Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Bad Dragon Extinction sale!

Those of you out there who are fans of Bad Dragon toys like myself wil be sad to find out today that they have announced they are retiring 5 of their least popular toys..sniff...sniffff.

 But the good news is there are lots of new ideas and designs in the making coming soon, so that's so exciting!

So because its an Extinction sale you have the chance to buy these toys at
20% off 
their main price.

Here are the famous 5 toys that are being retired, I must admit I'll be sad to see The Dragon's tongue disappear as I thought he would be one of the most popular so I hope to be grabbing mine before they all go.
Dont forget with these gorgeous toys yours will always be a one off as each toys is completely customisable to your own taste.

Bad Dragon are giving up to 2 weeks for you to choose one or more of these toys before they go forever!
So here's your chance to grab one of these for your collections and dont forget you have 20% off the marked prices.

I have had the wonderful opportunity of reviewing 3 of these stunning toys, so feel free to peek at these reviews to give you an idea of the outstanding quality you will be receiving.
From the left.
Cole the Dane with cum tube 
Clayton the Earth Dragon
Xar the Karabos

Dont forget to take a peek at the adoption pages which have a selection of minor flops which have very slight imperfections during the moulding process which doesnt effect the use of the toy itself.
Plus a selection of already made toys.

Take a peek at their Adoptions dont miss out on a bargain!

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