you have in your imagination with their brilliant customising window.

Here are the measurements for each of the 4 sizes available to buy.
Dimensions (inches)SmallMediumLargeExtra Large
Total Length7.258.7511.6012.90
Shaft Length5.257.009.0010.40
Circumference of Tip5.106.007.408.50
Circumference of Shaft6.407.409.5011.40
Diameter of Tip1.301.751.942.31
Diameter of Shaft1.902.302.973.45

Suction Cup
You also get the choice of having a suction cup added to your Clayton or any toy from Bad Dragon and believe me they really do have some grip, so you can sucker him to a tiled wall or floor for complete stability when using such a large dildo, leaving you hands free for other things.

Oh wow where to start Im in love, love, love with my Clayton, its my favourite Bad Dragon toy so far and I adore the others too. The Magma Drake is stunning and I really mean stunning, especially when you get Clayton in bright sunlight which I have tried to do to show you with my photographs. and no matter how much you like the images I have taken, its still isn't as gorgeous as when you get to hold it in real -life.
 I was taking my photos of Clayton outside in bright sunlight to try and capture the real beauty of this colouration and as I walked behind the toys, I realised that Clayton had this gorgeous glow with the sunlight flooding through it, so this is a grab shot rather than a planned image like my others.
The yellowy reddy magma really does seem to glow in some lights and the base is sheer genius looking identical to a volcanic mountain its beautifully designed and moulded and the red highlights make it perfect.
I couldn't wait to use my Clayton as he seemed to be my perfect toy, girthy, heavily textured with a gently tapered head. You do need lots of waterbased lube as the silicone is extremely grippy, even while in use I needed to add more lube frequently. It isn't the largest toy but I'm quite a small girl and the large size would have been impossible for me to use.

 Pussy POV

The gently tapered head inserts really easily, the easiest way for me to use him was to kneel over him and lower myself onto this fella and even though it was the firmest silicone I still could have taken him a bit firmer as it would make it easier to insert as he is still a little bendy.
But once inserted, your away after you get a small pop as you insert just past the head and ridges, the textures feel incredible; I'm not usually a girl who can feel textures that well inside, which is why I have wanted a more heavily textured toy for a while, finally I could definitely feel these inside.

The vertical ridges on the shaft give the vagina some extra stimulation particularly during thrusting and the whole dildo tapers slightly getting wider the further down you go, this tapering is very gentle but I certainly have seemed to hit my limit for now.
I was able to take this medium Clayton just over halfway and he fills me up completely, leaving me feeling wonderfully stretched for a few hours afterwards. My challenge is to take him all the way so I get to use the amazing base as a clit stimulator.
Its got to the point I have found myself almost addicted to using Clayton as he feels so incredible inside. But I do have to be a little careful as I have ached a little, so Im not sure if it was the soft pointy tip or just some over eager thrusting. But the slight curve hits my G-spot well and with some vibes added to the shaft I am there with such intensity and the full feeling makes me squirt nearly every time leaving me wobbly for hours afterwards.  He's actually perfectly textured for me and soft enough for painfree thrusting, I could feel the heads ridges well during thrusting and its perfect for clitoral stimulation at the start too.

I know Im raving but his one of the best dildos I have ever used, I thought Cole was my favourite to date and despite feeling amazing inside, Clayton pips him slightly because of those extra textures, but I now have the choice and it is difficult to choose between them.

Tip; Those nervous about the size needn't be as he is still fairly squidgy and compresses approx a centimeter all over and even lengthens slightly when squeezed in the middle showing the excellent quality density of the silicone. Once inserted your own body will compress him a little too.

Cleaning and maintenance
Clayton being 100% waterproof is easy to rinse with anti-bacterial soap under warm running water in the bath or shower, then spray with a sextoy cleaner and allow him to dry.

 You will need to make sure you clean the deeper textures well paying particular attention to the base with its deepest grooves.
He needs a clean before and after as he is a complete dust magnet. Then you will need to find a large enough bag to store him in, plus make sure you store him away from other silicone toys or they will degrade each other.

Clayton the Earth Dragon by Bad Dragon
Just for laughs!
Poor Clumsy Clayton, what has he done!

Clayton could be quite intimidating in size and colour for beginners but those of you that love unique innovative dildos with a fun edge to them, you will love Bad Dragons toys and Clayton is no exception.
Those that enjoy a wider girthier toy with heavier texturing will fall in love with Clayton. I have to recommend the suction cups too as these stick with a force to be reckoned with; enjoy him in the bathroom on tiled walls and floors, the washing machine he also sticks to shiny cupboard doors or panels.
 I'm completely blown away by how gorgeous Clayton is, he's substantially weighty in your hand and feels excellent quality, the finish of these hand made toys is outstanding and I'm already planning my next toy, I'm completely addicted to Bad Dragon toys, there is nothing quite like the incredible design and quality.
Ideal for the advanced sextoy enthusiast or as a gift for someone who thinks they have every toy. Its not the most discreet, but who wants to hide Clayton away, enjoy this fulfilling girthy toy and push yourself to your own limits, I'm still finding mine thanks to Bad Dragon. You will own a dildo completely unique as every one is slightly different.
Clayton will really help emphasise your deepest darkest fantasies pushing you to the extreme of sexual fun. Enjoy experimenting and bring those fantasies to life with your very own Bad Dragon toy fully customised to your own taste.

Bodysafe Silicone,
Incredible ingenious colourations,
Incredible design,
Excellent quality,

Very, very, very addictive.

You can buy your very own customised
 Clayton the Earth Dragon
Small- $65
Medium - $90
Large - $120
Extra large - $150 for the extra brave among you!

All my thanks to the gorgeous guys at Bad Dragon for making me my very own Clayton for this review free of charge.

If you want the chance to grab an incredible fantasy toy at a cheaper price then keep an eye out for Bad Dragons Adoption pages.
On here you will find toys with very slight flaws
e.g new colour fades that haven't quite worked or faults that have occurred during the production process, like air bubbles or cuts that dont effect the use of the toy in anyway.
All these toys are then offered at a slightly reduced rate as flops.
Check out the Adoptions


  1. Great review, I love that you included design images too!

    I remember when the Clayton was first released I gave it a pass, but when I noticed a medium Clayton in the adoptions in a pale shade of green I was suddenly in love with the design and had to have him.

    He is the girthiest toy that I have managed to date and his texturing is fab isn't it. Mine now sits out on display table in our bedroom lol

    Fab review hun, definitely does Clayton justice :) xx

    1. Midnight Boudoir17 April 2013 at 22:03

      Thanks again hun I really appreciate your input.
      Im the same as you Clayton is one of the widest toys Ive managed too, I think that's why I love him so much lol.
      Im over the moon you love Bad Dragon toys too, I cant wait to find out which one is your favourite.
      Thanks hun

  2. Oh wow this is one of the best Bad Dragon reviews I have seen so far. Thank you so much for including so many fabulous photographs and it was fascinating to learn the stages he was designed.
    Ive made up my mind to buy one now, although Im torn between Cole and Clayton thanks again.

    1. Oh wow thank you for that amazing comment blush...!
      I too love to know about the stages I find it fascinating too, Im glad you liked them.
      I can see why you are torn, but I would plump for Cole if you prefer smooth textures and Clayton if you like ridges and bumpy textures. Clayton is just ahead for me, I adore the shape and colours, everything.
      Thanks so much again hun.

  3. Thanks for such an indepth review of Clayton, I have been trying to decide for weeks which one to buy and thanks to these stunning images I think Im going to buy Clayton.

    1. Thanks so much for your comment.
      I hope you enjoy him as much as I do, its a fab shape for us girls and you can take as much width as you are comfortable.

  4. I googled Bad Dragon Xar and found your site here, I had to just say what amazing reviews and your photos are brilliant, I think Clayton is my favourite too and will be starting to save up now.
    Love your other reviews too on Xar and Cole. Do you have any more Bad Dragon reviews coming up as I do value your opinion as to what other dildos you recommend.

    1. Midnight Boudoir17 April 2013 at 21:55

      Thank you so much for the lovely comments on my reviews...blush, its lovely to hear. Clayton is definitely my favourite too and hope you get the chance to own your own, its worth the investment of such a great quality toy I promise. I have the Beta Shark and Elden the Fairy Dragon coming up soon that I hope you will love as much as I do. Thanks again XxX


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