Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Ultimate Spanking Crop

From Bondara

After reviewing alot of vibrators and dildos this year, it was a refreshing change to have the opportunity to review the Ultimate spanking crop from the lovely people from Bondara.

I dont own many crops infact I only own one other The Kittycrop which is more of a novelty item so I was excited to try something a little serious looking....eeep!

The parcel not a Cuban cigar.
After receiving the crop the very next day thank you Bondara, I was surprised to find it extremely well packaged and totally discreet; arriving in a solid cardboard tube with no chance of being crushed or bent. Inside the crop is sealed in a transparent plastic bag with the bondara label attached.

This 24 inch crop really is the ultimate, as soon as you have it out of the bag it has a nice weight, not too light and extremely well made. It is gender neutral so its ideal for everyone.

The 6 inch soft touch handle is stylish with a gorgeous criss-cross pattern ingrained into flock/suede effect of the silicone/rubberised sleeve, forming the handle over the shaft.

Attached to the base of the handle is gorgeous 6.75 inch soft leather strap which is attached by a silver snap stud, so you can slip it over the wrist for more control or just for show or store away when not in use.

The 20 inch main shaft of the crop is made of a solid plastic, not a cheap plastic as it feels cool to touch and almost metal like, it actually feels like carbon fibre but for this amazing price it cant be. The shaft allows slight flexion when waved but not enough so you feel it would snap, its extremely strong.

At the end of the shaft is a soft leather flap folded over and attached by the black plastic covering the whole crop making the finish absolutely superb.

It is securely attached and certainly doesn't feel like it will come off at all. Even after some heavy use it hasn't moved. The edges of the flap have been neatly stitched to add even more security.
The black leather flap is folded to give a nice thwacking sound on impact and smells beautifully of leather.

This gorgeous crop feels excellent quality with a touch of luxury and looks lot more expensive than it is. It has a lovely weight behind it to give alot of thwack for little effort.You can give both light play to serious punishment the choice is yours, just by slightly adjusting your strength behind each swing, this allows you to vary the amount of pain inflicted from a light swat to a stinging blow. At the same time you get a really nice whoosh too.
Does it hurt...hell yes...Is it easy to control...absolutely.

 The things I put myself through for review images.

I said to my other half Im sure it wont hurt that wrong could I have been, after several sharp thwacks I had several flap shaped red marks across my bum cheeks which I have worn like a medal of honour for several proud.
With someone experienced this ultimate crop will give alot of impact sensations, I love that the flap can sound alot more than it hits, but don't get me wrong this really can hit hard; even a gentle hit can sound alot more painful than it is..shushh dont tell my OH this...eeep!
This crop is slightly more than a beginners crop because it has a little weight behind it so the giver can give more impact for little effort, beginners crops tend to be much lighter and shorter, therefore not as much impact on the skin.

Care and Maintenance
Its so easy to keep clean. With the leather flap if it does get too dirty simply wipe with a damp cloth and spray with a sextoy cleaner. The handle being of flock texture just wipe with an extremely wrung out cloth so its barely wet. The flock does mark easily but does wipe clean well.

I love the luxury feel to this leather crop, it feels alot more expensive than it is and would make a gorgeous pressie for someone wanting to upgrade their beginner crops or simply add a more luxury version to your collection. To say the crop is the Ultimate is a huge statement for a company to make, but I feel its correct, its feels gorgeous to use, its a little more weighty that other crops I have tried and being a longer crop it looks so damn sexy in the hands of the giver. I love the design on the handle and the soft leather strap that slips back over the handle to keep it out the way.
Im so pleased to have this in my collection and it has been used alot red cheeks are proof of that. It not only feels good for the receiver it looks so impressive wielding it in your hands, it makes you feel and look every bit the dominatrix. 
The shaft offers the perfect flexibility and the flap offers just the right amount of impact you want, its an easy to control, well balanced, high quality spanking crop which will withstand heavy use well.
I don't often go on about the price of products but I really am shocked at how affordable this crop is and I have to say everyone who loves BDSM must have one of these in their dungeons.

Excellent high quality spanking crop,
Gorgeous feel,
Perfect weight behind it,
Great twacking sound from the flap,
Lovely design on the handle,
Perfect length,

None at all!

You can buy your Ultimate Spanking Crop from Bondara 
for only

For more products to consider collecting for your dungeon take a peek at the 

 All my thanks goes to the lovely girls at Bondara for sending me this crop for this review!


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